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Generic UI Bug - Cannot close Advanced axis configuration popup window

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by DeanGuitarist, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. DeanGuitarist

    DeanGuitarist Rookie

    I did a video capture of the bug, here is the youtube link :

    So I play with inverted pedals, so i need to set clutch as gaz, and gaz as clutch pedal, and invert Gaz, Braks and clutch pedals. But as soon as I open one of the Advanced axis input configuration, when i first hit Confirm or cancel, it reset any changes made, and I'm not stuck in this window. If i hit cancel or confirm, it does nothing (both with keyboard and mouse, I can't do it with wheel buttons as my wheel button are broken on my T500rs) but it seems more like a UI bug, you can see the first time i click confirm and it reset the inverted from Yes to No, that the screen flicks a bit, like if there was 2 popup on top of each other. Maybe when i click to open the popup, it could open 2, and when i close the first one, i'm stuck in the other one. (That's what i feel is happening as a software developer myself).

    This is really frustrating, because this issue alone, prevent me from playing the game at all.

    Since it's a UI bug, I've tried many things to try with other settings, such as Fullscreen on and off, different resolutions, etc.. none of them worked.

    EDIT: I've managed to workaround by using smaller resolution AND windowed at the same time, all other combinaison didn't work)
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  3. I have the same issue except your solution did not work for me.
  4. PsychoFridge

    PsychoFridge Rookie

    Did you use a specific resolution? i tried several in windowed mode, but cannot get my wheel and pedals calibrated... Sadly, there are a few people with the same issue, but no where in the internet, I found a solution to this. I don´t hope this does not mean, I can never play the game. I played for some hours when it startet in Early Access so I cannot refund it on Steam anymore...
  5. PsychoFridge

    PsychoFridge Rookie

    New Hotfix did not fix this issue.

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