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PS4 Tyre temps/wear and button mapping

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DirtyDubs, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. DirtyDubs

    DirtyDubs Rookie

    Hi guys. Loving the game so far.
    Are we likely to see tyre temperature/wear indicators on console? Very surprised they're not in the game at launch.
    Button mapping would also be a huge help. The main issue I'm having (on PS4) is that the L3 and R3 buttons (used for DRS etc) is mounted on the wheel base and not the rim. Would be great to remap the 'option' and 'share' button to allow more functions on the rim.

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  3. Felix Gro

    Felix Gro Gamer

    Also an Indicator of how much you use the clutch/gas/brakes would be nice. Having a brake mod I'm never sure how much force I have to apply.
    Awesome game tough, love it :)
  4. Keisuke

    Keisuke Gamer

    I believe the only way of knowing tyre wear right now is in the pits, but thats about it
  5. Greg7272

    Greg7272 Gamer

    Yeah. Plus 1 for the OPs comments. And the gas/brake input comment. Great game. Keep it up kunos . Or you could say. Kudos to kunos. Bit sad. I know.
  6. AjKnight666

    AjKnight666 Rookie


    Sorry but it's so frustrating. If there's ever a game that needs a tyre temp monitor it's AC. On the PC, one spin and the tyres are gone forever.
    Jouni Veikkola likes this.
  7. Kaaarp

    Kaaarp Racer

    I had hoped the console version would be a full port and not a cut down version without essential apps, seat adjusts etc, hoping 505 can add these pretty sharpish and they're not missing due to technical limitations with either console (guessing both versions have to be exactly the same due to rumoured parity restrictions).

    As it stands we're not getting full value.
    AjKnight666 likes this.

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