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Generic The Nissan Skyline R34

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nueleu, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Nueleu

    Nueleu Rookie

    Hi, Devs

    I just hope u add more variants for the car Nissan Skyline R34 because i realize that the jdm pack offers a lot of variants of some cars except the skyline and some other cars too. So i hope that in the future you can add variants like the v-spec II or the limited edition z-tune because i really love this car and your work of making cars identical to real life is impressive!!! Please consider it:)


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  3. Kunos asked, Nissan said no. :(
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  4. Slamdrunken

    Slamdrunken Racer

    Its a shame really as the car sounds so cool.
  5. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Rather then different versions of the 34 I would much rather see the 32 and 33 GTR's. I own the 32 GTR and would love to compare :)
  6. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Different real life versions from Nissan/NISMO (like the V-Spec II, etc.) would be up to Kunos licensing them. It's the tuned Step/Stage versions by Kunos that their licensing agreement with Nissan disallows apparently.
  7. Nueleu

    Nueleu Rookie

    Agree would like to see other skyline generations too but my favourite is still the r34:)
  8. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    So basically we will never have a drift tuned Nissan? Seems kinda suspicious to me, almost like Kunos makes up excuses to avoid certain content...
  9. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    If you think so.

    They've specifically mentioned in Stefano Casillo's liverstreams that it's not possible with their licence with Nissan and that they intend doing tuned versions whenever the licences allow and they have time for it. And they've added quite a few variants across the car roster, including the Japanese Pack that included the R34 Skyline GT-R. But if you think they're just making up excuses, your call.
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  10. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    It's just a hunch, especially if he said if they have time for it. The problem is there is only 5 cars for drifting on 2 tracks, imagine if racers could only drive 5 cars on 2 tracks they'd go mad. I do race a little as well but prefer to drift as I do IRL and I find it more entertaining and challenging on wheel. I just find it very odd they come out with a japanese pack and the only driftable cars are 2 toyotas. No nissans with drift tunes seems very odd as they are the most popular cars for drifting. I'm sure it's possible there could be a licensing issue, but a lot of these so called licensing issues I've only seen AC claiming to have problems with. I just wouldn't put it past the devs to claim they have inside info that the community could never confirm as fact that prevents them from making certain content that they don't want to spend time on.
  11. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    There are several guys at Kunos Simulazioni that seem to be into drifting and do it in real life. I'm sure they'd want to include as many tuned variants of cars as you'd like to have. Just easier said than done.
  12. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    I wasn't aware of that. Sure would be nice to have some more cars to drift thats for sure, the rx7 tuned has a crazy rev limiter that sounds more realistic (for a tuned engine with high power) than others, the supra sounds a bit lackluster on limiter. The rx7 would be a good car to have a drift tune on as well, maybe there is less licensing issues there since they were able to make a tuned version... I just think 5 driftable cars out of 90 something cars is a bit light on content and the track availability for drifting is very limited as well, I'm hoping custom/private lobbies allow us to drift on whatever track we want like Silverstone gp and the new red bull gp
  13. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    a) You can drift pretty much any car.
    b) There are also plenty of powerful cars and step/stage versions with tuning making them better suited for drifting. Specific drift versions of cars in AC: BMW M3 E30 Drift, BMW M3 E92 Coupé Drift, BMW Z4 E89 sDrive35is Drift, Mazda RX-7 FD Spirit R Type A Tuned, Toyota AE-86 Drift, Toyota JZA80 Supra Drift. Makes six ignoring all the other tuned, stage and step versions. I know on console the car description seem to be missing that tell you what changed in those versions but there's definitely plenty to drive and drift with.

    I'm not saying there shouldn't be more tuned versions of cars, I'm just saying "5 driftable cars out of 90 something cars" isn't the case at all.
  14. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    I disagree with a lot of what you are presuming here. Aside from that there are only 5 driftable online cars on 2 tracks, thats my main point and i suppose it went right over your head. If you consider less than stock steering angle on cars like the rx7 tuned to be quality fun to drift on a wheel then you do not have any idea what drifting is about, we need drift tuned cars with increased steering angle thats the whole premise of me saying a car is "driftable". Being able to drive it online and it being able to perform as well as the other drift lobby cars. You will never out drift me in a drift tuned supra if you are in the race tuned supra its simple logic. Thats like saying a gt2 car can fairly be in a formula 1 race and compete on equal footing
  15. Protoduct

    Protoduct Hardcore Simmer

    Well Assetto is still a racing simulator. Did you know that?
  16. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Didn't know that...seems quite strange since in other games Nissan models can be tuned and upgraded, even to the extreme as in "The Crew".
    Hopefully these restrictions aren't a sign of a "poor" relationship between them and Kunos, as there's plenty of street and racing models that could make the car list even better.
    Astral_Magi likes this.
  17. Dookie

    Dookie Hardcore Simmer

    I bet you can modify pretty much every license agreement with money. But as a small team they have to think economically. Wasn't there a talk about different Skyline versions by the guy who did the mod that was then bought by Kunos?
    DatNoiseV12 likes this.
  18. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    i wasn't aware of this circumstance. so is it like the miura, cobra etc. ?
  19. Dookie

    Dookie Hardcore Simmer

    Kind of. Cobra and Miura were finished mods that were free to download. Kunos bought them and gave released them as bonus content. The Skyline Mod was not finished (3D Model was close to be ready I think) when Kuno bought it.

    Here is the thread if you wnt to look for information on other versions (No idea on which page though :D)

    DatNoiseV12 likes this.
  20. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    Thanks for the info!
    Unfortunately I cant read that thread (i don't have a steam license)
  21. Chreos

    Chreos Gamer

    Would be nice to see the Falken Motorsport livery on the Skyline as from the 24h race on the Nurburgring.

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