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Trento Bondone 2017 Results

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by iannixxenakis, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

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  3. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

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  4. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    Nice, will give it a try.

    Re the track - it doesn't look the best but it's fine imo, I'm not looking too much at the scenery while I'm driving.

    One annoying thing about it though are some of the invisible walls where there should be the edge of the track or side of a hill.

    Would be great to see an updated version of the track by Kunos, and a couple of other hill climbs.

    Goodwood would be easy as it's short, Pike's Peak would be nice (I have a mod but would like an official one), another longer European one too maybe.

    I expect this done by next week :)
  5. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    Addictive viewing, wish this event had some proper TV coverage.

  6. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    I had a quick go with this car earlier.

    Got a 10:12ish with Pro settings and default for the car.

    It was a rough run though, certain with cleaner run I can comfortably break the ten minute barrier (don't think any cars on RSR have gone sub-10 mins).

    Don't think I'll be able to get that close to the real-life course record of about 9mins (think that's Faggioli in a Norma).
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  7. kentaylor65

    kentaylor65 Rookie

    I love this track and it is where I spend most of my time.
    It is a real challenge to get a completely clean run, especially as noted with some of the invisible barriers just off track where you can comfortably cut :(
    I use the Lotus 49 as you can see and manoeuvre round the hairpins easily :)
    Currently 2nd on RSR with an 11:04 (have done 11:00 but for some reason RSR didn't recognise it)
    Will download that prototype car and have a crack with that.
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  8. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer


    Agreed about it being difficult to get a clean run.

    Annoying that quite a few cars don't have enough steering lock to get round some corners :)

    Not tried that Lotus, will give it a go.

    Got a couple of WR's last night, one with the P1 and one with the P1 GTR.

    Re WR's, some record holders don't use Pro settings and have car damage off and other stuff so be wary of trying to chase those times (I find you can bounce off barriers in the hairpins as a brake and sometimes go faster as a result, not fair).

    It's Pro or it doesn't count :)

    I've noticed that gears make a big difference especially in lower powered cars.

    E.g. with the Alfa 4C I was about 15 seconds faster by keeping it in 3rd gear as much as I could in the slower sections.

    Dropping to 2nd and coasting round sections was much slower (still need second round the hairpins though).

    Looking at real-life footage though it seems you can really throw cars around the hairpins, either you can't do that in AC or *I* can't do it without spinning.

    Hope we get an official hillclimb car at some point.
  9. kentaylor65

    kentaylor65 Rookie

    I didn't have damage on :( But I swear I didn't hit anything :)
    I have only been simracing for a few months and am still getting used to it and still setting up my wheels, pedals, fov, etc.
    Now that I think I have perfected the setup I am going to chase the Lotus 49 Trento WR - unfortunately it is 22secs faster ........

    Bring on the laser scanned track ???
  10. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    I believe you :)

    Go for Pro settings and use an H-shifter for that car.

    You won't look back, unless you spin, which you probably will in that car quite a lot :)

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