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Top 10 things you would add/fix/change in assetto corsa

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by john oliver, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    for me the most important would be...

    1:Force Feedback its too stiff/springy and needs more detail
    2:A.I must be improved to the level of GSCE or better
    3:Flag rules a must for single player and multiplayer
    4:a more detailed damage model (parts falling off) and better visual damage
    5:custom championship mode for single and multiplayer
    6:Better server ui (be able to add cars/tracks that cycle in one session and be able to select a car skin)
    7:Better shadows (they flicker far too much)
    8:Fix lights in replays
    9:Visual Flat spots and tire deg
    10:voice chat in multiplayer

    I cant speak for everyone but this for me would make ac awesome:)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2014
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  3. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    How many of these threads will be made before kunos locks them...
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  4. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    - fwd racecars
    - better accessibility in mp (joining or setting up servers as easy as in race 07 f.e.)
    - just more tracks
    - rain (just really curious what driving in the rain in ac would feel like and I want to become better in it)
    - 24h cycle/night racing (if i must add a fith one)

    I know these things aren't done in a blink of an eye
    but for the rest I think AC has nailed it almost perfectly
  5. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    its constructive and I havnt seen any more like this and its only ideas nothing wrong with it
    im guessing your not in to having the game improved and that's fair enough but at least if kunos take notice it can only be good for ac
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  6. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    I'm not expecting anything from kunos
    but dreaming out loud isn't a crime, right?
  7. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    it would seem it is a crime looking at one reply in here for some reason people seem to be against improvements its baffling
  8. Dude27

    Dude27 Hardcore Simmer

    1/ A decent photomode (of course a look-alike GT photomode would be the cherry on the cake)
    2/ more detailed guides/tutos for the graphic/sound/career engine
    3/ A more realistic DOF (Depth of field)
    4/ Weather PPs, don't need to be dynamic... but AC needs an Overcast preset!
    5/ Realistic rain with realistic reflections and cars light on the track (see last videos of Project CARS)
    6/ A much better Career mode (more in-depth, more interesting).
    7/ Official racing series: don't have to be well known at first.
    8/ Karting!
    9/ More cars for each class (especially the older ones: Lotus 49, F412, Lotus 98T, OLD DTM, etc...)
    and most importantly:
    10/ A track side replay sound that raise the realism bar where no one has gone before (not even RRE)!!!
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  9. Epocx

    Epocx Alien

    if they would want to read all the posts they had to STOP DEVELOPING to make the free time to read them!!!!!!!
  10. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Don´t actually agree with most of these. What I´d like are things like:

    - support rigid axles and trailing arms maybe for modding
    - all wheel drive
    - SP pitstops
    - point to point racing with correct timing
    - glass damage reduced / set per car. Doesn´t really fit in the classic Lotus' for example.
    - turbo controls and TC / ABS on programmable buttons

    I think most of this is under development, with the axles and AWD as required with the official cars, and the other things mostly mentioned allready by the devs.

    So I am pretty happy about it right now. Waiting patiently for the DLC and RUF Yellowbird now!
  11. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    I don't even know how it went from me thinking there are a lot of threads with this same feature to you guessing that I am not in to having the game improved in a single sentence, but that aside.

    but ye I'll leave it to this. Seems like I overestimated the amount of threads with this feature.
  12. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    Definitely your top 5 for me too plus

    6: midrace saves
    7: dynamic weather
    8: real live dynamic track based on cars lines (not just global improvement)
    9: more race tracks
    10: get rid of shimmering on buildings and armco barrier
  13. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    1. Sound improvements: better opponent sound balancing - making them louder, attenuating their volume less at a distance, louder tyre scrubbing, realistic track reverb.
    2. Get rid of the arcadey starts - use track lights, allow you to be in gear at the start. Jump start detection with pit lane drive through penalties.
    3. Better yellow and blue flags and penalties instead of the 5 second arcade slowdown - proper pit lane drive through penalties, stop/go penalties etc.
    4. Ballast to compress the field in league races.
    5. Improved damage system, more commensurate and localised with the impact- i.e. no windscreen shattering for a rear bumper tap. Ability to turn off certain damages on the server - e.g. No gearbox damage, no engine damage, body damage only.
    6. Allow online players to choose their own skins! (as a league admin... PLEASE).
    7. Rubbering/gripping racing line (not the whole track).
    8. Night racing for 24 hr enduro style racing.
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  14. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    would love your 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 guess almost all of it :)
  15. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    if kunos took note of the most wanted fixes/features this game would be the best sim out there!
  16. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Simracer

    I think the gtr means that awd will be in game for sure.
  17. Darren Marsh

    Darren Marsh Racer

    • Steam friends filter on the server list. i.e. only show servers your friends are in.
    • UI support for the rift, plus direct mode and/or automatically open on the rift display.
    • Option to automatically load the 'last' setup or save a setup as the default.
    • Ability to save and watch the replay while in the session like iRacing.
    • Option to automatically save hotlap replay + telemetry
  18. Oh look, another wishlist thread. Cute.

    What makes this one so special and different that it doesn't belong with the others in the 'suggestions' section of the forum?

    Show of hands please; which of you guys thinks that you have listed or mentioned something that the devs have never heard/and or/thought of before?
  19. Darren Marsh

    Darren Marsh Racer

    Oh look, another forum policeman. Cute.

    Show of hands if you think people should just skip threads they're not interested in, or use the report button and let the moderators deal with it instead of being whiny *****es.

    I'm aware of the irony.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2014
  20. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    My wishlist:

    1. The end of forum policing by self entitled dbags.
    2. The ability to make constructive suggestions without being attacked even if they have been made before and the devs aware.
    3. The ability to discuss constructive suggestions without being attacked even if they have been made before and the devs aware .
    4. People that really know very little about the simulation telling us what will definitely be 'in' and 'out'.
    5. More communication from the developers to communicate in terms of core features, definates, maybes, possibles and nos so we can stop asking.
    6. Some kind of measures to make MP playable and prevent idiots and inexperienced drivers making it unbearable destruction derby
    7. Flags
    8. False starts
    9. AI that doesn't queue up behind you if you slow down on the racing line
    10. Ability to stop floating lights, triangles damage huds
  21. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    your input is isnt needed or required just move on some of us actually want things to improve so don't even come here trying to DERAIL yet another thread
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