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The Real Driving Simulator | Fan Trailer

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Er Mejo, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Er Mejo

    Er Mejo Racer

    After two weeks of hard work, finally I gave birth to what I had in mind for a while '... a Fan Trailer on Assetto Corsa which contains all the magnificence of this extraordinary simulator. I hope you will appreciate!


    Dopo due settimane di fatica, ho partorito finalmente ciò che avevo in mente da un po'... un Fan Trailer su Assetto Corsa che racchiude tutta la magnificenza di questo straordinario simulatore. Spero apprezzerete !

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  2. I really think that you should start changing your nickname...Er Mejo sound a little bit hard (let me use an italian word....you are very "sborone") especially now that you dont' have the ball to play with.... :D
    after that I'll watch the video...I'm sure you did a great job as usual but 2 weeks for a 3 mins video...come on I was expecting a 15-20 minuts short movie.... :p:p:p

    Bella Pietro....un abbraccio !!!!!
  3. Er Mejo

    Er Mejo Racer

    Make a montage like this takes a long time, 3 minute video seem few for those who watch, but every jump, every shot must be recorded, mounted and designed to be synchronized with the audio. Align all without smudging and especially as you thought it is a very complex job that can really understand only those who have to deal with this type of work! Then let's also that I'm kind of slow, and the picture is complete lol

    For the nickname you are absolutely right, unfortunately the choices made in the past you pay: asd: By now everyone knows me on the web with this nickname for almost 10 years, would not change it so much sense, it would be how to change the skin.....

    In any case, thank you very much and sorry for my bad English :p


    Fare un montaggio di questo tipo richiede molto tempo, 3 minuti di video sembrano pochi per chi lo guarda, ma ogni stacco, ogni ripresa deve essere registrata, montata e pensata per essere sincronizzata con l'audio. Far coincidere tutto senza sbavature e sopratutto come lo avevi pensato è un lavoro molto complesso, che può realmente comprendere solo chi ci ha a che fare con questo tipo di lavori ! Poi mettiamoci anche che io sono sono lento di natura, ed il quadro è completo lol

    Per il nickname hai assolutamente ragione, purtroppo le scelte fatte in passato si pagano :asd: Oramai sul web mi conoscono tutti con questo nickname da quasi 10 anni, cambiarlo non avrebbe tanto senso, sarebbe come cambiare pelle....

    In ogni caso grazie mille e scusate il mio pessimo inglese :p
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  4. Great explanation Pietro....I have to be fair with you....I watched the video even if you did not change your nickname...and you really made a great great work...I think that video making is one of the most difficult work to understand and you really need to put all your passion and efforts into it to make videos like this...

    [OT] Did you buy FIFA 14 ??? :p:p:p[/OT]
  5. Er Mejo

    Er Mejo Racer

    lol, i understand now that you're bobolix :D

    But yes, pc [/OT]
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  6. Jenzen

    Jenzen Gamer

    nice work there...
  7. One word: "Impressive" :D
  8. Pinor

    Pinor Racer

    still really compliments, 3 minutes that exude passion :) great job!

    ancora complimenti davvero, 3 minuti che trasudano passione:) ottimo lavoro!

    Ciao Pietroooooo!!!
  9. lupo7530

    lupo7530 Racer

    Great video :D really compliments;)
  10. Youz36

    Youz36 Gamer

    Extra video ! How did you do for Onboard and Out séquences with external sounds and pilote !?
  11. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    Nice video! A little bit sad you can see some jaggies....I have eliminated them in my game with various settings, but apart from that, perfect!
    Hope you don't mind me sharing it on facebook?
  12. Juutas

    Juutas Racer

    That... was.. beautiful! Especially that old Lotus part... oh my god! Gotta go play asap! :p
  13. Er Mejo

    Er Mejo Racer

    I just synced the audio of the video with the actual game, finding the exact point of connection.

    Of course !

    For jaggies how you solved?
  14. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    16xAFm 4xAA, 2xFXAA. Using Nvidia Inspector, Sparse Grid Supersampling x2 (this is what really does it).
  15. Youz36

    Youz36 Gamer

    Ok but for example at 1:15 we can see an internal view in The Abarth. How did you do for positionning The cam ?
  16. Er Mejo

    Er Mejo Racer

    Thanks for the reply.. but i have the amd card (7970) and "spars grid supersampling" is not present in the Amd CCC.

    Edit file camera_onboard_free.ini ( Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg) and add value to 0 to "SPHERICAL_COORDS" and save.

    In game press F5 (free cam) and move the view with alt+wasd
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  17. Buggi

    Buggi Racer

    Very Very nice ...in the amd CCC selected supersampling AA metood
  18. Buggi

    Buggi Racer

    CCC is present in the supersampling as a method of sampling
    Very nice vid
  19. Youz36

    Youz36 Gamer

    Yes ! Thanks

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