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Tyre/Brake Temps added to digital_instruments, just like Tyre Pressure.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by garyjpaterson, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. As title, I think it'd be useful for the ability to display both tyre temps and brake temps on the Digital_instruments, just like we can already for tyre pressures.

    AFAIK, brake temps are available for F1 drivers to monitor (for example, we often hear drivers complain that the Front Right brake is 100 degrees lower than the rest, etc.).

    It makes sense to include tyre temps also, as this would be another great addition for mod cars (and of course any official cars that have this capability in the future).
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  3. Just found out I'm correct on this front - the Mercedes definitely has the ability to monitor brake temps via the dash:


    The two values on the bottom left and right represent the front left and right brake temps - watch as they go from around 200 degrees to about 900 in one braking zone!

    It means though that the current F1 cars are allowed (ie not banned) from monitoring brake temps, and I'd be surprised if the Ferrari cars don't have this capability but others on the grid too. Obviously I'm aware that brake temps are not implemented on the Ferrari F1 cars in AC (yet, hopefully), but if they do in the future hopefully we get to monitor it properly too.

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