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Thinking of buying. Some questions.

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Docker Al, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Docker Al

    Docker Al Rookie

    Hi everyone. Just bought a new wheel and thinking about buying the game on PS4.
    Would like to know if there's still an active community in online multiplayer?
    Also are most racers trying to race clean and lastly do I need the DLC packs to be competitive?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  3. Flavus

    Flavus Gamer

    I have this game on PS4 but switched to PC and it is just miles better. I made the switch as there was a general lack of interest on PS4 and the game is always behind the PC version. Most of my friends switched to PCars but more and more are switching to PC and moving away from console. I personally, unless my PC blows up, will never turn on AC on PS4 again and my advice is to put your cash towards a decent PC :)
  4. Larry David

    Larry David Rookie

    There's still an active community for online play, and IMO the majority of the racers I encounter are cleaner than the players I would encounter in PCars.
  5. Dark Lotus

    Dark Lotus Rookie

    There are alot of players on ps4 but you may wana upgrade to the xbox one x for best of both worlds.

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  6. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I'm assuming he has a PS4 already so upgrading to Xbox would be folly.

    It is reasonably active. And yes if you have a wheel you should definitely buy it on PS4. It is currently in the sale on US PSN store and UK. You don't need DLC packs to be competitive, but the red pack has the red bull ring ( 2 layouts) so you might want that. Though I would just wait for the season pass to go on sale and maybe buy the R2R pack and Ferrari pack as they are not in the season pass. Both packs are brilliant btw. Most racers are clean, but it only takes one idiot to ruin things. When you find clean racers just add them as friends.
  7. Silvio-zgb

    Silvio-zgb Gamer

    Buy AC and all DLC"s, it is on the sale now in PS store. Find some people on forums or Facebook groups. There is still lot of competitions. Try to go on GT planet forum. Just dont buy GT sport please !!!!
  8. robbosr76

    robbosr76 Rookie

    Ac is the better choice than pcars2 & GTSport if you are looking for drivers for a championship I'm interested
  9. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

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  10. Docker Al

    Docker Al Rookie

    Thanks everyone taking the time to reply. I went ahead and purchased it as it was discounted to $20.00AU on the Australian PS store.
    So from what I have seen there is no matchmaking for pre set races. Only option is to join someone's lobby or create one yourself.
    Is that correct? Most player created lobbies seem to involve long, drawn out practice and qualifying sessions. The game itself is beautiful to drive but I much prefer the system in GT Sport with a set of organized races at set times.
    It seems that with Assetto Corsa you can't simply jump into an online race whenever you want and you won't actually get many races in, in a play session.
    Am I missing something?
  11. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    You aren't missing anything. What you see is what you get with the online play. Joining random lobbies often involves wreckers, and a lot of people understandably password protect their lobby to prevent this. To get decent racing you probably need to join a community or league and race against people you know. I hardly ever race online on Assetto Corsa, the AI are more than enough of a challenge for me.

    GT Sport has a great online system and it works pretty well in my experience. For online play it's really good fun and the matching with players of equal ability and sportsmanship is good. I enjoy it, but it's just a toy as far as I'm concerned. If I want "The Real Driving Simulator" then it's Assetto Corsa.

    In essence it depends what you want most. Online - GT Sport. Everything else - Assetto Corsa. Unfortunately you can't have it all. At least not on console anyway.

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