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Thrustmaster T3PA vs. PRO

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by TheMiz44, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    +1, me too

    T300rs, t3pa with Bodin load cell brake conversion, t8ha, ps vr
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  2. LeonSuetfeld

    LeonSuetfeld Alien

    So half the work for the video is done, but I'll have to record the audio tomorrow.

    Here are some pictures (will also appear in the video):
    clutch_side1_s.jpg clutch_side3_s.jpg clutch_backside_s.jpg clutch_top_s.jpg clutch_side2_s.jpg t3pa_pro_drawing_s.jpg t3pa_baseplate_cuts_s.jpg
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  3. LeonSuetfeld

    LeonSuetfeld Alien

    Oh and if there are any specific questions you'd like answered in the video, post them before 8pm (central european time) today (Monday).
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  4. LeonSuetfeld

    LeonSuetfeld Alien

    video will be online in an hour :)
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  5. cheucheu

    cheucheu Rookie


    I will be interesting to have a experience user with : logitech G27 wheel and thrustmaster T3PA beacuse my logitech pedal est KO.
    Is it compatible ?*
    Thanks for your answers.

  6. LeonSuetfeld

    LeonSuetfeld Alien

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  7. cheucheu

    cheucheu Rookie

  8. Leedbelly

    Leedbelly Rookie

    Far as I know Georg Ortner uses his logitech pedals with his TS-PC Racer, and he is pretty fast. I use the thrustmaster TR J12 adapter with my thrustmaster t3pa non pro peddles, I like the calibration tool you can download.
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