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Trail braking - Anyone on pace using it ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ssidrdw, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. ssidrdw

    ssidrdw Racer

    I got a feeling that trail braking is always disadvantageous in AC . Does someone who gets 1 sec or better from the car+track RSR record, confirm he is using it in some car to improve his lap times ?

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  3. Lazybug

    Lazybug Simracer

    No comment on the question but i do have another question related to this :- when exactly we should do trail braking ??
    I thinking if we do grip cornering we should use trail braking but if we gonna power slide a bit then we should not use trail braking ... not sure if am right, lets see what expert gonna say :rolleyes:
  4. petesky

    petesky Simracer

    Everyone on pace is using it.
  5. Hanzales

    Hanzales Racer

    I'm just adapting to this technique from the moment I purchased ClubSport pedals, because earlier I just pushed the brake hard and released it quickly in apxex.
    For example in GT2/GT3 car at Monza (Curva Di Lesmos) I found very useful to release brake pedal slowly to aphex also to get better turning point, but who knows. I think it depends really on car, track and driving style as well. But I would be very interested about the same question as OP and LazyBug :)
  6. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    i use it.

    you should always use it when you can.
  7. ssidrdw

    ssidrdw Racer

    Does someone have a recording of a hot lap 1 sec from RSR record with trail braking ? I just want to see the exact timing and brake pressure used.
  8. Lazybug

    Lazybug Simracer

    To be honest i not quite understand whats this mean. Meaning a video which is not more than 1 sec slower than RSR top time in any given combo ??
  9. ssidrdw

    ssidrdw Racer

    Yes, if the record of xbow@imola is 1:55.8 then at least 1:56.8 hot lap replay ...
    Honestly I have great car control especially with drifts and get 3 secs of RSR records with all cars but I just can't use trail braking. I can use it if I brake too late, to induce oversteer which will help me with turn-in and reduce speed because of the sliding, but I can't use it to improve lap times !
  10. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

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  11. Lazybug

    Lazybug Simracer

    Or may be its better to upload your video & let expert to have a look to see where is the problem ??
  12. Hany

    Hany Alien

    Check my video's. In all of them I use trail braking. Very noticeably in cars like 458 and mp4 12c.

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9100 met Tapatalk
  13. Lazybug

    Lazybug Simracer

    Am sorry but is it convenient to post your youtube video link here ?? :D
  14. Akis Kev

    Akis Kev Alien

    Trail braking, left foot braking etc always help if done correctly.

    I use these techniques to some extend in in the following video(and my other videos). The laptime is 0,2 sec slower compared to the current world record. I added a pedal cam too:
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2014
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  15. Shaddix

    Shaddix Alien

    Interesting Video.
    But you like brown clothes ? :D
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  16. ssidrdw

    ssidrdw Racer

    oh ok I see.
    I'm a little surprised with the first 458 imola video, I'd except this much sliding to put you 2 secs off the record. When AC came out I liked this driving style, especially with XBOW, but I though I'm faster and more consistent with clean driving... Also people keep mention how all the track records are always done with clean driving. So is that AC physics fault, a specific 458 thing, or people just talk too much bull**** to make you slower ? :D
  17. Akis Kev

    Akis Kev Alien

    Not rly.. But these are my driving shoes :p
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  18. Still wondering how you can drive G27 pedals with shoes on, way too soft to do that ! :p
  19. Lazybug

    Lazybug Simracer

    You know usually most of the advises are come from average racer so you have to filter which one is right or wrong & at the mean time dont expect those top guy will tell you all the thing they know, you should understand they have to keep it to themselve to keep competitive, so at the end of the day what you can do is to collect as much information as possible from every where and experience yourself to finally come out the working formula which is unique for you.

    And to me the very first step is to check how good is your driving using the default setup, if your lap time using default setup is actually quite off pace compare to other people's default lap time then the very 1st problem that need to be fix is yourself, trail braking or not should come later imo.

    By the way pls beware i actually not sure if what i suggesting make sense to you, i also a sim newbies myself :p
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  20. Hany

    Hany Alien

    You know lazybug sometimes u ask questions like how to learn to drive a bicycle... u have to drive and learn by yourself. I learned all those things by trying different things. U have to develop your own driving style. Videos can help u understand some things better but thats it. Btw a good way to learn even more is following a fast driver in an online race. U can study his lines and braking points.

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9100 met Tapatalk
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