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CARS The Lamborghini Huracán GT3

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    old car has little bit power on understeer compared to new one.
    new one has more pointy front end.
    braking wise they feel same to me.
    new one has way too much ballast takes all the fun out.(compared to porsche it feels heavy and longer to stop)
    I still wish if they could just give up non bop cars just for single player for the sake of driving pleasure
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    GRFOCO Alien

    Hi guys.
    After months with my Aston V8, i want change my "online weapon" and the choise is gone in my first acc's love, the Lambo.

    First of all: is it really so slow or not-competitive? I always see races won by Ferrari, Audi, Posche, sometimes Aston, sometimes Mercedes. But almost never by the Lambo. Same with car's usage online, where nowday is rare see someone in a Lambo.
    Yes, this car is not friendly to drive and to adjust in setup, but Porsche is even worse from this p.o.v. and they are anyway very popular.
    So why noone uses Lambo?

    Said this, is it substantially different from the Audi (same engine, but weight distributions?)?
    Just yesterday i've had a little offline+online test with the Lambo Evo @ Silverstone to see where the car is as feeling and speed with my driving style, and just after one day i've set a new personal best in 1:58 high, where in the well knowed Aston my previous p.b. was 1sec slower, very very unespected cause in the Aston i was generally quite fast driving very safetely, very smooth with no overdriving at all, while with the Lambo i was always in "overdrive alert".
    Have i tried maybe a favorable track for the Lambo?

    Is there someone that use this car and can give me some basics tips?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020
  3. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    Well i'm also a porsche and lamborghini exclusive guy(sometimes mercedes) so here is my thoughts->>
    I too have observed that porsche is highly picked over lamborghini simply because porsche now has good aero.
    While lamborghini aero is slightly better it is not worth picking it over porsche because BoP.
    BoP is extremely harsh on evo lamborghini even old one got hit with new BoP.
    It just doesn't break as good as porsche and huge reason is ballast (not weight distribution)
    power wise both are same and IMO that V10 torque is too much for these sub optimal tyres so having less torque means you can put power quickly.
    Plus one thing i also noticed is that evo lamborghini is tad bit understeery on corner entry compared to porsche..so it is losing there as well.
    What could have been a top car is ruined by BoP.
    just see how quick it was in 2017&2018 BoP.
    Btw audi and lamborghini have nearly similar weight distribution so that is not the reason to pick audi.
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  4. dek

    dek Racer

    Compared to the Audi it has diffrent aero package.
  5. Fabio Pittol

    Fabio Pittol Gamer

    The Lambo is getting better. And by that I mean, with the latest updates it's getting closer to the powerful car it is in real life. BoP'ed or not, if you look thru GT series results worldwide and you'll find a few Lambos always on the top.

    In ACC it was an atrocious death trap before they fixed that Bump Stop stuff. Then, if you drove it a lot (it's my sole weapon of choice for months now) you started to notice it had something "quirky" regarding how TC was working on it. It seemed to kick in too often and too hard. You could see it by comparing real life onboards and how impossible it was to match it in game, TC-wise. I talked to a lot of other Lambo drivers, and we though that maybe something from the Chassis Flex update didn't match very well with the code for the TC, as it seemed to be worse when the car was "twisted", which it's a common setup trait to overcome it's weight distribution (small front overhang, more weight on the back, it can be understeery on power, so you soften the rear, let it twist to point - look at the Aggressive setups and you'll see it).

    Since Lamborghini started their own eSeries events, it seems the TC got better. Not perfect IMHO, but a lot better.

    Overall, I don't think it's a hard car to drive. There's certainly "more forgiving" ones, but as some of you mentioned, some of the favorites are as "hard" as well.

    Comparing with the Porsche, which is pretty unique too, I'd say even german car let's you throw it around easier if it's not going where you like, which might result in spins and crashes, but at first, seems more flexible for different driving styles. The Lambo, on the other hand, requires a particular way of driving and most of the time, when/if you got it wrong you just "have to wait" for it to settle. One thing is for sure, it's not a car for those who like to jump from one to the other every race, you need to commit to it for a while if you want to get something out of it.

    All in all, I'd say it's has a bad reputation. Helped by Aris' always mentioning it "hard to drive", so people go with a negative view already.
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  6. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    for me it's a decent car for most of the tracks. but to set it up correctly to my driving style, i need more aero balance to the rear which reduces its performance in the fast corners, but at least it doesn't want to kill me every time.
    it's capable of achieving good results in dry, but in wet... it's tricky. feels like 1s or more down to the most of the front engined cars like Bentley, Aston or AMG.
    btw, i used to use my dry setup for wet, maybe in case of big rain, with some tweaks on it (more rear wing, bit higher ride height). in a long race it can happen that you get some rain and you can't change setup during it, so it's easier to adapt if i do so. and, my dry setup in the wet feels usually more safe (and fast) than the basic wet setup...
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  7. Fabio Pittol

    Fabio Pittol Gamer

    That's my experience as well. The car is VERY dependent on aero tuning. Just "hustling" it won't work. And sometimes it can be tricky. 1 or 2mm of rear height change, due to less fuel for example, can reduce the diffuser effect and become unstable. Same thing with wet conditions. Downright the wet setups are weird, you just wiggle the tail around the track. It's usually best to get the Aggressive and tune it to wet. The worst thing with the Lambo in my opinion is changing track condition, in particular, wet to dry. As it depends on rake to have a good turn balance, when it dries and you're stuck with Wet setup, "high and flat-ish", you're bound to get lots of understeer.
  8. yup fab the car was ruined in the wet when they introduced the film depth simulation thingy. Before that just using the aggressive setup with wet tires was faster. Then they changed the TC specifically for the wet but it didn't fix the problem entirely (if it is a problem of course I don't know how they drive in real life). Either way it's just frustrating because on the one hand the devs say nothing is wrong before or after the update yet the car is very different so who knows really.
  9. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    yes, that's what i'm talking about, it's my "luck" that my driving style requires a more stable rear so i'm not that f.cked in the wet when track conditions are changing.
    for Spa i feel i found a very nice and stable setup for her, at least for dry. i can even lift through eau rogue and doesn't overrotate it. maybe it's a bit down in laptimes (however low 20s with almost full tank, on a green/fast track is not that bad at my level) but it feels really nice. i'll be really curious how she will behave in the wet with this setup, in case of rain...
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