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Trouble getting a good feel with the Thrustmaster T500rs wheel

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Kdp1981, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Kdp1981

    Kdp1981 Rookie


    First of all I want to point out that I'm kinda new to setting up a ffb wheel. I have bought this wheel last year together with Project Cars. At first I couldn't get the wheel setup as I wanted to. I watched some youtube videos and one video from simracingtv got me a good base to where to start from. I did some more tweaks and althoutgh it still wasn't perfect for me, it gave me the chance to lower my lap times and a pretty nice feel.

    A couple of days ago I bought Assetto Corsa for PS4. I installed it, hooked up my gear and went on the track. Ffb was imo way to strong with the default settings. Since then I tried several different settings but I still can't get a natural steering feel.. For example even with ffb down to 10%, road and curbs at 35%, understeer off, slip effect off.. there is no way to correct any oversteer. If the car gets unsettled that's it, the car just spins off without any chance to recover. In fast corners I don't experience this often but in the slow corners I got to be extremely careful with steering and throttle or the car goes in an uncontrollable slide.. So the only way to complete laps is driving very cautiously and rather slow. Not my driving style for some track fun ;)

    Is there anyone else having the same issue and found a solution for this? Share your experiences with the T500rs and AC with me please.

    Thanks for your input.

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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Try to use 0 at everything except gain which you set to your liking.
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  4. Kdp1981

    Kdp1981 Rookie

    I'll give that a try and see if it changed the steering feel with that setting. Will let you know if it improves afterwards. Cheers for the reply.
  5. Exage304

    Exage304 Gamer

    I have been dealing with a similar problem/complaint on my G29.

    Have you adjusted anything in the Thrustmaster gain control (with your PC)? Or have you just been adjusting on PS4 AC FFB settings?

    I say this because I found my wheel got better during slide control when I ramped up my G29 sensitivity in the Logitech Gaming Software using my MacBook Pro.
    Another thing. I found that the G29 reacted better with AC Road FFB increased but was able to drop it down significantly after dealing with LGS so my wheel feels acceptable on oversteer and doesn't hammer on bumps.

    I know we're not using the same wheel but it's just what I've found.
  6. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    T500RS user here (PC though, so Im not too sure my setup helps you) :

    Thrustmaster controlpanel
    Overall : 70%
    Constant: 100%
    Periodic: 100%
    rest 0%
    auto-centering: 0% ( by game )

    AC :
    Gain : 60%
    Filter : 0%
    Min. Force : 0%
    Kerb FX : 0%
    Road FX : 0%
    Slip FX : 0%

    Steering settings
    Gamma : 0%
    Filter : 0%
    Speed Sens. : 0%

    Hope it helped !
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  7. TitzonToast

    TitzonToast Simracer

    Unfortunately, the TM control panel has no effect at all on the PS4.
    We're stuck with whatever ffb options the game we're playing gives us.

    @ The OP,
    I'm hiding from work today and will post my own T500 settings up here for you to try if you'd like?
  8. TitzonToast

    TitzonToast Simracer

    This was posted by Mcleev a while back, very interesting post.

    Copy and paste job.

    "I've posted this elseware but I guess it's appropriate in this thread (and I've updated my settings too)....... for T500RS owners only.....

    I found my T500RS on PS4 very heavy with a lot of resistance, and lowering it to 20FFB makes it a lot better, but I found it's still too heavy if you drive with traction control 'off' and therefore have to oversteer your slides, then 10>15 FFB is better depending on your car, but then you lose some of the feedback feel of tyres slipping, road feel, etc.

    I also have the PC version, (poor GPU so PS4 graphics are better for me), and I compared the 2 versions. What I think is going on is the T500 drivers on the PS4 are set up poorly. With PC we have an overall gain FFB strength in the control panel, and it's often recommend for most games, including AC to use 60%, then set other FFB in game. But The PS4 setting is a lot stronger, with far more resistance for all games (I also have dirt rally, pcars, f1 2016 on both PC and PS4). For me to get the same strength on PC I have to run that overall gain on 100%. But that's not all. On PC we tend to run with no spring and no damper settings (even though you can run up to 100% on both). If I select both of these as 100% on PC then, and only then, do I get the same sort of heavy feeling that the PS4 version gets. So in summary, I think it could be a Thrustmaster driver issue and they need to have the spring and damper off as default, so the wheel isn't feeling heavy. My brother has a T300 and I can tell you that he doesn't get the heavy resistance when trying to catch slides.

    For info I run FFB ('Zakspeeds' setting but far lower main FFB strength and more roadfeel to compensate for the lower FFB ) as:
    ffb 11%
    curb 35%
    road 80%
    slip 25%
    understeer off

    Tested on road cars, race cars and my favourite Ferrari 458 GT2.

    Oh and I also have the latest firmware, actually I checked it's up to date only today. version 43 Package 2016_TTRS_1"
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  9. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Its possible that spring effect is activated on consoles and that gives a weird feeling. But what Gain to use in the control panel is determined with wheelcheck that can help you to see which setting that is most linear for your specific wheel. Damper only seems to affects when the car is standing still and a couple of km/h (at least on PC).
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  10. TitzonToast

    TitzonToast Simracer

    Nothing in the control panel has any effect on the console man.
    We've no apps to use either to check for clipping or linearity.
    I tried the settings mentioned above this morning and they are very good if not a bit light. I raised the ffb up to 20 and it felt excellent.
  11. Kdp1981

    Kdp1981 Rookie

    I haven't had much time to do much more testing.

    @kofotsjanne I did try the suggestion to lower ffb even futher. This improved the handling because the steering is not as heavy any more. However you obviously get very little feedback.

    @Exage304 Unfortunetaly there's no option to adjust the sensitivity on the ps4. There's only a couple of settings you can adjust on the advanced tab ingame.

    @Radfahrer AC on PS4 doesn't provide the ability to adjust most of those settings you are pointing out. No Thrustmaster control panel or steering settings :(:(

    @TitzonToast Interesting read specially since he mentions the oversteer effect with the traction control off. I also was wondering if it might be driver related. I have tried to check if my firmware is the latest but I'm encountering an issue to check or update the version, I've contacted Thrustmaster support. I have tried the ffb setup you mentioned just now and it feels about right :)

    In Project Cars there are so many options to adjust the steering angle, steering sensitivity, deadzone .. So many that it's really complicated to figure out what to adjust first and find your ideal setup. You almost need a engineering degree to be able to pull it off. On the other hand if you get it right you could be in driving heaven. I just feel like AC might have left out too many options to do adjustments.

    I still experienced some odd behaviour when the car gets unsettled. For example if you try a scandinavian flick the car, I can't get the car through the corner; it goes offtrack no matter what. The same thing happens if you exit the corner slightly on the grass or going into a corner too fast and you start losing the back. If I try to correct with some oversteer, the cars either gets slingshot to the opposite direction or I get a very wobbly response. I get the feeling (even when just trying to get a hot lap in) that 80% of the steering is done with the first 10 degrees of steering input and beyond that point it doesn't make a big difference. It makes it nearly impossible to react to a slide imo. This might be fixable if there was a way to adjust the steering sensitivity? For now I have put on both traction control and stabily control, both on factory which obviously makes it easier to prevent this behaviour.

    I'll give another update when I have had the opportunity to play some more.

    Appreciate your input so far :)
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  12. clos2727

    clos2727 Gamer

    i have a youtube channel, and most of my subscribers ask me what are my wheel settings.. some are surprised about my setting. anyway it led me to make a video on why having force feedback in all categories is important. and how to understand what each category does to maximize your driving potential, and understanding how it effects tunning have a look.

  13. Exage304

    Exage304 Gamer

    Have any of you on the PS4 with the Thrustmasters actually tried it?

    I'm on the PS4 as well... I can confirm that doing a adjustment to the sensitivity in the LGS on my MacBook and saving the profile transferred to the wheel successfully for use on Assetto Corsa on the PS4. I decreased the clutch pedal sensitivity to 10% today so that it acts a bit more like an actual clutch and not an on/off switch (AC has a engine stalling issue with no throttle though). The wheel setup with the sensitivity at 100% is giving me a lot better feedback during oversteer.

    I had another person comment that LGS settings didn't do anything on the PS4 for the G29, and yet it does!
    So I'd be really surprised if the Thrustmasters doesn't.
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    When you add more curb it add a fake effect, it gives even flat curbs vibration. Gain is how much all forces are, and not just the weight of the wheel you talking about. I didnt watch the rest.
    Try 0 at everything, except gain.
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  15. Michele

    Michele Rookie

    Exage 304 what program you use to update the T500Rs for macbook?
    Thank you
  16. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Conect your wheel to a pc, do the things in the control panel.... It keeps saved in the wheel and affect playing on consoles.

    I did it with my T150 especially for Pcars and it works, as for Assetto the same.

    The only thing different is:

    In tm control panel i put my wheel on 900 degrees of rotation and when i start Pcars on PS4 my wheel is in 900 degrees.

    But Assetto Corsa change it automatically to 1080...Surely due the automatic DOR system...

    But like i said... You can easily find out that changes made on the control panel keep saved into the wheel memory an affect on the console.

    For min force and filter... Lets hope it's get implemented one day those missing options for us on console versions
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  17. Michele

    Michele Rookie

    but with macbook?
    me macbook the steering wheel does not feel...
    I can not access the steering wheel control panel with macbook
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  18. I don't want to confuse him so I won't go against that advice, but personally I've found that I prefer some light FX. Granted, I'm on a T300 and have probably more than 1,000 hours of track time on the thing, so I know what I want to feel. Setting all zero effects values is a great place to start, it was just very numb on center for my liking. Load it up, and DAMN it feels good :)

    I swear Kunos has just changed up the FFB feel, its so snappy now and it gives me baaaad P.I.O. (pilot induced oscillation). In short, I'm always fighting steering and throttle into balance, and it feels like something is off now. It was not like this before 1.12 came through. It was perfect.
  19. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Yes, FFB is a very personal thing. :)
  20. M/\DH/\X

    M/\DH/\X Simracer

    Hello guys, I have this very same issue. I havent been on AC in afew years but now I fixed my PC and have re installed AC, now I know i havent driven for awhile but either the updated AC feels different or I can't get a good setup like I had many many years ago. The other possibility is that im just a crap driver and always blames his tools when things dont go my way, you could say that yes but I annihilated that argument by loading up rF2 and R3E and my driving seems fine there.

    Anyway the point of all this is that I bought a PS4 while my PC was resting in the grave and thought I would try AC on the PS4, to my suprise it feels quite similar, actually need to test with the same settings because on PC Thrustmaster profiler I have damping to 0 and on PS4 there is no option to switch that off otherwise everything else is the same as the PC setup.

    Somebody mentioned if you could save the settings from the PC to the wheel but I dont think that works as I have tried but all I got was a very sour grape.

    Oh I almost forgot but I read a post that Luca posted up about his settings and other than the things u could change in game and wheel profiler he also mentioned about enabling gyro ffb to 1 in assettocorsa.ini and damper min level to 0.3 which is under FF_EXPERIMENTAL, thought I would mention this because I got content manager installed and if I load up AC from content manager it resets those values to default.

    Since the PS4 does not have a Thrustmaster profiler is there any possibility that Kunos could add that into AC menu ?
    Last edited: May 18, 2019

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