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The Impact of RAM Size on ACC FPS Performance

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by LeDude83, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Ah, you have VR :)

    In that case, the risk of CPU bottleneck is much higher than with 2D screen. So I change my recommendation and agree with you that you should buy the fastest RAM you can afford and run it as fast as you feel comfortable with. Like I said...my 7600 didn't mind the 3600 MHz ;-)

    8600k sounds good, as well, givingn that you can have it for a decent price.
  2. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Thanks, I'm going to grab some 3600 mhz ram now, so will install and test tonight. Do i just go in the BIOS and enable XMP? The RAM is set to AUTO at the moment in the BIOS, do I change this to 3600 mhz? Thanks again!
  3. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    If XMP is active and set to Auto, Mainboard should set parameters based on RAM modules --> 3600 MHz. You can check with CPU-Z. It will report 1800 MHz if RAM runs at 3600 DDR.
  4. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Great. Just at the shop now picking some up lol. Gone for 3600, they reckon it should run upto 3200 stable with my CPU. If i want to play with different speeds i guess i just change manually, incase 3600 is not stable, does XMP need to be active for this?

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    I had the distinct impression that the Coffee Lake CPUs simply don't work on Z170 boards, so I'd urge a little caution here.
    I haven't researched it carefully but a quick bit of googling just now makes me suspect that at least some of those getting this to work have had to use a custom BIOS or even mod the board itself.
  6. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    XMP must be active but you can still manually set the DDR clock speed in the BIOS...to 3200 MHz or whatever you please.

    Edit: you're welcome.
  7. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Hi mate, so I set XMP active, and CPU to 45 and it didn't like it. I think it might have been because i didn't change the CPU Voltage. Any how as this was my first time playing around with this stuff, i set it to manual and sync all cores and 45 on the CPU and 1.35v on the CPU. Set DRAM to 3600MHz and 1.35v also. I also overclocked my GPU to 2075MHz. It all worked fine. I launched in to the original AC and with AI i was hitting 90fps in VR! Woohoo. Temps on the CPU were around 53 degrees max and the GPU was around 50 degress.

    Then I tried ACC, i used specific settings from someone on youtube and i launched into the 10 car AI, wet race, and it worked ok for a few corners then crashed. The System did not crash just ACC. Tried again same thing. CPU was up at 65 degrees this time and GPU still fine. So I set the CPU back to AUTO and just change DRAM to 3200MHz and 1.35v, and it worked fine no crash.

    So I'm thinking its the CPU and DRAM combo that wasn't happy. Although I did default the GPU also. I'll have to start with OC GPU next and see if its fine. Then up the CPU back to 4.5Ghz, if that works fine then leave it at that i think.
  8. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Was there no error message when ACC crashed? Usually, a UE4 dialogue pops up containing some information. One of the most common errors is "D3D desive being lost (hung)" and it happens when you OC the GPU, too much.

    But I see that you're not afraid to mess around with those settings. You'll figure it out :)
  9. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Yes i did get a UE4-AC2 dialogue box pop up.


    Well what could go wrong hey lol. I'll just try changing one thing at a time and see where it falls over. My GPU clocks itself to 2025MHz. I only pushed it to 2075, i see some people running 2135. But I'll see how it goes.

    Good thing is I'm finally getting to a usable VR setting in ACC, even though i generally play AC, chasing cars in the wet at Silverstone (home circuit) is awesome. :)
  10. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Racer

    One thing you need to know is that DRAM voltage can be run higher without any single issue, in fact Intel XMP certification goes up to 1.45v on some kits.

    As an example I run my Trident Z 3200c14 kit at 3666c14 at 1.455v for a year and a half and I tested it with multiple memtest runs without a single issue (always test your ram stability sometimes it looks stable... but it's not).

    So I'd recommend you try 3600 again as ACC is starving for CPU/DRAM power see Test3 in:

    It may look not a huge gain, but the 0.1 and 1% lows are the values that triggers ASW or reprojection depending on the VR head set you use, and VR users need all the power possible...

    As I'm no longer an Intel user I can't tell about the IMC voltage you could set on CPU side as well to help sustain a good RAM OC, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of informations about it.
  11. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Ah good work. So this is NOT the GPU crash so you can keep pushing clock speeds.
  12. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Thanks guys! When i rebooted the PC after ACC crashed, i got "Overclocking failed" error on boot up, The error code on the motherboard was 55 "RAM not installed".

    So not sure if it was RAM voltage, or Frequency that had an issue.
  13. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Racer

    Make sure the sticks are all properly fully seated in their slots, may look super obvious, but more than often you miss like half a millimeter and it makes all the difference... Think about my remark on the RAM voltage too ;-)
    Jayk12 likes this.
  14. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    So tried OC one component at a time. I got as far as the below settings:

    CPU Clock 4.5GHz
    CPU Voltage 1.3V
    DRAM Frequency 3200MHz
    DRAM Voltage 1.35V
    No GPU over clocking it clocks itself to 2025MHz.

    Results during game play
    85% CPU Average (2 Spikes to 100%)
    MAX CPU Voltage 1.31V
    MAX DRAM Voltage 1.34V
    MAX CPU 59 Degrees
    MAX GPU 51 Degrees
    GPU Utilisation 100%
    67% RAM Committed Bytes
    85 to 90 FPS during race

    I tried to OC the GPU but it clocks to 2101MHz with little FPS or visual gain. Tje CPU was actually higher and had more 100% Spikes.

    Next step is to push the RAM. If i put the XMP profile on it sets the DRAM Voltage to 1.55! So I'll slowly turn up RAM frequency. Do you recommend turning up the RAM voltage also then?
  15. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Racer

    If it is on 1.55v you're already on the high side, so don't go above for daily usage imo. I would even try to reduce it a bit, look on the stickers on the RAM stick themselves what voltage they are certified for. If they are certified for 1.35v you can go up to 1.48v that's 10% ish it is reasonable and I already run that for a long time with another kit without any stability issues. If they are certified for 1.55 (would be odd as I think I've read Intel did certifications up to 1.5v) don't go higher it's way to far from DDR4 JDEC standards imo.

    Try to use HWiNFO64 to monitor your RAM stick temps, they shouldn't get too close to 50°c if it is samsung B-Die (mine generates errors arround 52°c)

    And run some memory tests to stress the memory and insure you don't have memory errors.
  16. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Don't jump to conclusions on the GPU OC. GPU OC works very reliably in ACC - you made a ~5 % clock increase and that should give you roughly the same % of FPS boost. If you didn't see any that just confirms that you keep running into CPU bottlenecks. I suggest to keep a stable GPU OC.
  17. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    My XMP profile screws things up so I just choose manual instead of XMP. With Manual I set the RAM voltage to 1.35v as recommended buy the manufacturer. Its at 3200 at the moment so I could start ramping it up one step at a time. The DRAM timings are currently on Auto, should I change these to manual and input what the manufacturer recommends?
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
  18. Jayk12

    Jayk12 Rookie

    Makes sense. When OC the GPU the CPU is getting more incosistent and spikey. CPU is deffo the bottleneck. Just need to confirm an I5-8600K will fit in my motherboard, the socket is the same as the i5-6600K according to intel.
  19. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Same socket but the newer chip will need the newer Z370 chipset hence you'll need a new mobo and possibly memory as well.
    LeDude83 likes this.
  20. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    And in that situation a switch to Ryzen will save @Jayk12 a lot of money...I just looked up the Ryzen 7 2700 X and it's available from 170 €. It performs about on par with an i7 8700. The good thing about it is that it's DDR4 is spec'd with 2933 MHz instead of Intel's 2666 MHz. Hitting the 3600 his RAM can deliver is more likely this way.
    seb 6th gear likes this.
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