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Thrustmaster T150/TMX FFB settings

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Heavy-Mitch.R, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Heavy-Mitch.R

    Heavy-Mitch.R Rookie

    Dear fellow sim racers,

    I'm not a real race driver or better yet: I've never driven a car further than 100m (too young lol), But I found a pretty good FFB setting for the Thrustmaster T150 that I have (IMO). Because I didnt find that much about settings for the T150 in Assetto, I figured I'd put my settings on the forum. Hope I can help some of you out with these settings!

    Ps: Tips for making the FFB even better are appreciated!

    So, here are my settings:

    In the control panel of the wheel driver:
    -Rotation: 700 degrees (set it how you like it)
    -Overall strenght: 75%
    -Constant: 100%
    -Periodic: 100%
    -Spring: 100%
    -Damper: 0% (you can set it higher if you want the wheel to be heavier to turn)

    In Assetto Corsa:
    -Degrees of rotation (in the first tab): 700 degrees (match cp setting)
    -Gain: 60%
    -Filter: 3%
    -Minimum force: 2%
    -Kerb: 25%
    -Road: 30%
    -Slip: 20%

    Enchanced understeer: OFF

    (I assume the tmx reacts the same to these settings as the t150, thats why it's in the title)

    Hope this helps, have fun racing! ;)
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016

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