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Thrustmaster T500RS settings

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Rob Hughes, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Rob Hughes

    Rob Hughes Rookie

    Hi, Has anyone managed to get a Thrustmatser T500RS wheel working properly? No matter what I change the settings to, it's unusable. No dead spot at the centre whatsoever leading to sawing left and right down the straights. I've noticed when stationary, even when I set it to 1080 degrees, the in game wheel turns waaaay more than the T500 wheel in real life making it too twitchy and unrealistic.
    Any help would be appreciated or the game is going to have to go back not fit for purpose!

    EDIT - seems after more investigation the in game rotation settings do absolutely nothing. I've manually adjusted the rotation setting of the wheel to closely match the game rotation but it's still utterly undriveable!!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020

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  3. David Foster

    David Foster Rookie

    Having the same issue. Managed to get it drive able but it's anything but relaxing having to fight the wheel to stay straight on the straights
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  4. David Foster

    David Foster Rookie

    Try the following.

    Gain 40
    Min force 15%
    Dynamic dampening 100%
    Road effects 75
    Steering lock 720
    Steering linearity 1.00
    Brake game 1.00

    That should help you until they look at a patch because it doesn't feel right on the t500rs.
  5. j fool

    j fool Rookie

  6. Luq418

    Luq418 Rookie

    Same issue here
  7. Joseph Adams

    Joseph Adams Rookie

    Any word on a fix yet?
  8. Lecce-Thun

    Lecce-Thun Rookie

    Update 1.5.4 installed, but the T500RS has still the same problem.... (on PS4 [Pro])

    Can you please fix that? It's roundabout 3 months I can't join the game I paid for...

    I don't buy a FanatecWheel! Nobody telled that the T500RS will not be supported... it's such a good wheel!

    (PS: The Thrustmaster T500RS is up to date and has the latest Firmware on it, Vers.47
    In all other RaceSim, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 1 & 2, Dirt Rally Series, F1 and Gran Turismo Series the wheel works fine!!!)
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2020
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  9. Joseph Adams

    Joseph Adams Rookie

    Same here. Anyone else had desirable results?
  10. richard_59

    richard_59 Rookie

    like everyone else, i was hoping for THE FIX from this patch - absolutely no difference at all. my t500 is still trying to kill me at every turn and every time i dare to exceed 200kph - total bs - when are they going to sort this out??
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  11. Kruffi87

    Kruffi87 Rookie

    Hi, race at ACC is so bad @ my T500RS. 1st it took one and a half month till I was checking that I have to connect the wheel to my ps4 when there is the "Start Game" Display. In all other games you should connect on ps4 main screen. When u do it that way u can't set the steering degrees. But even with that the FFB feels like it inverted and it want to push the wheel to left and right. And a car wants to drive straight to the front if I see it right. So it's terrible.
  12. Joseph Adams

    Joseph Adams Rookie

    Latest patch release still leaves T500RS issues unresolved. :(
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  13. Kruffi87

    Kruffi87 Rookie

    Yes, for me the same. They said in Changelog they fixed FFB issues. But nothing changed. It feels so bad as before the update. I'm really pissed. I bought a game and can not use it with my wheel since the release. More and more publishers take our money for games who aren't really finished. It's a shame guys.
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  14. 3n3rg0n83

    3n3rg0n83 Gamer

    To be honest, it is such a shame. The same steering wheel is properly working with AC on the same console, so there is no point in stating that this is "not officially supported": either you are not good enough to get it working, either you get where the problem is and simply solve it.
    There are multiple reports of the same problems from multiple people, and there are some circuits I cannot even drive onto (e.g. Monza) since there are specific sections of the circuit where the car simply goes crazy with the steering wheel going left-right so quickly that at 200Km/h and more you go straight to the wall: if you are lucky enough, there is no car in the nearby.

    I am at that point in time where I have few choices:
    1. Simply accepting that the game for me will be so bad like it is now, and keep playing like it is
    2. I will sell my copy
    From the same company that ported AC on console, that drives so good and smoothly, I had significantly different expectation that they simply missed.
  15. richard_59

    richard_59 Rookie

    i'm not as lucky as you - mine is a digital copy so i can't even sell it, but i can't drive any circuit at all, and i have absolutely no hope that they are going to fix this, despite the 1000s of people who still love their t500, so acc just sits in my library, reminding me what an idiot i was to buy it in the expectation that they would support my wheel
  16. I have a T500RS aswell and am using it since ACC release. True is, i constantly have FFB problems, which consist in stronger and more numb FFB. I usually have to close the game and reconnect the wheel several times until it calibrates correctly. ( Mine starts to calibrate, stops after 3 secs, and recalibrates again, weird but works)
    Always make sure it says T500rs Racing wheel in the Gamecontroller panel in Windows. Sometimes it just says " FFB wheel" and that most probably means that something is wrong.
    in my case im happy with the default settings in the Thrustmaster control panel. This means 60 % overall and 100% for the effects. In AC i fiddled a lot with these, but in ACC im very happy with how it feels out of the box. I go for 800° rotation and have it set in ACC the same way. TURN DYNAMIC DAMPING TO 0 %. This option is horrible for the t500rs imo. The rest is personal i would say, you can keep minimum force at 0 if possible, road effects pretty low or 0 aswell.
    And make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port
  17. 3n3rg0n83

    3n3rg0n83 Gamer

    Thanks for this feedback, I would really give it a try to the setup that you are using. Would you mind to share a snapshot from the settings so that I can use it and see if I get any benefit?

    In addition, any issue in tracks like Monza or Hungaroring?

    Thanks indeed for your support on this of course
  18. Joseph Adams

    Joseph Adams Rookie

    I'm beginning to think that this issue will never be stated, addressed or officially supported by AC.

    My guess would be that it may have something to do with the T500 hardware being so dated. :(
  19. Damian Boniek

    Damian Boniek Rookie

    Hi, man muss bei Advanced die Speed Sensitivity verändern. Ich habe bei mir auf 0.06 bei 400 Grad eingestellt und ich kann so wieder sehr gut fahren. Das ist aber nur meine erste Einstellung und ich muss noch genau tüfteln welchen Winkel und welche Speed Sensitivity zusammenpassen. Jedenfalls hat sich dadurch endlich was umgestellt bei meinem T500RS.. davor konnte ich einstellen was ich wollte es wurde nicht übernommen und ich konnte mein Lenkrad vielleicht mal gerade 20-45 Grad drehen bei ingame 180 Grad Drehung.

    in english with Google Translator:
    Hi, you have to change the speed sensitivity with Advanced. I set myself to 0.06 at 400 degrees and I can drive very well again. But that's only my first setting and I still have to work out exactly which angle and which speed sensitivity go together. In any case, something has finally changed with my T500RS .. before that I could set what I wanted it was not adopted and I was able to turn my steering wheel maybe 20-45 degrees with an ingame 180 degree rotation.

    I wish you a lot of fun driving ;)

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