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Thrustmaster TX pedals do not work

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Caponeh, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Caponeh

    Caponeh Rookie

    Hello guys,

    I have a very bad problem with my wheel.
    It works on all Forza titles perfectly but assetto corsa does not take my throttle or brake inputs.
    My pedals are the standard 458 italia pedals.
    Is there any option to activate these?
    thank you in advance.

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  3. Caponeh

    Caponeh Rookie

    It's on Xbox one so I have no logs folder to attach and I can not find a semilar thread
  4. stevemontuno

    stevemontuno Gamer

    Have you installed the latest firmware onto the wheel?
  5. Caponeh

    Caponeh Rookie

    Thank you for youtr reply I did just before I bought AC
    I tried to reinstall the game but this does not work either
  6. stevemontuno

    stevemontuno Gamer

    It might be that the pedals need inverting ,,,i cant remember if there is a setting for that in AC or not as im not at my pc right now ,,i'm guessing there is ,,,,

    also check your pedals are working ok in,, Control panel/Hardware & sound/Devices & Printers .

    Edit ,,scub that last part as your not on PC.
  7. Caponeh

    Caponeh Rookie

    I checked if it needs to be inverted and it does not
    I also conected it to my pc to check every button to see if every function on the wheel works as it should
    So it must be a problem with the software or my Xbox
    But my Xbox works with the same wheel in other racing games so it can't be the Xbox and the wheel so it must be the software on the wheel or AC itself
  8. Caponeh

    Caponeh Rookie

    I checked if the pedals need to be inverted and it still doesn't work at all
  9. capt nasties

    capt nasties Racer

    same issue with my Fanatec V3i pedals. I do not see a way to calibrate / invert in them in game? seems ridiculous.

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