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Thrustmaster 300 rs

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by João Branco, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. João Branco

    João Branco Rookie

    Hi everyone, I am new to this game and to this forum (but old to racing ;) ).

    I just got Assetto Corsa and installed it. As expected the game is nigh on impossible to drive with keyboard :).
    Onto buying a proper steering wheel... Reading several reviews I was thinking of getting the Thrustmaster T300RS.

    In the predefined game controllers, this one is absent, only the much more expensive Thrustmaster 500 GT is there.

    Does anyone knows if the T300 RS is compatible with this game and / or has used it successfully?

    Note: I run the game on a PC

    An answer like: "Buy this one instead" ... will also be appreciated ;)

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  3. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    I have used one and yes it is very good

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. icetbag

    icetbag Rookie

    I have one and it is a great wheel for assetto.

    Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Kroegtijger

    Kroegtijger Gamer

    There's no T300 RS profile, but you don't really need one. Just do the setup wizard and you should be good!
  6. If you end up getting a t300 send me a PM and I will hook you up with the perfect settings for it.
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  7. João Branco

    João Branco Rookie

    Thanks for all the replies, people. I'm going for the T300 rs then :). I'll PM Michael when I get it, thanks!
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  8. You have chosen wisely! Now start saving for a good set of pedals.
  9. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Been using the T300rs since 2015 (have the Ferrari 599 Alcantara wheel on it) but if i were buying today i’d go a Fanatec CSL elite since a great set of pedals is included with it or a Thrustmaster TS-PC racer and opt for Fanatec pedals (either CSL elite or Clubsport V3 you see on my rig)

    For a very high end then SimCube OSW with Ascher racing button plate and a Fanatec clubsport wheel Flat1.
    Hope this helps.

    [​IMG]Rseat RS1 Black (Button box/tablet + Keyboard/mouse trays) by M-Bimmer, on Flickr
  10. I never would by the T300 again (Ferrari Alcantara Edition) The wheelbase is crap if you use it often. It broke down after one year, same with the one a cousin bought at the same time. So if you use it not that often it is ok. If you race in a league ( regularly and often use) do not buy it! It will loose its FFB (Motor and motor shaft exchange at both wheels), centering is off, calibration procedure goes crazy because of a damaged sensor.

    sent from my mobile, cheers!
  11. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    I'd buy it again (Ferrari Alcantara Edition too)
    Best wheel I had so far (g27, g29, 920 among the others), you probably had a defective unit and should have asked for a replacement
  12. Both of us had to send it to repair and had to wait a month for getting it back. Support answered no questions about the repairing time. If you seek at the net for T300 calibration and FFB failures, you´ll get a ton of replies...
  13. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    You'll get a ton for any and each wheel has ever been sold
  14. Following this logic all wheels are crap?
  15. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer


    Mine is the best I've ever owned, yours was crap.
    My G27,g29 and 920 where all defective and replaced by the sellers. Gave up on Logitech, maybe just bad luck... maybe, but search for "Logitech optical encoder"

    But talking just about the wheel, having owned them all, I prefer (by far) the t300
    My opinion, of course
  16. I bought mine second hand and average about 30-40 hours a week of use for the last two+ years. Knock on wood, but so far no issues whatsoever.
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  17. deni80s

    deni80s Rookie

    what are the rudder settings in the profiler and the game?
  18. Rudder settings?
  19. sidy06

    sidy06 Gamer

    Try War Thunder forum.
  20. deni80s

    deni80s Rookie

    t300 setting (profiler, in game)

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