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Triple Screen Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by AT_RubberDuck, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    need what?
  2. What the thread title says, triple monitor support.
  3. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    It is already there, called projection correction.
  4. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Really should be banging down the door of the Unreal team for this. Think Kunos have done everything that they can with what they have.

    Buy a VR headset, and enjoy all the cool things you can see under the dash :)
  5. Where? If you refer to the Panini effect, that is not a support for triple monitor, the image is blurred too much, and it looks very bad.
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  6. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    It is made to support a surround view on triples, so i call it a support for triples and as long Kunos don't have a chance to make a propper one (it is not in their hands, as you can read) , i use this as my triple monitor support.
  7. And do you think that playing like this is a solution?
    The dashboard already looks horrible, and the cars of the opponents look even worse.
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  8. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Talking to me?
    You find my answer and screenshots somewhere in this thread.
    It is not perfect, but with some finetuning not too bad. Even with Pannini off, the picture isn't absolutely crisp, so didn't expected it to be when switched on.
    Try the sharpening? level up to 160 and projection not above 0.4.
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  9. joli.jpg

    So in VR I do not know what it can give.
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  10. kiril_r

    kiril_r Racer

    We all know it is not in Kunos hands but that does not change the fact that there is no triple screen support.
  11. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien


    Q: Does Assetto Corsa Competizione offer triple monitor support?
    A: Assetto Corsa Competizione runs on triple screen setups as a single render scene, that is split over three displays. The game features a special projection correction that reduces the lateral distortion that might affect ultrawide screens and triple monitor setups. (It’s called Pannini Projection in honor of the ITALIAN painter who invented it in the 18th century – because Italians do it better). This feature can be set in-game in the “view settings” option. We appreciate that some users are requesting three separate renderings in order to tune bezel values and screen angles. Currently, Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t support this feature. We’ll continue to investigate to see if in future the triple-separate rendering will be supported in a feasible way.
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  12. Wergilius

    Wergilius Simracer

  13. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    That's not a fact. This is: "there is no support for 3 separately rendered screens".
    There very much is triple screen support. It's just not the kind we all hoped for.
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  14. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    Sorry if this was answered already, but why does the middle screen go all blurry with the panini correction? Do the pixels get "squished"? The side monitors stay quite sharp.
  15. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    I wonder, can the values that can be set be related to anything.
    0 is no projection correction, that's clear, but what does 1 relate to?
    Can I relate these to the radius of the projection or the angle between the screens?

    For me it's interesting, because I use a curved screen and wonder if I can use the bow radius of the curvature to calculate the "correct" value for the projection.
  16. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    See here:
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  17. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    It doesn't say specifically in the article above, but I would guess that's the reason yes. Since the image is being "compressed" there are bound to be some inaccuracies.
    Unless I completely misunderstand how it works (which I certainly won't rule out). :)
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  18. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Since it's a post-processing effect, yes, you're right.

    The better solution – regarding the sharpness – would be to perform the correction when rendering and not in post, but that might be a much more complex solution (and would likely be the same as "proper" triple screen support).
  19. Goes To 11

    Goes To 11 Gamer

    One of the touted benefits of UE4 is that you have access to source so you can change what you want to. So if Kunos really wanted to, they could add triple screen support. I'm not actually suggesting they do this. It just shows that if a group of talented programmers such as at Kunos aren't diving into the source code, maybe source access isn't really an advantage for hobbyists.

    I don't have experience with UE4, but if I was going to try to implement triple screens in Unity, I would add three cameras to the scene and adjust them based on the users screen geometry and then map what those three cameras see onto a fourth camera. The fourth camera would be what the user sees spread across their three screens. The fourth camera is just 2D so I wouldn't think that it would affect performance too much. Although UE4 or Unity might not be well optimized to render three different cameras in 3D. I'm sure there is something that I'm not considering but that is how I would try to get it to work.
  20. kiril_r

    kiril_r Racer

    Yeah, ok, I didn't feel the need to explain in my post what I mean by 'triple screen' (yes, I mean '3 separately rendered screens').
    But if you insist - you are right, you can plug 3 displays in and play. I am doing exactly this from day 1 of EA.
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