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track brightness

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by oldgamergazza, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. When using the view with the bonnet I get a darkening of the track, not the whole track but most of it, when I change to other views the track is brighter, any body else getting this?
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  3. Ochilbaz

    Ochilbaz Gamer

    I experience the exact same.
  4. I can't believe its just us 2 with this problem, it affects other views too, the in car with steering wheel is the view I don't get this problem with!! Shame because bonnet view is always my go to view.

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I don't get this, I can switch between views with no problem - no change of brightness. At the beginning I had a sort of darkening when changing but since the update nothing. I have deleted my profile save several times (to fix steering gamma bug) maybe that cleared it.
  6. I have been getting this to varying degrees when playing with friends online the last couple of nights. When I ducked out of quali to change my car and jumped back in at nurburg it changed to full daylight brightness which was handy but haven't tried it again to see if its a workaround
  7. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    I get this on bumper cam the track is very dark and in fact there is like a lighter patch surrounding the car like a bubble which is very off putting
  8. Ochilbaz

    Ochilbaz Gamer

    Bumper cam is also my preferred choice
  9. I got this problem too. Especially when the Wheather is set to Cloudy. Sometimes it´s so dark that you almost can´t see anything. Hope this gets fixed too.

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