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UI discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by kasperski95, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. kasperski95

    kasperski95 Rookie

    The current UI looks nice, but after using it for a while I think it's badly designed. I know it's Early Access, there are more important things to work on, but it seems to me that UI is going in wrong direction and won't change anytime in the future.

    Below is UI designed by me and I hope it will convince devs to implement similar interface in the game.


    About small features not visible at first glance:
    • Setup & Strategy:
      In base setup, adjusting pressures is relative to recommended values of each tyre.

      Base setups keep information about fuel usage per lap. Based on that, we can quickly estimate how much fuel do we need. This solves problem of creating/modyfing setup just to adjust fuel, and keeping all these setups in sync. Also players don't have to type "fuel?" in chat.

      Tools icon means, that we can adjust preset in separate view.

    • Live timing
      Values in the most right column represent skill/pace and color represent safety/car control.

      Background and text's color of car number represents car brand.

      The map shows everyone on the track to help evaluate best moment of leaving the pits to avoid traffic. "6/16" represents how many cars left the pits.

      Alien icon represent a player who won at least one special event.

    • Weather
      Red curve represents how temperature changes over time.

      Solid blue color represents minimum rain.

      Transparent blue color represent maximum rain.

      The forecast is less accurate the further in time.

      White overlay represents race duration. It disappears near the end because the race length is dependent on players.

      Weather is controlled by graph on timeline.

      Notice, the graph starts 1 hour before the race. We can adjust weather before race starts (to make track wet before the race).

    • Server
      Voting system similar to the one from LFS.

    Do you like this interface? What would you change?
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  3. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert Simracer

    I hope as well the UI will get an overhaul in the near future and I hope the UI will not get compromised for PC users to accomodate the 3m seating distance for console peasants - which means adjustable app dimensions, custom app placement and toggle view with hotkeys or from a menu of sorts.

    You can improve your design by adding a button "detailed setup" or "advanced setup options" which goes to a page with as much technical info as can be fit on the screen. All of AC setup options
    + CL, CD, EFF, aero balance, calculated top speed based on aero values and ride height, CG, CG height front / rear, current mass, ride frequency, motion ratios, static damping ratios, graph of damping ratios under load in relation to speed, current transmissibility number, calculated caster angle, scrub radius, max slip angle, graph of slip ratio in relation to turn in with current camber, total roll stiffness, roll stiffness front / rear, tire spring rate, % of roll stiffness at front axle, 3 cones of blueberry ice cream
    - all the things which fall under NDA

    The trick is not to display the absolute values, but to display the sum like the total roll stiffness. That way the actual ARB stiffness is not displayed and the teams are happy hopefully.

    Another idea for Kunos to avoid braking NDA is just to invent their own metric system. I propose "KC" or "Kunos Chickens". That's
    - one Kunos Chicken
    - two Kunos Chickens
    - three Kunos Chickens
    - and so on
    Say the front Bump value is 10200 Ns/m. That's Newton * seconds / meters. Since actual values brake NDA, lets make the front Bump value 67 KC. That's 67 Kunos Chickens. So it goes:

    scientific value * Kunos ratio (KR) = Kunos Chickens (KC)
    10200 Ns/m * 0.00658 KR = 67.116 KC

    67 is a nice number people can get their head around. Kunos needs to pick their own KR and keep it secret. If adopted, Kunos needs to apply the KR to all similar setup options, so there is one and only one metric across the board to keep it consistent for spring rates, damper rates, ARBs, etc. Hence, players can not work out the actual value, teams are happy, everybody gets Kunos f*****g Chickens (KFC).

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