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Things you need to know in Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by rzr1, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    I think it has to do with the timming beetwen oponents,gap etc..Will check later :).
  2. Johnny H

    Johnny H Rookie

    Does anyone know how to silence the in-game announcer?.. I'm well aware that my 'A.B.S is ON' and usually notice when I've completely over-cooked a corner and I've got my 'WHEELS OUT'!.. I've searched the forums and the in-game audio settings but unless I'm not seeing the wood for the trees, I can't find it... :confused:
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  3. Ctrl+Q turns off the damage overlay.
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  4. Johnny H

    Johnny H Rookie

    Fabulous.. Thanks buddy ;)
  5. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    Ctrl + Q - added to first post. Thanks for your input :)
  6. RobB

    RobB Rookie

    I used that and it says to use 22% , impossible in cockpit mode I cant get the car right using onboard settings the car dash and wheel is just huge in my face , feels good using TV cockpit mode in the open wheelers but cockpit mode is useless .

    my figures are , 30 inch monitor , 16- 10 ratio , 1680 x 1050 res , 42 inches from eyes .
  7. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    FOV setting works only in cockpit mode. You can simulate bonnet view in cockpit by entering set driverEye.z=1 in console (Home key), it'll get preserved for this car model if you save onboard settings. You will also gain some FPS by eliminating dashboard as a bonus.
  8. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, but please note that the FOV will be saved for all cars. At least it did before the 1.0 RC.
  9. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    If this is going to be the one place for all tips and tricks, then you might as well include the whole list of keyboard shortcuts in the OP. Or at least a link to it. :)
    Edit: I see that things like Ctrl + Q and Ctrl+ +- (numpad) are missing from the list. Probably hasn't been updated for a while.
  10. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    Hmm the keyboard shorcuts faq list has greatly improved since the time i made the original post.I try to keep this up to date, i already added ctrl+q on the original post a few days ago and i`l also give a link to this for more.I`m thinking maybe to give more detailed info for turbo as it`s pretty improtant and easy to miss for newcomers.Thanks for the tip :)
  11. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    Updated with 14,15,16 :)
    I will add saturation control tomorrow with photos just because AC looks so good :p
  12. PADIN

    PADIN Gamer

    Add the method to convert f5 cam un free cam and how to move the cam and stop un afixed position;)
  13. BadDan

    BadDan Gamer

    Is there a way to dial the Turbolevel up and down? I wish to raise/lower the chargelevel with a dial on my wheel and not via numberkeys on my keyboard.
  14. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    I`m affraid not.Or at least there is not an obvious way since the mapping for the turbo level buttons are missing in the setup-controls menu.
  15. Josabooba

    Josabooba Racer

    rzr1 likes this.
  16. rzr1

    rzr1 Simracer

    Thanks for your input.I will :)
  17. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for keeping this updated. Have a few clarifications:
    a. Ctrl-A seems to only turn ABS Off, but nothing happens when you press Ctrl-A again, say if you want to turn it on again.
    b. Is there a way to manage Apps displayed for certain sessions (ex. with Electronics App if driving an F1 car and off when using other cars, Live Trackers/Helicorsa for MP and off if SP, etc.). Perhaps these are stored in a settings file, so that even primitive, it can be backedup/restored before a session?
  18. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    Pressing Ctrl+A has always worked for me to turn ABS On again or switch between levels of ABS.

    What's interesting that I haven't seen anythere mentioned that Ctrl+W disables stability control, however pressing it again doesn't turn it ON. Is it a bug?
  19. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, in my case, first pressing Ctrl-A turns ABS off (with a message), but succeeding presses doesn't show any message. In your case, it displays both OFF and ON messages, for every press?
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  20. Chillbill84

    Chillbill84 Rookie

    If you have your setting in the menu to factory and you do not have ABS like ex. shelby cobra and you press ctrl-A it shows it's off. When you press again it won't change because you don't have ABS.
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