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Generic Unofficial Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Guillaume C, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Not yet but gonna give this in a couple of days certainly a go .
    Fast lap by yours done to well done .
  2. A2J2

    A2J2 Gamer

    Hi guys I am unable to submit times when selecting v1.12 from the box it keeps coming up with bad Version, any advice
  3. Guillaume C

    Guillaume C Simracer

    Fixed, I didn't know it was available on X1 ;)
    Ravellron likes this.
  4. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Nops not going to the seconds page .
  5. I forgot to upload this after i done the lap.

    Hopefully it helps you guys with getting gold if you haven't already.
    I've been busy the past couple of days as i've just become a Partnered streamer on Twitch
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  6. New Target Ravellron

    Now that I've taken it out of the Special Event section and put it into Hotlap

  7. Ravellron

    Ravellron Racer

    Nice one:)
    I will give it a try, soon
    svenvangent likes this.
  8. Ravellron

    Ravellron Racer

    Not easy your time, but i did it ;)
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  9. Sturunen

    Sturunen Gamer

    Brands Hatch GP with Ferrari F138: 1.01.961

    is this new update quicker?
    Because that lap time came pretty easy..??
    It felt like there is much more grip now!
    Sorry my english..again:)
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
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  10. Flavus

    Flavus Racer

    There was definitely some physics changes but not really sure what. I had been trying to get gold, without success, on Thunder special event in the mclaren MP4 GT3 at Vallelunga and when I tried it after the update I kept losing the rear on the first fast right hander so the set up I had was useless. I am thinking it is some kind of aerodynamics change but have not seen anything official. One thing I have noticed is that if I load a setup from a previous version my brakes don't work. They show that they work on the screen indicator but the car doesn't slow down. Seems to be random as it doesn't happen to all cars.
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  11. Nice, I can get back to it :)
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  12. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    :) Good little battle in laptime on the Nordschleife is going on between Ravellron and Basquiat it seems to be :):cool:
    At least if you can try to go both under the 20 if possible because there is Golden price waiting for you guys and you are almost there .
    Aaaaaariba go go go :)
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
    Basquiat and Ravellron like this.
  13. Ravellron

    Ravellron Racer

    We are trying to do special events, its not a pure hotlap, really hard, hope you will give a go Sven soon ;)
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  14. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Will do don't worry but I'm waiting for the gods above to give me a sign :) because like you said ... it is hard and if you want to do
    it properly you've got to spend some quality time with it .
    Good luck you both speedy Gonzales .
    Basquiat, Ravellron and paul_wev like this.
  15. whyme

    whyme Gamer

    Hi guys
    Had a lot of with the GT3 Cup this afternoon.. at Nordschleife obviously :)
    It's a shame Kunos put an ABS on it :( as Porsche delivers the car without..

  16. Ravellron

    Ravellron Racer

    You are a beast, congrats really.
    svenvangent likes this.
  17. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Haaaalooooo whaaaat maaan well done Whyyou:cool:
  18. Ravellron

    Ravellron Racer

    Thanks God finally i did it, One of The hardest test of my virtual driving ever.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2017
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  19. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Bravo well done Ravellron :cool:
    paul_wev likes this.
  20. svenvangent

    svenvangent Alien

    Started yesterday evening with the first attempt on the Nordschleife had a hard time to find some balance with the car and in my head
    but it comes along slowly will see where this ends .
    Special events going for gold what ells .
    T300 RS
    Laptime : 7:20.917

    Nordschleife Porsche GT3 RS.jpg
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