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Toyota motor corporation license officially revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Brenn10

    Brenn10 Gamer

    Are any of these new cars free in the future or paid dlc?
  2. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    Now all we need is a battle to the death to decide which AE86 and Celica, will be made:D It would be nice to see the late model AE86 levin and ta22 Celica and please not the pre -facelift model trueno that's in every game.
  3. Arch

    Arch Alien

    Isn't all AC DLC supposed to be free?

    I'd dish out for an AE86, but I think it's a terrible idea to split up the community. At least with cars like this.
  4. Eric

    Eric Simracer

    KS just keep bringing the noiZe. This is great news. Thank you! ;)
  5. Lino Carreira

    Lino Carreira Hardcore Simmer

    Oh boy first Nissan, now Toyota.... MARCO, dont forget about Honda :p
  6. Tiago Lima

    Tiago Lima Alien

    Who knows , kunos is just surprising more and more
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  7. I suppose that, similarly to other licensed brands, some cars will be free and some will be selled with a dlc.. For example (if i can remember well) the road c7 will be free, and the gte (?) racecar will be selled in the Dreams car pack :)
  8. testdriver69

    testdriver69 Gamer

    yes bring honda too ! i want to drive my nsx-r !
  9. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    It's a pretty legendary car so if any old Toyota was to be included it would have to be that
  10. nivadepi

    nivadepi Racer

    yeah, cool !! :)
  11. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    Would have to be rhd sorry, after all that is how it is in the country of origin
  12. Darkkis

    Darkkis Racer

    Lol UK is the weirdo of the Europe. In this matter at least. :p
  13. Arch

    Arch Alien

    I'm all for specialized stuff that's very hard to model/do the physics for being paid. Niche stuff that people who like will be happy to dish out for.

    But stuff like basic roadcars, essential cars to a race series like GT2 and GT3, DTM etc. should be free IMO.

    Anyone noticed the forums being extremely unresponsive and slow?
    I always post replies like 10 minutes late.
  14. This are some great news! Really awesome choise of Toyota streetmachines. Loving AE86, GT86, offcourse the Supra and which Celica will it be? T20 GT4?

    I´m very happy with this news, excelent work Kunos!!!
  15. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

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  16. Arch

    Arch Alien

    If it would be possible, I'd like Kunos to later on expand the AE86 family.

    From the top of my head:

    SR5 AE85
    EUDM GT-S or GT-V, can't remember.
    EUDM GT APEX. I saw one of these in Finland but it could be imported AUSDM.
    JDM GT APEX Sprinter Trueno
    JDM GT APEX Corolla Levin
    JDM GT-S
    AUSDM Sprinter Trueno
    Various rally cars
    Various touring cars
    Drifting, high and low power
    GT style with huge wings and slicks

    A man can dream. They did it with the Lotus', Lotii, whatever, so they can do it with the AE86 as the modeling process would not be difficult, and the physics would take a few hours for all the cars max. All you'd really need to do is change the weight and inertia a bit, change the springs, change the brakes, steering ratio and so on. Only with the racing cars would you need to make any actual geometry changes or anything drastic to the tires.
    I'd be perfectly happy with a RHD GT-APEX Trueno and Levin and maybe an AE85 just for the laughs of driving a slow car.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
  17. the_meco

    the_meco Alien

    Great to see the Celica and Supra join the lineup. The hybrid is a nice little bonus, going to be fun around Spa!
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  18. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    Haha nooo, it will be like granturismo with 10 versions of the same car with the only difference being it had different floor mats or something. Europe didn't get models named like that, we only got GT. GT-v and GT apex are japan only. GT-s is US only.

    Would agree with the last part. I would be very surprised if we got more than one model though.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
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  19. Arch

    Arch Alien

    From the top of my head.

    And I suppose. But different body and interior varieties at least, just the Trueno and Levin, would be refreshing. 2 door and 3 door variants would be nice too. It'd allow more people to drive them online and we'd have realistic variety, for a lot less work than making actually different variants, with largely different specs.
  20. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    Yes you said from the top of your head, that's why I corrected you.

    Yes it would kind of mean making two cars to get four, though it's even less than 2 cars as they share pretty much everything, besides some body panels. That's the only reason I hold some hope we'll get the 4 body styles.
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