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Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by AC Support, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. You are about to take delivery of a McLaren?? :eek:
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  2. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Now show Vettel driving the simulator. :D
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  3. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Yeah. Would be very interested to hear his comments on it.
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  4. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    You can check RSR boards, a lot of of gamepad users are on top spots lately. I'm not saying assists like stability but maybe some stuff like sensitivity and similiar magic that is going on and making it imo a bit too easy for gamepad.

    In my opinion gamepad, keyboard, mouse support should be made as if someone made those in the real cars, like some Mythbusters experiment, nothing more unreal than that. I dont think its doable still with current car technology to make a car drive as good with a controller that has one centimeter of movement left and right..

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  5. BrandonW77

    BrandonW77 Alien

    Mercedes is on it!

    Crap, off topic again. Back to the naughty step...:(
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  6. The video show just one thing: AC is driveable with a gamepad. Nothing more.
    And of course you can be faster with a pad than a wheel. But the problem for me is you'll never get the feeling of AC with this fantastic physics, laserscaned tracks and FFB with a gamepad. NEVER!
    And this is the biggest selling point of AC.
    If you drive AC with a pad is it just another racing game. For me nothing special.
    And not many console gamers have a wheel to enjoy AC at max.
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  7. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    They can't just make raw axis movement for a car that has +-900 steering degrees. It won't be drivable. So they need settings to filter the signal for the analog stick movement that is connected to the car's steering wheel.
    There aren't any different physics for the car or the tyres, but settings for the steering wheel to be controllable using an analog stick. With a wheel you get 1:1 movements because you are simulating the same steering degrees between car in the software and your wheel connected to the pc. An analog stick has very few degrees so you need to emulate that.

    "I'm not saying assists like stability but maybe some stuff like sensitivity and similiar magic that is going on and making it imo a bit too easy for gamepad."

    People have been practicing with a gamepad for months/years now in AC, so is normal that there's improvement in lap times and car control. If is so easy for gamepad, then you can get in the top 10 with just 10min practice. But I doubt that's happening. Besides, hotlaps are hotlaps and you can retry many times, a race is much different and is harder to have a good constant performance.
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  8. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    I know all that, its just hurting the AC 'brand' a bit imo, cause unknowledgeble people will take that as if AC is easier now since it switched to consoles..

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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016
  9. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    That happened day one when AC was announced for consoles. Is the typical mindset of select sim racers. But is irrelevant to gamepad. Gamepad driving was already one of the best before AC on consoles. If you want your game to reach most players possible but remain a simulation game, then you have to develop good gamepad support for the driving instead of just basic. Otherwise you remain limited to customers that have a wheel. And Steam opened their doors for a big player pool, so making the game just good for wheels you're simply limiting your game's reach. As on top of the simulation there's a game, and most customers will look at it as a game and not a simulation tool. A simulation tool is something quite niche, but a game is for everybody.
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  10. The simple fact is that some people are extremely good at controlling anything with a gamepad. I would be utterly useless.
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  11. pmc

    pmc Hardcore Simmer

    iRacing has mouse support for steering if i remember correctly, now i'd imagine that too be very difficult
  12. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I've done almost 800h with a pad in my hands using only factory ABS and obviously automatic clutch. Since MP have been released for AC I switched to it and was spending my time mostly there, was racing all sorts of cars including F40 etc. Never was a moving chicane, I'm not saying I could save cars like a boss and that I was alien driver. I always considered myself as a solid midpack driver. Also never seen anyone saying/asking me if I'm driving on a pad, but plenty of times when asked what wheel I have and responded "none", reactions were nice.

    There were much faster guys using gamepads, I remember that certain German brothers were always around podium in "prime time" of MP racing on GT3 servers. (You can clearly see it was a long time ago since I was often visiting these kind of servers ;))

    After almost another 800h, but this time with a wheel, cars are obviously easier to save/drive because of much more precision of a wheel vs pad, but initially I was even slower with the wheel. I can say that I never felt that physics changed because of the steering device. I haven't used a pad for months, but if I slam the throttle in 2nd gear in the F40 it doesn't matter if I'm (were) on a pad or a wheel, result will be similar. ;)

    Then there are people that are very fast with KB+mouse. If you practice long enough you can be good with whatever you have. The bottom line is that you can take KB+mouse/pad in your hands and see for yourself if it's as easy as you think.

    As already mentioned, Kunos clarified it long time ago that only KB+mouse have built-in assists.

    So what about that chit chat thread in chit chat that I suggested in "from the twitter" thread? 4 pages of the new FB/Twitter thread and it's already going heavily OT. ;)
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  13. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    We're discussing the official video from Kunos, how is it offtopic :)
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  14. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    Well Apple are rumored to be getting into autonomous cars so you never know
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  15. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I personally would not even consider playing AC without a wheel, but I hope a lot of people disagree with me, so maybe with more sales and more monies Kunos can start developing some things they should've developed even prior to 1.0.
  16. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

  17. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

    LFS had it too, and some damn fast aliens atop the leaderboard with it.

    The biggest problem them and gamepad drivers had (during longer races) were tire longevity. The unnatural fast steering inputs took their toll on the front tires, i doubt this is different in AC.
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  18. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    I was a pure gamepad user for years, and played GTL on it for a good few months before I decided to get a wheel. I was still pretty good on the pad, was either top 10 or top 5 in a lot of online races.

  19. Would he complain about the blue flags in ac?
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  20. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    Probably there's an homologation issue, many things which were possible in the 90's now are forbidden (think of the BMW z1 sliding doors) - except maybe in the UK -

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