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Generic Track description and other things

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by friesi, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. friesi

    friesi Rookie

    • Track description
      Would be nice to activate a track description like at the PC version. It's not a must have but I can't keep in mind every part of the Nordschleife :D No other game have that on the xbox...
    Screenshot 2016-08-26 14.50.37.png
    • Privat lobby for multiplayer
    • Leader boards for time trial
    • Customizing of the button/trigger assignment
    • Calibration for wheels and rotation degree (thrustmaster TX)
    • Setting for track grip based on tire rubber

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  3. AyrtJ97

    AyrtJ97 Rookie

    I have a really stupid question but, the track description means showing up the name of the corners? That would be great, as I'm very bad remembering their names (on Nordschleife I only know the name of the Karrousell :()
    friesi likes this.
  4. Seb007

    Seb007 Gamer

    i love this feature on pc and it where nice to have on console
    friesi likes this.

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