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XB1 TMX wheel, no steering,no throttle, no brake.

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Kevin Kirk, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Racer

    So whats going on with this game? No steering, no pedals, no nothing. TMX wheel, xbox one Help please

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  3. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Racer

  4. PaulxB

    PaulxB Rookie

    I find the best solution is to NOT have your wheel plugged, start the game with the controller.
    When you get to the title screen and it says START GAME then plug your wheel in and press the A button on your wheel to go to the menu screen.
    I'm using the TM TMX wheel on Xbox One X and this method means it now works without having to unplug and re plug your wheel in when you go to your first race.
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  5. This solution worked fine a few days ago, but not amore. The game need a big steering wheel bug fix...
  6. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Racer

    This method worked for 2 gameplays but now when it calibrates after plugging in it, it will turn all the way to the left then turn all the way to the right and lock. I am afraid the dam game is going to break my wheel and dont suggest anyone else boot the game with theirs. This method or otherwise
  7. Cornishtim

    Cornishtim Rookie

    I’ve had this. Hopefully all this crap I’ll be sorted in a patch because if you’re willing to persist and look past the obvious fault that they’re sure to sort it’s SO good.

    I’ve adopted what PaulxB says. Plug your wheel in once you’re in the pits. If it does the whole thing of sticking to the left pull slightly forward from the pit box, recentre the wheel and turn it off/on again.
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  8. brandon scott

    brandon scott Rookie

    I thought i had the problem initially as well. Try starting the game without your wheel connected. once you are into the game menu, disconnect your controller and connect your wheel. you should be able to use at that point. hope this helps.
  9. PaulxB

    PaulxB Rookie

    I had the problem with my tmx wheel getting stuck while calibrating too but that only happened when i tried to calibrate just before a race. Since I've started calibrating it on the title screen it hasn't got stuck once yet.
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  10. Quentenius

    Quentenius Rookie

    I think the timing of when the wheel is plugged in may be on the right track, but I've also noticed that, if I just leave it alone for a minute, it seems to eventually recognize it. I sit on the wheel setup page and watch for the steering to go from zero to 40 degrees and then have to reset that part of the setup to 360 or 540. The rest, such as ffb, is still saved. The ACC team representative on Twitter said that this was their highest priority.
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  11. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Hardcore Simmer

    I have to unplug and replug my wheel in every time I start this game. It's not the worst thing in the world I guess but because the calibration routine for my ThrustmasterTX seems so violent I don't like doing it very often. I'm guessing from comments above that the pad being plugged in confuses it so next time i'm just going to unplug my pad before starting ACC and see if my wheel is then automatically active. Then I'll plug my pad in at that point.

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