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Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by AC Support, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Oh yeah, an AC-based Need for Speed or Test Drive would be awesome. :cool:
    But the NfS guys would hate it for being too hard to drive. :p :D
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  2. Alistair McKinley

    Alistair McKinley Hardcore Simmer

    Have you played BeamNG in the last couple of weeks? :D;)
  3. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @Alistair McKinley - must Google what you are talking about, cause at the moment there are only AC and ACC on my SSDs. One moment! Aah. Seems to be a cool game.:)
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  4. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

  5. lol wonder if they got (or asked) permission for those Kunos models. And Forza models, etc.
  6. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    I'm sure they did, just like they did in the past :D
  7. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    Would love to see this beast in the sim at some point:)
  8. Wrong thread. Please delete!
  9. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    I was driving my 300SL this afternoon on the PCH, traffic was light, but then, out of nowhere, I suddenly was surrounded by motorcycles!
    AC will never ceases to amaze me it seems.:eek:
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2019
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  10. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

  11. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Saturday January 4th, Assetto Corsa is more and more popular. over 5,000 happy customers, long live AC.
  12. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

  13. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

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  14. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

  15. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    I seem to see AC in here? Or am I wrong?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
  16. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    I don't. It's all iRacing?
  17. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Whoops, you're right. I saw a screen that seemed like AC but watching the video it's all iRacing.

    EDIT: hmm I would swear some of the footage in the beginning shows AC. Also, I searched and they used AC for the Porsche esports Carrera Cup Deutschland:

    Check these, it looks like AC. Rest of the video, though, it's iRacing.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
  18. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
  19. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    This after noon, I virtually drove a 2020 S720 spider at Los Angeles Canyon road, with a animated convertible roof, swivel dashboard, working GPS, real mirrors, etc.... AC with all the dressings offers us today some unique experiences, I hope that all of you take full advantage of what is available to us.
    The sheer volume of new apps, cars and track available is awesome, with more coming every week, so much that it is even difficult to keep up with all of it some time. AC as become a monster of a SIM and we might not see an other one like that in along time if ever, so let's just cherish what we have.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2020
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  20. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    It is pretty special and so much thanks to all involved in getting AC where it is today :)
    Saying that, all this goodness yet the car still looks to be floating! AC needs a better solution to under car shadows.
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