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Toyota motor corporation license officially revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Venny

    Venny Gamer

    Thank you Kunos! Toyota is one of my favourite makes.
  2. mattrick

    mattrick Racer

    Fantastic news - it's going to be awesome.
  3. Atle Dreier

    Atle Dreier Alien

    Hope you guys remember that a factory stock Supra MkIV isn't really the drift beast that we are used to seeing. It's a decent fast machine, and it LOOKS awesome, but it's an old design, and not THAT awesome by today's standard.

    This is coming from a die-hard Supra fan, though. :)
  4. dauntless

    dauntless Alien

    The drift version is probably the s1(/2/3/4/5) version just like with the m3. So it might have some different bits on it :)
  5. GungFuLee

    GungFuLee Gamer

    Fantastic news. Thank you Kunos!
  6. arthur666

    arthur666 Alien

    Sure, but older cars have such different character. I prefer the F40 over the 458, the E30 to the E92 etc. Sure, they are slower, but the quirkiness makes them more entertaining. Anyone with a pulse can post decent times in an E92 M3, but mastering the older 3 series is much more satisfying. I'm really excited to see which Celica(s?) will be modeled.

    ...ah, if we could also have the RX-7 and 300ZX turbo...

    Wasn't familiar with that one, had to look it up. But it seems like something I will drive the crap out of when it is released.
  7. All this talk, talk, talk. The last update I can see to the game was over a month ago. What's coming out next and when?
    irfan.pratama likes this.
  8. Mercedes SLS tomorrow.
  9. ExOAte

    ExOAte Gamer

    better be soon :p can't wait!
  10. KΔΔ

    KΔΔ Gamer

    ae-86 YES OMG YES !!
  11. Djghost1133

    Djghost1133 Rookie

    Can't say im a fan of toyotas but good job nontheless.
  12. franstil

    franstil Gamer

    what time of the update 1.0 is released , will ho as ad

    bye bye
  13. Abominus

    Abominus Racer

    Will ho as ad? That's awesome and needs to be your thing. When you walk past, people will go "there is franstil. Did you know? He will ho as ad."

  14. ~QQ~

    ~QQ~ Rookie

    Now we are waiting for Nissan license right? o_O
  15. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

  16. ~QQ~

    ~QQ~ Rookie

  17. Sele81

    Sele81 Gamer

    Just waiting for the patch :)
  18. franstil

    franstil Gamer

    Just waiting for the patch in our community we decided to race with lotus f1
    and we are happy, but we need a little more kunos . http://www.assettof1spain.com
    es la única comunidad que en España ya realizamos campeonatos de formula 1 con assetto corsa y la experiencia es muy buena , eso si solo es formulas 1 o GP2

    dejo nuestras carreras disputadas por la comunidad

    saludos y espero guste
  19. fabiocca

    fabiocca Gamer

    Wow imagine the possiblities if they make a prius wow xD Prius Hybrid Racing League 24h VLN that would be awesome xD jkd, but good job on the licence kunos !
  20. Magun

    Magun Racer

    Yaaaaay Awesome new's. Keep working on it.
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