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Trento Bondone Tips

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by iannixxenakis, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer


    Wondering if anyone has any tips for getting a good time on Trento Bondone?

    I'm not bad after a lot of practice and have a few WR's on RSR with less used cars (e.g. Countach, that was fun) but would like to really master the track (if that's not too unrealistic).

    Firstly it would be great to have some split times set up as you drive the course as it's difficult to know how fast you're driving each section.

    Telemetry would be really useful too.

    Are either of those possible in AC?

    E.G. can you manually set up sectors for splits or get the delta app working somehow? (Doesn't work hotlapping Trento for some reason.)

    I'm guessing most of the time is gained or lost on all of the hairpins.

    I'd like to work out how to approach them in each car for the fastest result.

    E.g. Slow in or fast out on all or some of them? (I read approaches to slow corners differ depending whether a straight section comes after them.)

    And in a rally car like the Celica is it faster to slide with the handbrake or not?

    Any tips appreciated.

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  3. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I haven't tried, but Sidekick is an app that saves your your session best and personal best (PB) for every track/car combo you drove.
    If you did a valid time you can use this apps delta function. If you have set it to use your PB it also works on your first attempt by using the saved PB.

    As said, didn't try if the delta actually works on Trento though.

    Another app would be DeltaBar, haven't used it but it seems to also save PB for future sessions.

    Sliding rally cars around the hairpins is tricky, if done right it can be faster but also you can lose much time if mess it up.
    Otherwise be sure not to be too fast and have a clean exit with good traction.
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  4. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer


    Will have a look at those.

    Re sliding, I'm willing to practice that if it's definitely faster.

    Interested to know what Loeb would do on Trento, apparently he was less sideways as a driver than older generation of drivers and he won more than any of them. I may email him and ask :)
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  5. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    If you want to go all out with telemetry you can use software like AIM Race Studio Analysis (which supports AC relatively well natively - included in Race Studio 2/3 http://www.aim-sportline.com/eng/download/software.htm) or alternatives. Telemetry is saved in ...\Documents\Assetto Corsa\aim. Never tried it with stages this long though.
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  6. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks a lot. Will have a look tomorrow.
  7. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Left foot braking, minimizing wheel spin and a nice clean turn in on the hairpins made the biggest difference for me. I have the 2nd fastest time in the 911R and a few other decent times in a few other cars. I've not driven the Porsche RSR at Trento. I will have to give it a few runs.
  8. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer


    I'm using left foot braking with semi-auto cars, and some left foot braking with manual shift cars too if I don't need to shift through a section.

    Re the RSR 2017, I have the 2nd best time with that on Trento. Think I'm maybe 17ish seconds behind (can't remember exactly now).

    I know if I did a really clean run I could take about 10 seconds off my time I'm guessing, but not sure how to gain more than that.

    Car set up could be a big issue too.

    E.G. I've had faster times in the RSR with the default gearing rather than using the shortest set (which you would assume would be faster on such a tight circuit).
  9. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Ahhh the 2017 RSR. Impressive. I found that car tricky to navigate through Trento. Kept clipping the walls with the rear fenders, lol
  10. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    I find the GT-style cars probably the easiest to drive on Trento compared to anything else (still not easy overall though obviously, avoiding walls is a constant problem :) )

    I've got decent times with a few of them, but getting first place is proving difficult. Shaving off the last 10 seconds or so is hard, hence why I'd like split times or telemetry.

    I think the toughest cars to get round there (that I've tried anyway) are the old manual-shift Le Mans style cars.

    They don't handle as well as the equivalent F1 cars (e.g. 98T) but have loads of power and tend to wheelspin if you're not very careful with the throttle.

    I've not managed to get one round without a major crash or spin yet.

    Getting a good time with the Mclaren F1 is one goal of mine. I've got new pedals though recently and not got enough practise heel and toeing for downshifts and I'm making too many mistakes (like stepping on the throttle in a corner) so that'll need some work.

    It's a great feeling when you get a good run on Trento. I'd like to see more hillclimbs in AC. The full FIA European season would be nice :)
  11. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    I was surprised how decent the RSR actually is on hillclimb stages, it seems very agile around the twisty bits (where some other GT3 have issues turning :p ). Helps that the cars are also so adjustable.
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  12. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    I think it's one of the best cars on that track. The SLS AMG GT3 is decent too, the new LMS 2016 handles well also but not sure it has the power of the RSR 2017. I did a fairly clean lap in it and it wasn't that close to my best RSR 2017 time.

    Current goals are get number 1 on RSR with the Rally Legends Fiesta (think I'm 3rd currently), get a decent time with the Mclaren F1 and the Lotus 98T (I'm yet to get either of those round the course without crashing).

    Just need to work out where I'm fast and slow on the course.

    Will look at those apps mentioned above and downloaded the telemetry program too, just need some non-work time to look at it all.
  13. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks Schnipp for the tip about Sidekick.

    It was easy to install and worked on Trento straight away.

    I had to set a new PB to get some delta info but that was all.

    Really really useful having that info as you drive.

    The gear change light is helpful too as the redline in the Rally Legends Fiesta I was driving isn't optimal for shifting so I've found (it makes a few 1/100s difference just on the first straight for instance).

    I had a PB of 11:20ish on Trento, I set a new one for Sidekick of 11:22 as a guide then drove against that.

    After about half an hour I got that down to a 11:17 and moved into second place on RSR.

    The WR is 11:10 which now seems possible to beat, with a very good run and lots of practise anyway.

    I learned a lot from the delta info about the RL Fiesta on Trento.

    E.g. smooth driving or 'slow is fast' and other cliches don't really apply.

    Being as aggressive as possible seems quite a lot faster on all the tight turns, brake hard as late as possible (just before lock-up), keep as much momentum as possible and throw the car around, pumping the throttle if necessary till you can floor it.

    Being smooth and progressive as Jackie Stewart might suggest doesn't seem to work with this car and track. (I'm sure it does in F1).

    The first hard left-hand turn is interesting. The best result I got on that corner was braking really late and deep into the corner, almost coming to a stop then hard on the throttle.

    Doesn't feel as fast as braking early and taking a nice neat line around the apex and being nice and smooth but it gained me a lot of time.

    Another thing is that bumps into the barriers don't cost you much time if they're fairly light.

    I'm getting a handbrake soon so I'm keen to try that with the Fiesta to see if sliding round some of the tighter hairpins will gain me some time.

    Overall, Sidekick is a winner.

    Hopefully it'll save my PB so I can use that as a reference next session.

    Interested to look at the telemetry too but I think Sidekick is giving me enough info for now to make improvements.

    Maybe telemetry can help once I've got some better times on the track.
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  14. or use this Copilot app :)
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  15. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    Does the co-pilot do the driving for you? :)

    Also my Italian isn't very good. The only phrase I know is 'in space no one can hear you scream.' (Nello spazio nessuno puo sentirti ulare)

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