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The new Logitech G pro wheel

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by DeadInThePool, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. DeadInThePool

    DeadInThePool Rookie

    There is no ff on the new Logitech G pro wheel on Xbox Series X.
    The LEDs are working and the basic control buttons also work.
    The dials, L/RSB, RT/LT and of course Force feedback and TrueForce all not working.
    I had the g923 before which worked flawlessly including ALL the buttons (even the rotary dials) and LEDs.
    Anybody have the same issue?

    ** I updated the firmware version, console and game are up to date and I even join the xbox insider preview and updated the console again. Nothing worked.

    HELP! A wheel without ff is worst than a controller.

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  3. mathis26810

    mathis26810 Rookie

    I got a similar issue. Strangely it worked super well in the first few weeks. But not ACC is undrivable for me on Xbox Series X :/. The wheel is not recognized properly, most of the buttons won't work, the LED is not working, True Force is also gone. With some weird restarts I can get the wheels FF to work, but then it still has this weird bug that when I stand still it's super hard (strong ff) to turn to the left, but to the right it's almost no FF.
    Anybody experiencing something similar as well? I reinstalled the game 3 times and made every possible update on wheel, xbox and game.
  4. djwesters

    djwesters Rookie

    Did you find a solution?
    Any update on this, i just got my new wheel and am having the same issue.
  5. DeadInThePool

    DeadInThePool Rookie

    This is the exact description of what I have

    No, nothing new
  6. djwesters

    djwesters Rookie

    Its been fixeed, new firmware from Logitech did the job.
  7. DeadInThePool

    DeadInThePool Rookie

    For real???
    I’ll go update now!
  8. hmhm2002

    hmhm2002 Rookie

    Just got my New Logitech Pro DD Wheel and Pedal setup (1/6/23). Had the exact same problem, but found that disconnecting the USB A connection and reconnecting it, fixed the issues every time. But.......I will be installing the New Firmware update tomorrow. Now.....has anyone figured out how to get the Buttons/Rotary knobs to accept Mapping??? :mad:
  9. hmhm2002

    hmhm2002 Rookie

    How did you update the Firmware with the Xbox Series X?? Did you have to connect it to a PC?
  10. hmhm2002

    hmhm2002 Rookie

    CONFIRMED!!!!! Watched a YouTube video on Firmware update. EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! Night and Day! Update your DD Pro and you'll be 100% Happy! Good Racing Everyone!

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