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XB1 The pedals are not calibrated

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Igalkr11, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Igalkr11

    Igalkr11 Rookie

    Hello guys,
    I run assetto Corsa on XB1, with Thrustmaster Tx sw wheel and Thrustmaster TM T-LCM pedals.
    It worked fine for a week and suddenly it lost calibration and now the clutch pedal is my gas pedal, I didn't saw any option in the game settings to change that back, any idea guys ?

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  3. fishernake

    fishernake Rookie

    You have probably reverted eclectronicaly the Clutch & the Gas pedal. Check the Led on the base of your wheel (it must be Red and not Green). If it's green then simply press the MODE button on the base during 2 seconds and it will be solved.
  4. marqbara

    marqbara Rookie

    [QUOTE = "fishernake, post: 1125063, membro: 136913"] Probabilmente hai ripristinato eclettronicamente il pedale Clutch e Gas. Controlla il Led sulla base della ruota (deve essere rosso e non verde). Se è verde, premi semplicemente il pulsante MODE sulla base per 2 secondi e sarà risolto. [/ QUOTE]
    Anche a me da li stesso problema e anche oggi non è previsto più nemmeno la pedaliera .... ho il thrustmaster TMX pro ... come posso risolvere sto impazzendo
  5. Senna94f1

    Senna94f1 Racer

    Just go into wheel settings and change the brake and gas pedal reverse .

    I have my brake pedal set to 150 and absolutely no lag.
    There were lots of posts that said lag through pedals and wheel is quite bad.

    I have not seen anything.
  6. ErMaskio77

    ErMaskio77 Rookie

    Dopo aver aggiornato il mio Fanatec csw v2 e pedaliera v3 con ultimo aggiornamento ho avuto il problema della pedaliera che non funzionava più....sono riuscito a risolvere con l’aggiornamento precedente, che era una beta, adesso funziona.
  7. Senna94f1

    Senna94f1 Racer

    This must be an xbox thing

    As I say I race on PC and ps4 but I bought ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE FOR ps4 and can't say that I've encountered many issues

    I've also found you don't need to have a button box to mapped lots of buttons.

    There a thing called electronic car electrics menu pages.

    Just mapped that and hey presto all your Tc abs. Wiper speed and several others can be changed while Racing. One press of button brings up timing screens or put menu

    I am sorry for xbox having so many issues which xbox should be better because its Microsoft.

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