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DOCS The Server Admin Handbook thread

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Chisco

    Chisco Rookie

    [QUOTE = "Creegz, post: 1110346, member: 236433"] La primera sesión siempre será Practice, que por defecto es de 24 horas. La segunda sesión es Clasificación, que dura 10 minutos, la próxima sesión será una carrera que también dura 10 minutos, sin embargo, si el servidor está vacío, no creo que te lleve a una sesión de carrera y no hay bots para el modo multijugador. Lobbies. [/ CITA]
    thank you friend, I'm fine
    what it was that happened but solved, it works perfect and I give a whole greeting
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  2. baakstaff

    baakstaff Racer

    @Minolin So the "dumpEntryList" option is slightly broken, the grid order that it gives is entirely incorrect and can't be used as qualifying results from one day for a race on another. Using the command /manual entrylist just dumps the same broken entrylist.

    The session format was P > Q1 > Q2 > R (with R2 being hosted using the exported entrylist from Q2 after a server restart, as a workaround to the double-race format not working); is there any reason having the double qualifying would break the entrylist generation? Note that the entrylist was taken from Q1 as part of a test.

    I've attached the results files as well as the entrylists generated so you guys can see the discrepancy from the "defaultGridPosition" value. Also it would be greatly appreciated if the auto-export set "overrideDriverInfo" to 1 to keep the info consistent.

    Attached Files:

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  3. Elvis_FIN

    Elvis_FIN Rookie

    I'm setting up my first ACC server and having same issue. Can't configure server with own settings, since starting the server will mess up my configuration files?!?

    I create config files to '\server\cfg' directory. When I start accServer.exe it will create new directory '\server\cfg\current' where not all files are matching with my configurations.
    Looks like issues might only be with settings.json file. In my '\server\cfg' directory I have file called 'settings.json' (note: 'settings' with s in the end) which has my configurations. After starting the server and directory '\server\cfg\current' is created, there is file called 'setting.json' (note: 'setting' without s in the end). Why it is not settings.json file I created in '\server\cfg' directory?

    If I rename my settings.json to setting.json in '\server\cfg' directory, then delete '\server\cfg\current' directory and restart server, still same problem. I have then again file 'setting.json' with default configuration in '\server\cfg\current' directory.

    Something must be broken?
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