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Two features i would love to see on ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Belryuminus, Oct 12, 2020.

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  1. Belryuminus

    Belryuminus Rookie

    Hey fellow drivers,

    after a lot of hours on ACC - PC version, and looking what other games features are, i and friends came to some conclusions about two key things that are missing on ACC and that we would love to see on the game.

    First one is a report system. As ACC is a game for all profiles, we can't aim to have extremely clean races with no errors or no rough behaviour.
    Mistakes are part of race driving whatsoever so the idea is not to hit on everybody anytime.
    However, toxic behaviours like guys punting others on puprose should be punished as they are ruining the multiplayer experience. Striking on purpose is unacceptable and gives no sanction except shared SA lost with the victim. This is clearly no satsfying.
    We need, and i insist on the verb "need", a system that can prevent or sanction those behaviours.
    A report system should help to name and shame them, then punish.
    Even better, we should have some "GameMasters" from Kunos whos jobs would be to spectate races and take sanctions on toxic players.

    Second one is giving more space to GT4.
    The first step to do for that from my PoV would be to grant a real CP system for this category.
    Let's regroup them in one Mixed server. Keeping GT3/GT4 medley races but regrouping GT4s by 8 to 10 cars to have a real driving experience in CP mode.

    IDK what you guys think of those ideas, nor if devs will look at it. But i would love to have your feedbacks and constructive remarks.

    See you :)
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