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TrackIR and head tracking discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by KillZoneGB, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. viffviff99

    viffviff99 Rookie

    Long thread here, bemoaning lack of Track IR support....

    Yes, I know it is an early access version (didn't we used to call them betas?), but I'd be very concerned if the final version didn't support TrackIR and it's many offshoots (TrackNoIR / Opentrack) etc. IMO it will be a 'will not buy' deal-breaker for many people. Myself included.....

    Here's the rub...

    Triple monitors: expensive (monitors and GPU), takes up a LOT of space
    VR: still quite expensive, many can't get on with it, resolution/detail weak in current gen
    TrackIR / headtrackers etc: get over many of the issues with single monitor for low cost

    Like others have said, a driving or flt sim with support for trackers is like simming without joystick or wheel - yes you can, but it is nowhere near as good..
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  2. tjr

    tjr Simracer

    Also hoping that OpenTRACK etc. are supported. Tripples and VR are out of the question for me right now and this is such a great alternative. I personally find it much more comfortable than wearing a VR headset for lengths of time as well. Fingers crossed that this makes it into the development.
  3. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

    If TrackIR is supported, Opentrack is automatically.
  4. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

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  5. tjr

    tjr Simracer

  6. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Natural Point always make the integration of TIR sound straightforward once they’ve provided the plugin. Of course they would say that though...

    This does sound hopeful though.
  7. warth0g

    warth0g Simracer

    +1 for TIR support. I also don't get on very well with VR so would rather go with an ultra wide and TrackIR.

    I always wear headphones when I play so it should be pretty convenient just to add the clip on the side? It's been ages since I tried TrackIR so not sure if things have moved forward at all, but I plan to order one soon. I only really play race room and ACC right now, so support for both would be great..
  8. iggor

    iggor Gamer

  9. warth0g

    warth0g Simracer

    +1 for trackir support

    I can appreciate that the devs might consider that supporting trackir is low priority because “the future is vr” but in my case, I don’t think it is.

    I dabbled with VR and bought a Lenovo Explorer which works very well in RaceRoom for example. However, I barely use it. It makes me queasy (although it’s getting better), the resolution and SDE are irritating and it’s not as quick to hop in and race.

    I’m seriously considering a 49” super ultra wide monitor with trackir which I think would be the best of both worlds. It also allows me to see my button box and in future, the Mclaren wheel that I’ll be getting.

    Ultra wide plus head tracking is a really viable alternative for those who haven’t been converted to VR so would love to see support in ACC which in other respects is I think the gold standard currently in simracing.
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  10. Darcy Callai Junior

    Darcy Callai Junior Hardcore Simmer

    The game is having a good part of your code rewritten. So, it is not logical hope that, while they redo the work, they implement new features. We will need wait.
  11. lordpatou

    lordpatou Racer

    I don't think track IR is low priority because of VR, but because of all the work still to be done to bring us all the anounced features.
  12. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    Until they implement some TrackIR ability within ACC, I still cannot look anywhere except directly out the front window. With TrackIR installed on my system, I simply can't assign any controls whatsoever to manually glance left/right or behind, leaving me with absolutely no way to know what is around me while racing, or even catching a glimpse of my side mirrors. Little red arrows or any other sort of overlay is not an acceptable solution.

    Without support for TrackIR within ACC, I am stuck with either a completely useless racing sim taking up space on my SSD, or having to uninstall TrackIR every time I wish to play ACC, install it again to play AC/ArmA/DCS/IL-2/Rise of Flight, etc. Uninstall, install, uninstall, ad nauseam. Not acceptable at all.

    It's not like the triple monitors scenario, where you can use them, but things are somewhat stretched and ugly. By not supporting TrackIR in ACC, it is actually blocking you from using absolutely essential features while driving, unless you completely uninstall your head tracking software....

    I'd love to hear a current official word on this subject. If support for TrackIR, etc cannot be implemented due to the (somewhat unfortunate) choice of UE4, I can uninstall ACC, realise I've wasted my money on it, and be done with the whole thing. If it can be, and will be, I'd simply like to hear a quick "we are currently working on implementing support for TrackIR" or "We will have support in the full release".
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  13. lordpatou

    lordpatou Racer

    They wont tell nothing until they are sure of what they say. You've got to be patient.
  14. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

    Just stop TrackIR before starting ACC and then restart it afterwards. No need to uninstall it.
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  15. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    While the TrackIR software is installed (not actively running or even having the tracker plugged in), I cannot set any look left/right/behind keys or controls within ACC. It was exactly the same with AC. The only way to set a key or control for looking in a direction within AC and ACC is to completely uninstall TrackIR software. The exact same thing happened in AC before I got TrackIR when I was testing the FaceTrackNoIR software - As soon as it was installed, The view controls in AC could not be set until such time FaceTrackNoIR was removed completely off the system.
  16. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

    You have a problem somewhere else on your system, then. I have no issues assigning the look left/right/behind keys in either AC or ACC with the tracking software installed.
  17. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    Believe me, if I thought for a second it was a problem on my system, I would never bring it up. Behaviour is identical on both PCs I have here (one running win 7 pro, the other win 10 pro). Three other people I know with trackir have also tested this in AC/ACC and the results are exactly the same for them - When they have trackir installed (or any other head-tracker that emulates or presents itself as naturalpoint's tracking), AC/ACC detects trackir being installed, and removes the ability to bind any keys/controls to glance left/right/behind in the cockpit.

    I do very much remember at the time when this was first being discussed in AC, there was an official response given to explain why you couldn't bind look keys with head-tracking installed, but for the life of me, I cannot remember where or when. I believe it was at the time trackir was first being added to AC, and it had strict left/right movement limits, that seemed to be limited to the angle the keybound glance left/right angles were set to. When the trackir implementation was changed to allow full range movement in AC, you could no longer bind or use glance controls in the cockpit.

    Some links (including one from the coder of the popular Real Head Motion app for AC) -

    https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/trackir-head-moving-limit.10130/page-6 (post #120 onwards)

    Sims/games I have installed where I use trackir (and can also still use bound controls to look in fixed directions around the cockpit/environment) -

    Live for Speed
    GT Legends
    rFactor 1
    Euro Truck Sim 2
    American Truck Sim
    ArmA 1/2/3
    DCS World
    IL-2 1946/CloD/BOS, etc
    Rise of Flight

    Sims/Games I cannot glance around via keys/controls while trackir is installed -

    Assetto Corsa
    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Obviously in AC, I use my trackir and I have absolutely no need to use any bound controls to look around. It seems though that the same bit of code is in ACC that detects trackir and actively blocks binding or using glance views in the cockpit. Unfortunately since there is no actual trackir support in ACC, I'm stuck with the current problem - not being able to use my trackir, and not being able to even temporarily set a basic look left/right/behind...
  18. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

    Then how do you explain why I'm able to bind the views to my wheel in both AC and ACC with head tracking software installed on my system? It can't be a problem with AC/ACC or it wouldn't work for me.
  19. Seelenkrank

    Seelenkrank Racer

    if the software is not running its not running...
    i had it all the time installed and never such a mysterious problem.
  20. John Caetano

    John Caetano Racer

    Same here. Software installed and have no issues binding controls...

    I have however confirmed that you cannot manually bind keyboard controls while the wheel controller is selected. Its either all keyboard or all wheel buttons only. I believe they known this is a current limitation and will hopefully change this in the future... So make sure you are binding your look around keys to buttons on your assigned controller...
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