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Triple Monitor Support ?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by AT_RubberDuck, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I'd hate to spend $100+ to find out... same thing with VR ... could i use it without getting sick? I don't know ... I don't want to spend $100s of dollars to find out...
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  2. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I'm short sighted and I need to wear my glasses. It shouldn't be an issue if your far sighted. But yeah, it's a bit of a pain that there's no easy way to try a headset out first.

    It might be worth checking suppliers, if they have a no quibble 30 day return or something along those lines you could just send it back if it doesn't work for you. Any home improvement show I've gone to lately had at least one architect company using a VR headset to show of their designs. So there are ways to try them out, you just have to be creative in finding the people that are using them for promotional purposes.
  3. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

    This might give you an idea if your glasses fit , One pair of mine don't fit as they are too wide but thankfully my spare pair do.


    Before you wear your Oculus Rift headset with glasses, check to make sure that the width and height of your frames are as follows:

    • Width: 142 mm or less
    • Height: 50 mm or less


    Before you shell out a few hundred bucks for a VR headset measure your glasses to make sure they'll fit inside. For the best results, measure the length and height of your frames, plus how far they extend out from where they meet your face. Compare those numbers to the measurements of the insides of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

    • Oculus Rift: 6 inches (152mm) wide, 2.5 inches (63.5mm) tall, and 2 inches (50.8mm) at the deepest spot from the lens to the edge of the face padding.
    • HTC Vive: 6 inches wide, 2 inches tall and can go up to just over 2 inches deep at edge of padding (152 by 50 by about 51mm).
  4. I am farsighted. Doesn't mean i can see anything far away. Everything is blurry no matter the distance without my glasses. With glasses, I need the bifocal part to see anything less than five or six feet away. Its a progressive "no lines" bifocal. top of the lens is for far distance viewing (non bifocal part). Middle is for anything 4-10 feet away (or so). bottom is for closer than 4 feet (or so). bifocals suck ... trying to find the right part of the glasses to look through is teh suck.

    If an easily accessible way to try the vr presents itself, i'll give it a go. I won't go out of my way tho ... At least not until people are saying how the view is better than a regular monitor (ie: high resolution). Right now, people are not saying that. They are saying its lower res but looks really 3d.

    But this is all way off topic. We just want triple screen support :) We don't want to get rid of vr support :)
  5. fifo

    fifo Rookie

    Is there any ETA or even SOON info? Can't find any
  6. sirgaric

    sirgaric Simracer

    You can't find it because there is none. They are working on it, that's the last thing we know and should be more than enough.

    Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A5010 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I'd imagine you may just need one focal length, IE: the middle range. Whatever matches up with the lens.

    We're a long way off high resolution unfortunately. Even if they brought out a headset tomorrow that was twice the resolution of what's on the market already, no one could run it.

    For me VR is worth the loss in resolution, I really feel part of the car which helps a lot with placing the car where I want it.

    I wouldn't assume the lower resolution is going to be a deal breaker, it is for some but other's find it acceptable. It's definitely something you want to try before you buy and if you have a good triples setup there's less to gain by switching to VR.
  8. fnegroni

    fnegroni Gamer

    In a way, not supporting triple screen does push sim racers towards VR.
    I personally tried both, had an oculus rift. Returned it because it wasn’t for me.
    And in iRacing VR support is even better than in Assetto Corsa, it seemed they really honed it well, with much less noticeable loss in resolution.
    Unfortunately VR is not for everyone. But neither are triples: they require the space and the right specs to drive properly (although 60 FPS is plenty for most racers, once you go to higher refresh rates it’s diffucult to back down)

    In my tests, ACC works well enough with a super ultra wide screen (equivalent to two 1080p monitors side by side) in which you don’t notice the stretch so much.

    But triple in my books is still king: button boxes are not just for looks you know? ;)
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  9. hunt3r972

    hunt3r972 Rookie

    The problem is that I need to see my right mirror while driving to avoid contact in corners ... which is not possible actually with triple monitor OR UHD monitor. This is a real issue ! and I don't want to switch to VR. I don't like the quality at all.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    The size of a 3 screen setup did put me off the idea. VR is a much more compact and less intrusive setup.

    Head tracking for triples doesn't strike me as something that's horribly difficult to implement, I think the ground work is there to make it happen. There may be other things that need to be sorted before it can be turned on, but I'd be pretty confident it's coming sooner or later.
  11. fnegroni

    fnegroni Gamer

    Yesterday i got really frustrated. I have my triples at 45 degrees for iRacing. Fire up ACC for the first time in a looong time and realise I hadn’t pushed the monitors back to a flatter angle. OMG it was like being on star ship enterprise at warp speed. Zolder’s hairpin felt like I was spinning the side image was just wrapping around so fast!
    It does put me off firing up ACC unfortunately.
    Really hope they fix this soon.
  12. hunt3r972

    hunt3r972 Rookie

    Head tracking could be a very cool way to fix the problem ! it would alow us to keep a "close" fov which makes it realistic while moving head to check when needed on right or left. I'd better put money on a head tracking system than selling my screens for a VR switch.
  13. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

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  14. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Gamer

    Do you believe it's a day one thread and we are close to the suposed release date and nothing is fixed, no news from Kunos to say they are working on it !

    Such a shame.....
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  15. sirgaric

    sirgaric Simracer

    Do you believe people (like you) keep beating this dead horse over and over?

    EDIT: just in case you don't understand the dead horse reference, Kunos did say they are working on it. The post is of course buried under the pile of rants, complains and self entitlement that this thread has morphed into.

    Maybe Kunos should have locked the thread with that answer and pined it so people can see the post I am referring to.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  16. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It's literally their job to work on it. So I think it's safe to assume that's exactly what their doing. The only reason for them to make an announcement is if their business model has changed to something like flower arranging.
  17. :p Someone quick - make a meme - AC Flower Power 2.0 :)
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  18. Turk

    Turk Alien

    IF someone's doing memes, I always laugh when I'm typing the address for this site into my browser.
    I keep imaging a jealous girlfriend "What kind of nasties would come up on your internet search history?"
    Sweaty face.
    Girlfriend "What if I started typing "***" into your browser bar?"
    Boyfriend "Go ahead" confident face.
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  19. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Gamer

    I, for myself, don't believe they are working on it... even worst, i think they have no solutions at the moment and they will maybe investigate after release.

    Don't you think that if they had a solution or close to release a first shot, they would have told everybody !? Common sense...
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  20. So you think they are liars? They said they were looking into it earlier in this thread... I think that they would have remained silent if they weren't looking into it or they would have said - we have no plans for this.
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