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Toxic beginner in competizione server

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Powerus, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Powerus

    Powerus Rookie

    I encountered a beginner mario kart type driver in a 1h comp race. Is that normal?

    Players like this are ruining the game and may be the cause of the insanely low online player base.

    This driver named "turbo dad" ruined the race of at least 7 people by blocking all the track while being 4 sec slower than everyone and spending most of the turns in the grass.

    I wasn't bothered by him until mid race when he decided to do a................. PIT maneuver on my *** in the straightest of the straight lines. You know the reason why? He said that I did not rejoin the track properly after my spin.... so he decided to murder me.

    What do you think? Should people like this be allowed to play with serious drivers?
    The safety rating is garbage if it's allowing this in competizione server. Look at the replay! Most of the low SA casual servers run cleaner that this.

    Let me show you a small clip of his PIT maneuver or you can check the whole replay if you want to watch what he did to other drivers.

    Link to the whole replay: https://mega.nz/#!fd1jCaAT!dEKDa63fLVvjQCfsyGGNUNpW8YXEUae_hoNxkKS-Bno
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  3. Priappe

    Priappe Rookie

    Same last two competition server, i got rammed. No point into playing that.
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  4. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    Every once in a while mad drivers appear and go into rage mode. It is kinda normal. Because of the low player base you have good chance to meet him again.
  5. Andrex

    Andrex Gamer

    For me, this is one reason to drive not online, the AI in Game is much much better
  6. Priappe

    Priappe Rookie

    It's not mad drivers, it's dudes that can t take the fact you overtake them. There is the retard in the first turn allways okay, but thoses guys will drive you out if u overtake them or switch lines like 5 times while braking.
    Even if you stick them during 4 laps they won t let u pass and crash you if you try to.
    There is no sanction whatsoever that's the issue, i shouldn't get in the same server than this guys. I m a clean daily racer...
    And yes i'm pretty sure that it's killing the game for real ... there is less and less people on ACC discord's and online also, i m checking through steamdb.
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  7. Marceline

    Marceline Gamer

    False, coanda says the ratings work and its not kunos fault.

    Also competition servers really do be expecting you race for 1 hour straight?
    Irl drivers are being paid to do that thing and u expect me to sit and race 1 hour??? are you guys for real???
    Thats your idea of "competition" ???
    I race for 15 min and im sweating like i hit the gym, and im on a weak g27.

    Please... proper simple ratings/rankings and 20 min races.
    anything above that is pointless and tiring.
  8. In absolute no way :eek:
  9. Priappe

    Priappe Rookie

    The point of the thread is not race lenght marceline, and u have plenty of normals servers in 20 min format. Plus racing a hour is fine for me, and it makes regularity a huge point of racing. Tire worn, full load of fuel changes many things also. Anyway i would just love to see competition server with something else than dudes like Turbo Dad. The matchmaking isn't working in competition there is no way i m filling with a guy who ram everybody and makes laptimes 3/4 seconds slower than me IF/WHEN he doesn't crash.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  10. Rovlgut

    Rovlgut Gamer

    I don't know. On video for me it doesn't look like he quickly turn into you, just don't anticipate length of his car and thought he was clear. But it's just that clip. I don't know what else he done))
  11. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Racer

    20min races, far too short
    Sometimes 1hr too short,
    When someone gets annoyed in an 1hr race maybe he is... alone on server, much much faster then all others, much much slower then all others, maybe has an attention span like a 5 year old kid..
    Or you realize, marceline, that racing is (can be) more then a 20min quickie, maybe the biggest competizione is that sweating guy behind your wheel
  12. Priappe

    Priappe Rookie

    If u read the post, the guy admitted doing that on purpose, no mistake or race fact.
  13. Rovlgut

    Rovlgut Gamer

    Maybe, maybe He is toxic. I just don't like when people going on each other with pitchforks and torches. ;)
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  14. Marceline

    Marceline Gamer

    Kunos: i expect you to do 25 min practice / 20 quali / 60 race

    Me and turbodad::):):)
  15. Marceline

    Marceline Gamer

    Maybe the biggest comeptizione after racing for 1 hour straight + 45 min quali/practice is not to suffer from migrane or headaches. :rolleyes:
  16. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Racer

    Or this... Ye it is exhausting, I also sweat like an pig, but hey, that's part of the game... I don't wanna miss it, on the contrary!
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  17. I agree the guy is really in the wrong server. Terrible driving. I've some tiny doubt that he wanted to pit manouvre you (yes, I did read the post) because it takes a minimum control ability to do that, which he seems to miss completely (just the short clip is published till now).
    Last: yes, the rejoin to track wasn't safe, on that I have to agree.
  18. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Yeah not sure that was deliberate - maybe post the accident from yours and his cockpits. He could possibly have had damage slowing him down also, to spin like that there.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  19. chakko

    chakko Alien

    It's always the same problem in my opinion: Rating systems is too forgiving.
  20. Powerus

    Powerus Rookie

    Oh come on if HE had all the time and space to properly pass me without crashing, that means it was safe. You have to understand that we were stuck behind him a long time (even if that didn't affect me that much)
    I really didn't want to put myself behind him.

    Btw full replay is online

    And my opinion on 1h races is that 20min practice + 20 min quali +1h of race +15min of accumulated waiting is TOO MUCH
    1h races would be fine without practice and with less time between sessions.
    There is a massive waiting time between the end of the quali and the green light of the race, around 10 minutes. Being destroyed by a rammer after 20+5+20+5+25 min of trying your best is REALLY frustrating.
    NO more competizione for me but I'll still play on regular servers because we are already few enough.

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  21. Women :rolleyes:

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