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Thrustmaster TX not recognised

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by boabmatic, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer


    Just installed assetto corsa on the Xbox but it doesn't see the TX wheel.

    can't navigate the game menus without the controller and even setting the controls to wheel in game it still doesn't detect the wheel input?

    The TX does go through its calibration stuff when the USB is connected to the Xbox plus the Xbox button will bring me out the game and I can use the wheel to navigate through the Xbox system menus?

    Anybody else see this ?

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  3. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

    Got it sorted ...

    I had to do a full Xbox shutdown and restart rather than just the quick shutdown.

    After that the wheel was detected by the game?
  4. SOUMI

    SOUMI Rookie

    hi my friend I use TX with 599xx add on and works perfect.you need to find ffb settings because its too strong more than 40.see you in track!
  5. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

    wheel as been recognised every time now with no issues , not sure why I needed that full reboot on the first try.

    Yeah feedback at 100% is a wrist breaker :) got mine at about 60% with understeer ON , still trying out a few different settings though.
    But hard as the cars have completely different force feedback (which is great) but you think the settings are good then you switch cars and its either super light or super heavy again :) just trying to find the middle ground that works for the majority of the cars.
  6. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    Make sure you set the right rotation for your wheel with every car every time you drive it(mode button and d-pad right on the TX) this will make sure that ffb works with the right amount of rotations of the wheel , it this make any sense haha
  7. SOUMI

    SOUMI Rookie

    hi my settings ffb 25-curbs 38-road 30-slip 20-understeer on- test with 458 in Vallelunga with traction off and I feel very nice... the car and drift very smooth without brake my hand....test and wait feedback.thanks
    boabmatic likes this.
  8. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    So the game doesn't support soft lock like most modern sims? As in, you leave your wheel set to 900deg, calibrate it within the game, and then the game will limit the DOR accordingly based on the car you are driving.
    TheBadBoyRay likes this.
  9. TheBadBoyRay

    TheBadBoyRay Gamer

    I don't get a FFB lock. I need to adjust the TX base to the DOR I want.

    The game doesn't sort the DOR out for you according to the car. Think this should be added in a future patch.
  10. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

    I think it's already been reported as a bug .. Folk were saying it works on PC.
  11. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Okay, well, hoping they fix that in a patch. That and custom button mapping are must haves IMO on any modern game / sim. Still amped to play it at midnight though. Consoles need more sims IMO for those of us that know full well what to expect.
  12. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

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