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The important moments after the race … a feature request

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by menos | M6, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    This is just my curiosity if the current implementation in Assetto Corsa to fade out the event after crossing the finish line is just a place holder for things to come in the future.

    I would love Assetto Corsa to allow more freedom to the racer in all respects - start a racing event from the pits, drive to the grid, take proper position in the grid, have proper starting lights and flags, have flags during race (icons on screens at first, proper stewards, waving later on) and most importantly a proper finish flag drop, run your proper lap back into the pits after crossing the line, stop the car in the pits, even park the car properly backing up into the garage (with the help of your crew?), …

    These features are really helping immersion and specifically the current early cut off lap after finishing a race is an issue for me.

    SUGGESTION: if this cutoff is implemented currently as of lack of pit stop/ pit crew, … and other functionality in this early stage of AC, I suggest this as a temporarily improvement over the current early cut out:

    - Do not cut off the event directly after the finish as is implemented up to date (v 1.0 RC).
    - Let racers finish the lap after crossing the finish line, driving back into the pit lane.
    - Fade the event out the moment, we cross the pit lane entrance + take control of the car at the same time to prevent collisions during the fade out, as it is possible at the moment.
    - Let the racers who prefer to immediately leave the event after crossing the line exit the event after crossing the line.
    - make sure all AI cars will drive back into the pit lane on their lap after the race finish and not collect in a collection somewhere on the track as is now

    This solution could even stay for a while until all addition features are well sorted, as it makes the experience much, much more polished.
    Meanwhile features as flag waving stewards, additional fan sounds after the race from the grandstands, etc can be added along the way, as development capacity, priorities and updates permit.

    Usually the moment you cross the line after an intense race, all your feelings about this race, your perception of your finishing position, your thoughts that you did it (or didn't) flush into your head and you are coming to your senses - this is a wonderful moment to take the car on it's last lap back to the pits, enjoy the moment, glance into the grandstands, call your mom on her cellphone, weep in joy/ anger, watch the stewards enter the track, waving flags, … or simply hurry to find a good place to park a car, out of fuel or with a defect … or engulfing in flames as stewards hurry to get fire extinguishers to your car while you watch the spectacle …

    This early cut out feels a bit like somebody preventing you from enjoying what you have fought so hard for the past laps on the track.

    How are your thoughts about this?
    Is there official plans of changing?

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  3. Bitto1969

    Bitto1969 Gamer

    ahhhh finally a driver who thinks like me.
    sure your words are carved on the stone of the Bible.
    maybe all this will be done soon.
    n.b. I also add the flags (blue, black, yellow etc..) is not yet included.
    of course all this would ensure better immersion of the player.
    certainly for me and for you.
    on track soon

    if possible to equip race director sniper rifle to hit drivers idiots? lolllllllll:)

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