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Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Bob Peirce, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    This is probably only of interest to people who actually drive on track and are looking at AC to help approximate the real world.

    Last year I corded the outside of my Michelin PS4Ss while still having about 6/32 of tread. This year I decided to try a 200TW tire. Researching this I found some people consider this to be a semi-slick and some not. As far as AC's tire model is concerned it isn't! The semi-slick model in AC is probably closest to an R-comp, a tire that is just barely street legal.

    I drive a 981 GTS mod in the sim. It has a more horsepower so it is quicker but otherwise it handles almost exactly the same as my Cayman R. I have been running it on semi-slick tires thinking that would be closest to what was actually mounted on the car.

    My actual experience over the weekend was that lap times were comparable to the Michelin tires and about 7% slower than the semi-slick tires in the sim. I switched to street tires in the sim and ended up a few seconds quicker than actual. I ascribe a lot of that to the extra power of the GTS compared to the R but there is probably some psychological stuff acting here as well. I can't destroy the car or kill myself. Plus there are no G-forces with which to contend. I think going forward the GTS in the sim will be about 3% quicker than the actual car.

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