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Turn into an Alien : ACC Guide

Discussion in 'ACC Screenshots & Videos' started by JimBoum, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. JimBoum

    JimBoum Rookie

    Hello fellow racers,
    This is a tutorial I made aimed at drivers who are already fast but want to find the little details that make you a few tenths faster.
    I will be doing more of these so stay posted !

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  3. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    This is a very good video and yields quite some time. Thanks! Maybe some vids about braking technique and corner entry. And finding most effective traction.
  4. lordpatou

    lordpatou Simracer

    Bravo pour l'effort de parler anglais... presque sans accent :p

    Très bonne vidéo ( en tout cas le début j'ai pas encore tout regarder).

    Nice video, with a nig effort to speak english.

    Waiting for the next one ;)
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  5. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    I appretiate the effort, but at that level sharing motec data worths a lot more than any video, because the differences in technique are so subtle that only telemetry can give you a satisfying answer. I see the top guys 0.7s faster in replays and it seems a carbon copy of my laps, same lines up to the centimeter, same braking points, the few times they also show the pedal work it seems the same as mine, but 0.7s at the end of the lap. But nowadays an alien sharing his telemetry is an event rarer to behold than an unicorn, the last time I remember any alien sharing telemetry was Team Redline doing that with some Gregger Huttu motec data back in the GTR2 days. Back in the GPL days it was possible to extract the telemetry from replay laps downloaded from the GPLRank as it was mandatory to send replay laps in order to claim a new world record, all that data was at the disposal of everybody contesting in the GPLRank, I miss those days.
  6. JimBoum

    JimBoum Rookie

    For sure, after getting into Alien territory, the differences between the Super Aliens and yourself are a lot more subtle than the differences between a "normal" driver and an Alien. The telemetry then becomes an excellent way to analyse the tiny differences in turn in rates, brake release ect...

    In relation to the video, I would not agree that flatout sharing the telemetry would have been a better way to explain my BB tactics to other fellow drivers, but thanks for bringing this up.
    For the next video, which will be about avoiding mistakes during races, I will try to integrate the telemetry more into the content.
    I will also add my telemetry files in there, altough to be fair I might not be the guy you are looking for to compare yourself against, since I would still consider myself to be far away from being a "Super" Alien like Gregger Huttu.
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