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Thrustmaster TS-PC or Fanatec Wheelbase 2.5

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Rioku, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Rioku

    Rioku Racer


    Actually i have a Thrustmaster T300 GTE and Fanatec V3 Pedals.

    I´m considering this two options:

    - Thrustmaster TS-PC (500 euros)

    - Fanatec Wheelbase 2.5 and Steering Wheel Formula V2

    1. Is enough improvement moving from a T300GTE to a TS-PC?

    2. How many Nm force has the TS-PC?

    3. Fanatec is like 50% more expensive, is it worth?


    Many thanks guys!

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  3. All depends on what you expectations and desired features.
    Your best place for answers is YouTube comparisons. Literally everything you asked is a search away.

    Fanatec is in my near future,
    I currently run the T500RS with the following:
    • 383 sparco add-on (preferred wheel)
    • f1 wheel
    • 458 gte wheel
    • t3pa pro pedals
    • th8a shifter
    • sparco handbrake (recently moved to T300)

    My wife runs the T300RS GT with:
    • 599xx wheel
    • t3pa pro pedals
    • th8a shifter

    Personally I would just buy a desired rim add-on, etc. for the T300 and call it a day.
    If you want the TM Open add-on then just grab that.
    FFB will feel stronger with that rim.
    Never considered going from TM to TM much of an upgrade since most of their models share components.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2020
  4. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    The TS-PC Racer is about 6 nM. Not sure about the Fanatec. I moved to the TS-PC (w/ Sparco P310 wheel) from a Logitech G920. The difference for me is incredible. I love it.
  5. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    The TS-PC compares better to the Fanatec Elite. That said, the Elite has the edge in ffb smoothness and is a tad quieter. The Fanatec 2.5 is superiour to the ts-pc in almost every way.

    That said, i got myself the ts-pc instead of the elite because: It's cheaper new and (a lot) cheaper used. Wheels & Add-Ons are cheaper. More diy mods available. The tableclamp is acceptable (Fanatec tableclamp is worthless).

    TS-PC's improvements over the T300rs are noticable here and there. It's a bit more quiet and does not loose Torque over long sessions (yet).
  6. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    Definitely good bang for the buck with the TS-PC. I dreamt about a Fanatec DD rig, but came back to my financial reality with the Thrustmaster. Goes very well with the new T-LCM pedals too, although I'm sure the Fanatec V3's are sweet as well.
  7. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    I've been looking at the same two last week, checking lots and lots of reviews of both. Sim Racing Garage on YouTube has very good reviews for both, also looking inside both bases and checking out the mechanics. The Fanatec seems to be absolutely the superior product, looking at the materials used, mechanics and cooling solution. If you haven't checked those, definitely worth watching.

    But I still getting my Thrustmaster delivered on Monday. Budget choice :eek:
  8. Red Or Dead

    Red Or Dead Racer

    I can't tell about about Fanatec but i own both TM wheels (See specs). Not much of a difference there
  9. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

    Your lucky to have a wife and share the hobby!!!

    I wish i find another!!

    By the way, nice setup duude!

    You own T300GTE and TS-PC?

    Well if you don´t apreciate much difference, (i notice that TS-PC has around 6nm and T300 4nm) i think i´ll wait till i have more money for Fanatec 2.5

    Thanks guys!
    SOLID FARRELL likes this.
  10. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    Csw is 7.5nm I believe. I had the tspc and switched over to fanatec and I don't regret it. So much smoother more detail, far better wheel rim options. No notchiness feeling of the belt. Able to save 5 profiles for different games. More adjustability with drift mode and force feedback intensity ECT. I have the formula v2 rim also and love it except for the thumb encoders move to easily and I'm clumsy lol. I kept changing things on my car accidentally.
    Also since you have the be pedals you can adjust brakeforce on the fly if you plug your pedals into the base and save that to your profiles. You'll also get to put your pedals motors to good use of you want to.

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