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Triple Screen Support for Different Sized Monitors

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MapleHamwich, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. MapleHamwich

    MapleHamwich Gamer

    With Race Room Racing Experience's latest update, they've introduced Triple Screen support, and in their implementation, they have allowed for monitors of different sizes to be used. This has been a huge help for those of us who have say a slightly larger center screen than side screens. If Assetto Corsa implemented a similiar setup allowing proper projection of image across different sized monitors, it would be amazing.

    AC is my preferred sim, but with display issues on different sized monitors I find myself being very much drawn towards R3E for its great support.

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  3. Silvastone

    Silvastone Gamer

    Dears Devs,

    Please implement that feature for us who managed to put 3 screens of different sizes together. As it is now, the angle and bezels adjustments just brake inside my main screen, as the side ones are smaller, and as a result I can´t adjust bezes properly and get a nasty distortion because of the angle adjustment.

    On LFS for instance, there is an option where you select you have diferent screens and set manually the horizontal resolution of each, and than all the adjustments take place in the right place and is possible to set everything up accordingly.

    Could you please do something similar on the triple screen app? Or is there a file we can possibly edit such a thing?

    I´ve been racing your stuff since nkpro old days... AC is also my favorite sim but since I sorted this 3 screen setup this issue is kinda braking the deal and I'm having sleeppless nights because of it. Going back to 1 screen after enjoying 3 is not nice... will take me a while to go VR still... so... come on guys... help us there... Isn´t this a reosonable request?

    Thanks in advance
  4. Erazotropa

    Erazotropa Rookie


    I like to see something like Project Cars 2,

    With Assetto Corsa I am forced to run my triple setup in NVidia Surround mode.. for normal everydays use it is a pain in the ***.

    Project Cars 2runs creates its own "Surround mode" when started, and closes it down when exiting the program. that is awesome!

    So please Devs, take a look at that too :)

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