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The Ferrari SF15-T power unit & driving advice.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    I've nly seen it change based on fuel weight, so that may be all it covers.

    Engine brake settings wouldn't affect dynamic brake bias im the BBW system. I'd think regen would, but indeed it doesn't change with regen settings so it might just be about weight balance.
  2. jim jones

    jim jones Simracer

    @Aristotelis always enjoy your videos (and stefano) at some point any chance you will do a video using the various functions in this car?

  3. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Not sure on this, but it could stand for "Fuse". It goes off only if you stall the engine, afaics.
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  4. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Interesting idea.

    When you see the cars on TV, then there is a light over the airbox that signals to marshalls or pit crew members if they can touch the car or not. Maybe this shows the driver of its ok to leave the car.
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  5. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    So, just asked Stefano about it on his stream. He doesn't know either, but he will ask the guys who worked on the wheel to prepare a guide on all the "xmas tree lights".
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  6. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    this. maybe a modder will be bored enough to make this app?
    while we're at it - the software needed to plot the graphs to work out the maximising values of ERS to give highest speed at any point in the track.
  7. ACJJ619

    ACJJ619 Racer

    I actually find the car more driveable in qualy trim as I find the rear locks up really easily and suddenly on race modes when you're harvesting energy.

    What do people do about tyre compounds and pressures? My SS rears are cooked (130C) after a leisurely outlap, and softs won't do more than one fast lap without reaching 125C at the rear.

    At the moment I'm using softs and just parking up for 30 seconds at the end of my outlap so they're quite cool when I start, meaning they're decent temperature during the lap and only overheating towards the end. Tend to run about 17PSI front and 19/20PSI rear.
  8. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Be easy on the rears, try to avoid oversteer as much as possible.

    And don't use super softs, instead go for soft or medium. You can do good laptimes with those as well.
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  9. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Can we make this a sticky thread (I believe it isn't yet)? Needs to be more visible as I think this will be very useful for people in the future!

    @Aristotelis @AC Support
  10. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I was just driving the SF15-T and pressed "Button 1" on my G25 (the outside left of the red buttons on the H-shifter) and it changes every ERS-setting one down.
    I have "turbo pressure +" assigned to this button. For D-Pad support I use antimicro, but only remapped the D-Pad with this software.

    Anyone else having this issue? Anyone got a solution for this?
    Would be nice to use Button 1 and 2 for engine brake adjustment.
  11. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    Check this thread.

    Find your controls.ini in Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg (or something) and towards the bottom where the MGU stuff is, add the code from post #8 to the lines which don't have it.
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  12. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Awesome, thanks a lot. Or with the words of Dave Grohl "You are my hero!". ;) [​IMG]
  13. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Big thanks to the OP. This is an essential read if you want to drive the SF15-T, and a very interesting one too. :) Finally i understand all that electronic sh**. :D
  14. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    after having done a lot more laps in the car at A1 ring and done a few online races - after my initial distaste for all the engine managing stuff.....it has grown on me, not a huge amount, but to the point where i'm slightly enjoying trying to maintain the battery pack in a race environment.
    i still think it takes away from the driving and i'm still a 'purist' in that regard, but i think the implementation in the game is great. Here are only a few things that could REALLY improve this.

    - for us VR users, having only an app tell us what mode the battery is in and the few other bits of info - i only WISH AC had multi function display on the steering wheel - it would make things a ton easier.
    At the moment depending on where i have the app placed, looking up or down, its difficult to see what settings you're in + looking at the road....
    will multi function dashboards ever happen or is it not possible with the graphics engine in AC?

    - there's got to be a way to have 1 button going into user defined presets. So you can map 1 button to do 40% recovery + High balanced + Motor.
    Another button that does say 100% recovery + charging + battery.
    etc.etc..... because its impossible to scroll through things during the race. You can only do it on the straights, and unless its a really long straight - if you are at, say, A1 ring, you barely have enough time after pressing DRS to do all that stuff.
    Realistically because we don't have an engineer telling us, and because we can't switch directly to exactly what we want - we're only ever going to use 2-3 configurations for 2-3 main situations. Maybe is that what the 'modes' are we see the drivers scrolling through??
    Its a shame we can't map those configs to buttons.
    - some way to change the LED's so that you shift when they are all lit, and not relying on seeing a tiny rpm display............. in reality they will of course set the LED's on the upshift to all light up at the optimum point to change gear, as you see in the onboards. i hate guessing and changing up randomly between the 1st and 2nd white LED (it appears white in Vive......dunno if that's a bug)

    the car itself in terms of physics really is brilliant to drive, and the regeneration under braking does do really weird things with the car going into 2nd gear corners which is interesting.
    as well as the challenge of adjusting driving style from a quali hotlap mode to back to normal race mode. They are interesting challenges - i still would rather drive flat out with refuelling..............but for the sake of the game this is quite interesting.
    just desperately crying out for pre-mapped configs........
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  15. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Depending on the track I use about 80-100% of available power per lap (purple bar) with Overtake, Top Speed or Hotlap, motor mode and regen 7 (+/- 1) and the SOC stays roughly the same over the laps.
    I don't think that is realistic in comparison to the real car, but in AC it works.
    The high regen setting doesn't bring stability issue for me, high engine brake is a bigger challenge.
    So I don't have to really look at parameters and charging the battery over a stint. Tyre management is way more difficult IMO.

    I don't have or tested VR, but with standard rendering there is a pretty big bar on the display of the steering wheel that shows the SOC.

    AC SF15.jpg AC SF15 2.jpg
  16. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    just noticed something else too, another plus point.
    just done 22 laps for the first time at Silverstone, my GOD what an experience.
    with my OSW wheel the FFB weights up Perfectly with speed, so i can set up the car with fairly neutral to oversteer on turn in at high speed - and have to finely balance the car in the sweeping fast corners.
    because of the way the car characteristic changes so much when doing an attacking lap vs steady state lap, it Forces you to drive off feel. Completely off feel.
    i have to 100% rely on the ffb to tell me what the car is doing as i plunge into Abbey, not knowing exactly if the car will stick and trusting the FFB.
    i cannot IMAGINE having to cope with the iRacing ffb + physics with their mclaren, dear god. It'd be a total nightmare.

    Medium compound tyre, default fuel, about 6 laps in, 1.35.6 in a sort of Half steady state/half full power. Wings and ARB changed to make the car looser.

    Issue - with the default setup, the car seems to be insanely affected by all the bumps - i can feel tons of bumps coming through my wheel, silverstone feels so rough - is it really THAT bumpy??
    how can i make the car less prone to movements over road bumps?

    i'm actually enjoying pounding round and playing constantly with the 4 variables to see how much it affects lap time, and finding some kind of 'sweet spot' steady state.
    the alternative is to find a state that is more geared towards battery charging, then just using KERS button all the time instead......
    infact, that's probably easier than constantly switching states trying to play the piano across 7 buttons on my wheel.
    thankfully i can drive this car off feel and using my fingertips out the slow speed corners, makes it such a joy to drive.
    lord knows how people are coping with normal consumer wheels lol.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
  17. I think that rear brake must be delayed than front brake.
    Front brake is direct.
    Rear brake is operated through sensor-computer-actuator.
    In fact what is this?
    And ,is that simulated?
  18. capetuso

    capetuso Gamer

    Did some laps last night in Spa and Silverstone. The change between race ERS and hotlap is huge, I crashed the two first times I tried to do a fast lap. And also the first time I did the last chicane in Spa while changing from charge to hotlap :D.
    It is true that you have to rely on the feedback from the wheel, this is no more a hotlap competition, I like that though my T300 is not a direct drive wheel.
    It is fun to change parameters during race, for example changing the MGU-K mode from battery to motor in the straights to prevent the AI to pass me. Or when you run out of energy fighting for position one lap and struggle the next lap to maintain the pace.
    I think real drivers only move the switch to change every parameter to pre-configured settings and then use the push to pass button to get full power from the ERS.
    The icing in the cake would be an ERS editor to configure modes at will and adapt it for every corner in the track, but I understand that will be too much because this is not a F1 only sim.
    I would say thank you to Kunos team for doing this car, perhaps it wouldn't be the first choice for most of us but I am glad they have included it. It is really fun, tricky to drive and rewarding. Now I enjoy real F1 more and finally have been forced to understand what the ehll are all those MGU, ERS and other things.
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  19. slopps

    slopps Simracer

    lol me too - i didn't bother since 2014 understanding what it all was.
    infact sky f1 team, even though they went through the components in the beginning, they never explained anywhere near the level of detail contained in this thread!
    they hardly ever mention it in commentary now either, sometimes they will say 'mercedes can use the battery for 100% of the lap'
    ive been watching f1 for last 2.5 years not knowing what all this MGU stuff meant because i didn't care - AC has forced me to learn too....
  20. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    is Silverstone that bumpy....yes yes it is. The mesh has proven so with previous gen (now way out of date mod f1's) motion data. Stowe being the worst of all, lol

    Also found a major bump in the mesh on the pit entry to Redbull ring. completely forgot till now. :p 3dsimEd here i come.
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