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Things you need to know in Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by rzr1, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    About point 11: F2 actually enters a random camera mode, with the view switching every few secs, while still focused on your car. Nice to make watching replays more interesting.

    EDIT: I saw it's listed correctly in the shortcuts list, apologies!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2015
  2. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Depends on your wheel and software it runs, with the logitech profiler I can easily map keys and key combinations to buttons for g27. It has no dials which would be ideal but for boost I have one button that is 100% and another that cycles 60 to 90. I also mapped TC and ABS to the wheel buttons.

    Not sure what software other wheels come with but there is also likely 3rd party software that will let you map anything to buttons or dials on your wheel.
  3. BadDan

    BadDan Gamer

    I am totally aware of the possibility to map buttons, what I wanted to know, was the possibility of increasing and decreasing the chargelevel not clicking one button per chargelevel.
    But it seems like there is no such option. Maybe Kunos will implement this sometimes?
  4. LudoK

    LudoK Racer

    What does "scroll lock key" do?
  5. BadDan

    BadDan Gamer

    As far as I know, nothing in AC. But if you use SweetFX or similar, it´s for activation and deactivation of the Effects.
    LudoK likes this.
  6. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    Could you use cycles in logitech profiler for example? Only just thought of this now, so you could press one button and map say 10%, 50%, 70%, 100% (1/5/7/0 key cycle)

    This should be possible yeah?
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Thats what I do cycle one button from 60,70,80,90 and have another button dedicated to just 100% for those times I need full boost quick.

    That would be why I wrote this earlier. :D

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  8. BadDan

    BadDan Gamer

    Actually I did it with JoyToKey now. I set my dial up to roation between 6-8-0 and my dial down to rotation 5-3-1, so I am at least able to switch between 6 different turbochargemodes.

    BTW the Logitechprofiler wouldn´t be of any use for me. ;)
  9. alex72

    alex72 Alien

    Yes, you can use CYCLE COMMAND. You record all numbers and then group them in 2 separate cycle commands (up/down) and set them to 2 buttons. Now you can step turbo up and down in 10% steps.
  10. Doctore

    Doctore Rookie

    Hello boys n girls! :)

    I have a couple of questions and instead of starting a whole new thread, I'll ask it in here, hopefully some of you can answer me :)

    1. Pitstops.
    - I have read about pitstops, many people have asked about this and answers have been that this is not implemented. However I have seen youtube videos which showed me the opposite? The video showed me someone going into pit, getting the chance to change tires and fill up fuel. This does not happen for me when I enter pit, at least not in SP, I didn't try MP. There is this "workaround" Esc - go to pit, but honestly, wtf?
    Is there a pit request button I have to press to see my friends in pit? I really want to see the lolli and fill the fuel.

    2. Mapping of keys.
    - I have the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedals (I do not have the shifter :/ ). I am not able to map keys for the wheel ingame. I would like to map turbo increase and decrease in steps by 10 to my wheel. Did I miss how to map the keys for this? "workaround" for this is third party software, ok yeah, I guess I can use that but honestly I think its ****ed up that there even exists games today where the gamer is not allowed to chose their own keymapping ingame. This is a serious sim, keymapping should be in it for racing wheels.

    Also I cannot map headmovement on the wheel either. I want to put headmovement to the D-Pad on the wheel??

    3. Shifting with 3 pedal setup.
    - T500 rs comes with 3 pedals, it has a clutch. I made settings for manual shifting, I turned off auto clutch, but when I race I can still shift without any problem at all!! I understand that you can shift without a clutch but the gearbox does not break!! I can use the clutch if I want to but it is not needed, actually the car behaves worse when I use the clutch compaired to not using it. I ran a 20 lap race on Imola, manual shifting, full damage,without autoclutch, not using the clutch pedal. No ****ing problem.

    What did I do wrong? Am I misunderstanding the settings system in the game?

    Thank you for answering :)
  11. BadDan

    BadDan Gamer

    I guess thats an april fool posting?

    But just in case, you really are unable to get the least basic information about this game, you already bought, here a quick summary:

    1. Only in MP, but very limited in presentation an possibilities.

    2. Like it´s clearly stated above your posting, no you can´t increase and decrease the turbo with a button. Headmovement IS mapable in the options.

    3. I´m using a shifter with clutch and everythings fine here. If I don´t use the clutch, the gears go red and the engine will blow up eventually.
    BUT only, if you are in a H-Shifter car. Sequential driven cars are ment to be shifted with the paddles, so no need for a clutch anyway.
  12. digitizer

    digitizer Hardcore Simmer


    Ctrl 1 (numeric keypad) and Ctrl 3 - switch between different cars camera. Ctrl 2 return to your car camera. F1, F2, F3 - switch type of camera (bonnet, tv etc).

    It's for MP of couse

    Oops, sorry. I don't see it already here. Please delete my post. Thanks
  13. Doctore

    Doctore Rookie


    "Things you need to know in Assetto Corsa"

    I need to know if there is an, as well made as, "Pcars profiler" but for AC (maybe even if it works with AC I dont know?) Anyways does anyone know if there is an app like that for PC and for use on my secondary monitor while racing.

    I have tried the Holy Library of Goog'lé but I couldn't find any info.

    Thanks bros
  14. Doctore

    Doctore Rookie

    Maybe ACTI? anyone have any experience using this software?
  15. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    How do you start a votekick?
    Doctore likes this.
  16. Doctore

    Doctore Rookie

    +1 want to know aswell. So many Lego Racers out there
  17. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Is there a keybinding to restart SP race directly, without the GUI menu screen? It's not a big of a deal, but when attempting hotlap for many times, I don't want to change setup, I just want to start the lap, without touching my mouse. (I actually have restarting race bind to G27 shifter button now, via Profiler commands, but still need to use mouse every time) No keybind for this?
  18. Koppel

    Koppel Rookie

    Driver names off by default? Is it possible. I aim for realism and would like the names to be off when I start a new multiplayer game. When I want I can always turn it on.
    SvenUilhoorn likes this.
  19. coret3x

    coret3x Simracer

    would like to recommend everybody racing online to use the Realtime app (new included in 1.2) that shows how far a player is in front /back of you. This is especially important when you are about to enter the track after a crash. If a player is just a few seconds behind you, you can identify this in the app and then you can wait until he has passed before entering.
    Hagen likes this.
  20. @xel

    @xel Racer

    Does it work also in single mode? Or can you tell me where can I download a real-time app that shows a list of all drivers and the gap between them (or at least, between me and them) in a compact UI? I'm looking something like that since I got AC...
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