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Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer with Fanatec Pedals?

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by MobyDuck, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. MobyDuck

    MobyDuck Gamer

    Hi guys,

    in case I was too stupid to use the search function properly, I would like to excuse myself in advance.
    I expect that this must be a more common question definately already discussed somewhere in the forum but I could not find anything. :(

    As the titel says I would like to know if you can ran a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel with the Fanatec pedalset?
    I plan to upgrade from a Logitec G27 and the most important requirement I have is a loadcell brake like the one from Fanatec.
    But as they have raised the prices recently quite a lot (going from 599€ to 699€ for the CSL Elite set with the formula wheel) I thought about getting the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel.
    Unfortunately Thrustmaster does not provide any Loadcell brake pedals.

    I think I already found some voices on the net saying it is possible as the Fanatec and Thrustmaster systems use USB as a connection standard.

    But still unclear to me is.....

    a.) How can the Loadcell be adjusted as this is done via the Fanatec wheel I believe?
    b.) Would be both drivers needed? Thrustmaster for the wheel and the Fanatec driver for the pedals?
    c.) Does the pedals work then as good as they would function combined with a Fanatec wheel?

    Maybe some of you even ran this setup and can clear things up for me :)

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  3. steevee

    steevee Racer

    A, the load cell can be adjusted in the Fanatec driver control panel.

    B, absolutely yes, you'll need to install both thrustmaster and Fanatec drivers.

    C, the pedals work exactly as they would with any wheel... Perfectly..

    I have the same combination...
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  4. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    I’ve got a Bodin load cell for my thrustmaster t3pa pedals, and it’s a massive improvement, and a lot cheaper than a set of pedals. I can recommend.

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  5. MobyDuck

    MobyDuck Gamer

    Thanks... that's good to know :)

    Thanks for the tip as well. Had a quick look on their web page and the load cell mod seems to be sold out at the moment.
    But from the price perspective I would end up also around the 200€ mark like for the fanatec set of pedals + load cell.
    Also I assume you have to run a specific driver to adjust the load cell?
  6. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    No , I still use the thrustmaster driver? The conversion just changes the rotary motion from the standard pedal potentiometer to the force pressed on the pedal. They were sold out when I ordered mine a while back, so I emailed John Bodin and he helpfully gave me a timescale so I could decide to wait. Worth an email/pm at least?

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  7. MobyDuck

    MobyDuck Gamer

    Are you using any kind of adapter to connect the pedals to your TS-PC Racer base?
    Or do you just connect the pedals via USB directly to your PC?

    Ok, just seen the InsideSimRacing review of the mod and it seems to be the normal situation.
    They wait until they have a bunch of orders and then they start the production.
    So the only limitation compared to the Fanatec load cell might be then the missing configuration option!?
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  8. broadappeal

    broadappeal Rookie

    I've using TS-PC wheel base with Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedal set.
    This pedal's price is around 250$ so it's cheeper than Thrust master T3-PA PRO + third party load cell kit and I'm very satsified with it.

    When you use Fanatec pedal set with other maker's wheel base, you should connect pedals directly PC usb port. thus you don't need any kind of adaptor. I mean, you can even use it with G27.
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  9. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    Yes there’s a box in between that’s included with the kit. I’m very happy with the kit

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  10. MobyDuck

    MobyDuck Gamer

    That's the best news of day :cool:
    I always thought that I need a new base first before upgrading my pedals.

    To be honest I do expect a much bigger improvement by this LC as from a new wheel.
    Sure, .... either the TS-PC Racer or the CSL Elite will be a big change when it comes to FFB compared to my G27.

    So I can think of upgrading in two steps .... pedals with LC first ... and then then new wheel. :D
  11. steevee

    steevee Racer

    both connected to the PC via their own USB
  12. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    I think so? I’ll check later. Can’t remember? Been long time since I connected it. 2 years I think?

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  13. steevee

    steevee Racer

    Sorry mate, it was an answer to Mobyduck
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  14. broadappeal

    broadappeal Rookie

    Yeah, I think that's a good choice.
    In general more powerful wheel will gives you more immersion but won't make you fast.

    In ACC, all cars have ABS but they still need subtle brake control especially when you turn in. Good brake pedal with load cell will be definitely your help.
    Both paul_wev and I are happy with each products, so we have recommend it to you. But only you can decide.

    The main reason of that I chosen CSLE is Fanatec has office in my country. Which is important when you meet trouble. When I had problem with gas pedal, they sent me new potentiometer within 3 days (We spend a week of e-mail conversation though).
    And as genuine Fanatec product, you can easyly resale it. It is helpful incase you don't like product or think about further upgrade in the future.
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  15. MobyDuck

    MobyDuck Gamer

    I tend to the Fanatec pedals to be honest.
    Like the overall build quality (almost full metal) and the opportunity to adjust the distance between the pedals.
    Also, it seams to be the same price as the T3PA + mod. and the LC is integrated well looking like a "real" product.
    Don't get me wrong, I am sure the mod works well and makes perfectly sense when you already own the TM pedals.
    But the mod looks a bit "self-made" to me.

    For the new wheel I am more on the TM side.
    Especially after Fanatec raised the price quite a lot.
    Just thought I can get a good Black Friday deal by the end of the year but the best I can expect now is that they drop it to the previous normal price. :confused:
    But I am not in a hurry having already LC brakes then :cool:
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  16. broadappeal

    broadappeal Rookie

    I use the rim that came with the TS-PC and the 599XX EVO rim. Both have a slight deflection.
    However, it does not matter when you are concentrating on driving.
    It is clear that the FANATEC rim is higher in quality than the TM rim, but in my case, I bought a used TS-PC at the auction site and the price was about 300 $.
    So there is no complaint at all.

    As you know, the mechanical performance difference between CSL Elite and TS-PC is quite small.
    So I think it makes sense to choose by price.

    Most of your questions have been resolved now?
    If you have anything else you would like to know about CSL Elite Pedals LC, please feel free to ask questions.
  17. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Sorry to intrude :) as I have the chance to get the CSL Elite LC pedals through a relative travelling to the US. I’m fed up cleaning the potentiometers on my G27, as they frequently get erratic. Have it with the Ricmotech load cell.
    couple of questions, hope you guys dont mind.
    1. Any difference between the pedals in the ‘CSL Elite LC’ and just the ‘CSL Elite Pedals’ + CSL Elite LC Kit ?
    2. You mentioned issues with the potentiometers, you think I can purchase spare replacements from the US as well (& how much are they), as they’re not in the site. Also, does the load cell use the same foams as those on the older CSR Elite pedals (had problems with those)? I’m cautious with parts as I have no means of easily getting spares from my location.
    3. What maintenance are needed, avoid dust similar to the G27 pedals?
  18. broadappeal

    broadappeal Rookie

    Hi, sherpa. I'll answer your question. I hope this helps you...

    1. The two are the same. I ordered "CSL Elite Pedals LC" and they juse sent me "CSL Elite Pedals" and "CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit". In my country, there is a discount of 1000 yen (about 10 $) when purchased as “CSL Elite Pedals LC”.

    2. When I had a problem with my potentiometer, the product itself was sent from a branch in Japan, but before that, I exchanged emails with the person in charge at the German headquarters. So the procedure is probably the same in the US.

    In my case, my product was free because it was within the warranty period, but I think it was written on the enclosed document that the price of the parts was around $ 15.
    Sorry, I've never used "CSR Elite pedals", so I don't know if the load cell parts are the same.

    3. I have been using this product for about 500 hours for 10 months, but the load cell has no problem so far.

    Gas and clutch pedals that use potentiometers should be cleaned if an incorrect input signal appears. Just remove the screws on the bottom of the pedal and remove any dust or dirt on the gear, so it takes about 10 minutes. However, the footrest fixing screw is located in a very narrow place, so removing the pedal itself from the rig is a bit of work. So, if you change the pedal from G27 to CSLE, you won't be completely free from annoying potentiometer cleaning!

    And if there is sound from the pedal spring, you need to lubricate. Silicone oil should not be used because it does not last long. The approximate location where lubrication is required is also described in the manual, but you should work while checking where the sound comes from.

    In my case, the last lubrication was about half a year ago. Potentiometer is cleaned about once every three months. Because this pedal doesn't have a plastic cover like G27, and my room is a bit messy...
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  19. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for the info. So cleaning would be similar, but I surmise it would be easier, since they're more accessible and we wouldn't have to open up the pedal set?

    It appears they no longer use the PU Foam like in the older CSR Elite pedals, and all dampening are external, and the only thing internal is the load cell. I'll try contact them to see if I can include some spare load cell. Thanks again.

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