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Toyota motor corporation license officially revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Eugor

    Eugor Hardcore Simmer

    No. How exactly are they supposed to pay for licenses if everything is free. The base game is already incredibly cheap in the sales and you have a modding community for free cars. I have absolutely no problem with them charging for cars and laser scanned tracks.
  2. PoWn3d_0704

    PoWn3d_0704 Gamer

    *Squeal* I love my BRZ, and now I get to drive it! The inclusion of the GT4 spec was unexpected and awesome though. Not to mention the Supra and the AE-86. This is awesome. I'm in love.
  3. Arch

    Arch Alien

    As long as the prices are reasonable and all the content is on Steam.

    I don't want Kunos to start charging something like 7+ eur for one car, for example. It seems like nothing, but that'd split the community up like crazy, and it'd basically become FSX.
  4. Bailey

    Bailey Alien

    As a person who almost knows nothing about consumer cars, I recognize the name "Celica" more so than any of the others you have named (other than focus or mustang). Seems like a fine choice to me. I wouldn't mind learning about different cars though.

    "Traffic moves on the left/right" Albert Einstein would like to have a relatively nice conversation with the person who labeled this map. :p

    I have noticed that Kunos has yet to give an idea of how much things might cost. They have mentioned reduced prices for items, which suggests that they will cost money (or Single player "race credits", who knows ;))

  5. S2000 NSX and any tyre r will be really welcomed and appreciated

    Marco do your magic please!
  6. Arch

    Arch Alien

    I do understand that Kunos is a company, and needs food on the table too, so I'm not against DLC. Paying 20 eur for a JDM drift pack with AE86's, S13 - 15's, Chasers, Toyota Starlets, Skylines etc. would not sound too bad.

    I'd price it around about 2 eur 50cents for one car. Themes, like GTE, Drift etc. could go for 20eur or so to get the whole pack.

    As much free stuff as possible, of course. Ideally the amount of paid DLC the average person owns and is satisfied with wouldn't go over 60eur, which is about one new game, and there'd be more free cars than DLC cars.

    Of course, anyone could race against the DLC cars, and they could even occasionally have the best stuff out for free testing for a day or so.

    The main point is, don't make it like FSX or DCS where the base game + equipment to play it costs a ton already, but the expansions cost twice as much in the end.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2014
  7. Akis Kev

    Akis Kev Alien

    The AC engine can't handle the vtec powa yet. [if your humor detector is out of batteries, I'm just kiddin]
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  8. 1karl1

    1karl1 Simracer

    @Arch If they've just been announced nobody's going to be seeing them anytime soon anyway . I doubt this game will end up a dlc mess like Borderlands 2 for example where about 60 dlc items are released in 12 months costing a fortune . Just look at the pace of things the way they happen now . By the time the dlc appears in an expansion pack probably , new track or 2 next year sometime we'll all be more than happy to throw money at it to prolong our interest . DLC cars will have classes just like ones already do GT3 etc and you can see online sensible lobbies appear with balanced opponents as nobody wants to be "that guy" who enters and abarth 500 race in a Zonda :) .
  9. dauntless

    dauntless Alien

    My point was not really about the name and how well known it is but how well that car fits into a racing sim. To me the newer celicas (basically the last generation that was made) is a chav car. Basically it is a prius for people who want sporty car but can't afford to buy one. It is just very unexciting choise if I look simply from the pov that if all toyotas were available why would you ever pick that one. I don't mind picking unorthodox cars (hell, I'd fine fine even if kunos decided to add some american sports trucks like Saleen S331 Supercab or Dodge Ram SRT10).

    I'm just trying to understand why go for the celica. I can't imagine toyota even offering that car because it is not even made anymore unless there was some kind of package deal. But even if you want a road car in ac there is the mr2 too as well which is known quantity as a nice handling car. Maybe the celica is the gt-four and I'm just overreacting. That would be amazing. But gen 7 celica would be really odd choise imho.
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  10. A.r.e.s.

    A.r.e.s. Hardcore Simmer

    More cars is better. This won't be DLC. This is included in v1.0 of the game. The P1 car is confirmed in v1.0 with other prototypes on the way. We still have 30 cars to be revealed, then comes the DLC cars and tracks. Please don't complain. AC is already cheaper than it's comptetion, I'm sure that the DLCfest we're sure to see over the years will be similarly well priced.

    YES! a SUPRA

    We know Mercedes has a licensed vehicle coming, perhaps more than 1.

    KTM's engine was made by AUDI, and therefore we may see a few of those as well.

    ok I'll stop theorizing and dreaming.
  11. Traediras

    Traediras Hardcore Simmer

    I'd be happy to pay for a season pass for DLC, the quality that Kunos brings out would definitely be justifiable.

    But yeah, absolutely awesome news! Hopefully this will also give modders more options in regards to cars (that may not already be coming now) :D
  12. Alberto Llinares

    Alberto Llinares Hardcore Simmer

    For hours.
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  13. EpicPosterGuy

    EpicPosterGuy Simracer

    Audis are pretty much comfirmed by one of Marcos posts on fb , mercedes has the sls , sls gt3 coming comfirmed , and there have been some teaser , again on Marcos fb page , suggesting that the sauber c9 will be there as well
  14. Bill Wiskins

    Bill Wiskins Hardcore Simmer

    I haven't ever thought of the Celica as a 'chav car' :) I'm glad it has been chosen and in a way, though the GT-4 is the best known, I hope it isn't that. AC has a noticeable lack of front-wheel drive cars, but more importantly, all of the cars already available have a certain degree of race pedigree (either by virtue of being a sporty or sportier version of a base model, or by actually being a race car) and I think it'd be interesting to have a pure, standard, road car. I think the best way to take full advantage of this incredible simulation is by being able to test it with as many differing types of car as possible (which also means I have to disagree (personally) with the suggestion of 98 slightly different AE86s... :))

    Either way, I'm very pleased to see so much new content being announced. I bought the game under the impression that the listed cars and tracks were all we'd get, and I've had my money's worth from those. Any more is bonus, paid DLC or not.
  15. 3316V

    3316V Alien

    I agree.

    This is a Celica (the first generation would be cool too, but I don't think Kunos is talking about that):

    This "isn't":
  16. 1karl1

    1karl1 Simracer

    Reg on Celica number 2 is a bit dodgy lol . Depends on your age and first experience with cars as to what they remind you of . Celica for me means Sega Rally and Castrol , always will unless i get run-over by one or something .
    Bill Wiskins likes this.
  17. GTAce

    GTAce Hardcore Simmer

    TS040? I.Could.Cry.Tears.Of.Joy.
  18. Kalamede

    Kalamede Racer

    Thank you Kunos!!!! I can't wait for that TS040 Hybrid :D!
  19. I'm not on Facebook so here are my +1000 likes for the TS 40 Hybrid :rolleyes:
    (Thanks alot ) x 1000 :D
  20. Wrongfire

    Wrongfire Hardcore Simmer

    Really excited, would love to see Honda and it's Integra Type R, S2000, NSX R and mugen civic.
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