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Unsporting behaviour

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Thug, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Was that a joke or you are really not aware that the author of Minorating was hired by Kunos?
  2. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    I didn't want this to seem like a negative thread bashing ACC.
    Far from it, I love the game and the MP, when idiots aren't playing.
    I too have misjudged corners and braking points and took people off or have been kicked, but its those that do these things intentionally.
    The first I noticed it was in the pit lanes when people would just fly through it.
    I have no doubt that this will mean they get penalised when v1.0 comes out though.

    I know EVERY other (racing) game has people like this but its still frustrating.
  3. PabloVND

    PabloVND Racer

    I usually race in simracingsistem. There you can see any kind of drivers but in the end the races pretty clean. I expect this for ACC.

    Keep in mind that, after the build 6, an intense testing period is open until further progress in development. Not saying than trolling are welcome in matchmaking but i mean that in this stage you have to carry on. In my case i joined a few a races with gamepad controller without any gamepad controller skills whatsoever, just to test stability and features in new build and not taking much seriously the race itself and i think many drivers are taking it in the same mood for the moment.

    For now on i mostly worried about the features of multiplayer. No word spread about scheduled races if this finally happens. And i think if you have schedules you get rid of all trolls in the mid term and got solid multiplayer because is not the same to choose ramdomly a open server and join than to incribe a scheduled race and wait for the session to come. You can see this difference between Srs races or something like public Project cars 2 matchmaking for example, and its day and night.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  4. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Really amazing how we could come from "MP has this issue, but we understand the current process" to "omg this is so bad, people are actually driving and it's wild west, and I'm really mad about it!" within one single weeked :D
    But again, we really understand the issue, no worry. Even Stefano himself was complaining about the survivial game even on the rainy server in Misano.

    Really? How much nostalgia is involved in this feeling?
    I mean yes I can see how this used to be a solution.. But looking at the big picture, MR as an attached mod had incredible limitations. Our only significant limitation in ACC is dev time, which means it may take a bit but should lead to much better results.
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  5. FelixR1991

    FelixR1991 Simracer

    And that's guaranteed to negate false positives? Truly, I'm hopeful, but I remain a bit skeptical. I guess seeing is believing. Also, hopefully we get a large enough population so you're not left with two people just staring at each other :)
  6. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    Buy that man a beer :)
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  7. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Well all the systems we know so far (iRacing, MR, PC2) are designed around having false positives. There is nothing out there trying to analyse accidents, and it effectively works well "enough".
    There are real problems underneath, but this is more about dynamics on a macro level.
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  8. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Just had my best race to date.

    Joined a server and didn't even manage 1 lap before qualifying was over, meaning I started at the very back of the grid of 24 cars.

    The 45 minutes race start was a bit of a 'bumper car' ride, but I managed to get passed 3 or 4.
    The first corner was demolition derby, but due to me being near the back, I managed to swerved around most of them and only got nudged off the track once and easily recovered.

    I then fought for about 20 minutes getting up to second place (yes, from last and by now only 21 cars remained) and third placer was a good 5 seconds behind me, but I wasn't putting a wheel wrong.
    I could see the podium, taste the champagne and smell the garland of flowers around my neck, and then with 11 minutes to go I ran out of fuel. BUT, it was just near the pits, so managed to coast in, only to realise I didn't have a clue how to pit.
    I heard my tyres being changed, but my fuel remained on empty and even when the timer finished and I got the 'go go go' I still had no fuel so had to escape out.
    I may not have finished but I had a great race whilst it lasted.

    What have I learned from this?
    Firstly, the wreckers cant go the distance so leave after the first few laps after causing mayhem, leaving the decent players to race.]
    Secondly, I must remember to keep my eye on my fuel level and learn how to refuel my car (any help?).
    Thirdly, I was probably only in second place because everyone else had pitted.
    Lastly, this sim is going to be EPIC when its played the way it should be played.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  9. chksix

    chksix Simracer

    MR worked very well IMO and once I managed to gain an A rating all races were awesome. No wreckers in sight.
    I hope ACC will improve on MR of course :D
  10. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Well but you do recall that there was no populated MR-A server ever? Or even MR-AB? :D

    You followed the MR story, so you know what I think about the word "wrecker" (and how it's used).
    I can guarantee* that the real wreckers (= coming online to offensively ruin everything, and have fun with that) will be turned off by literally *any* requirement, possibly even a 1 track medal one. Because none of the 5 or 6 real wreckers in ACC will bother to do a clean lap, or even have the ability to do so.

    *well you know what I mean

    But then we have a gradual mix of recklessness, misunderstanding of what is expected and unability to drive across hundreds or even thousands of drivers. Those aren't wreckers by my definition, and they will need a bit more to get them contained.
    I still have strong hopes for 3 medals which means 4 consecutive clean laps - at least for the "unability to drive" fraction this may be a severe target to beat.
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  11. Hagen

    Hagen Hardcore Simmer

    The best way to deal with intentional wreckers is to let them feel like they are too dumb to wreck you. Once your skill and awareness is on a good level, you should be able to indentify, who is doing it on purpose.
    Stay around them and wait for an attempt to crash into you. Depending on the situation, you brake later or early or move aside to let them bury their car in the next wall, or let them loose control. After their impact or spin you have to wait for them to recover and avoid contact once again. At this point most of them get angry, which helps with the next phase. Since rear-ending and dive bombing hasn't worked on you, they will try to pitmanouver you. If you manage to send them spinning while you stay on the track, they loose their mind. Tell them in chat, that they are welcome to come back once they learned to wreck someone successfully.

    NEVER do revenge wrecking, they would think you are trying to have "fun".
    (Those guys have a strange definition of fun.)

    Try it, i learned to enjoy it.
    It helped me to get out of situations when clean guys missed their braking point or pull over to my side because they have to avoid crashed cars on track. Personally i look at it as a training and it is the best way to make them leave the server.

    P.S.: Minolin will take care of them, i am very sure about that.
  12. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    Realized yesterday on MP that it does not really matter what happens in T1. Simply continue driving because everybody is running some aggressive / highly unstable custom setup without enough TC (because FAST), so they spin out one by one and you end up winning the race without a single overtake :D
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  13. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    You are such a bad person :D
  14. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Totally agree with this and think its a great way of weeding out the idiots.
    The real sim racers will easily manage a few clean laps (unless taken out by the wreckers) and will gain medals in no time, allowing them to join servers that are medal based.
    Its like earning your right to not wear a noob vest in motorcycle racing.

    As my race above, after the first lap or so they disappeared. In fact one cut the track in front of me and I watched him vanish due to the unsporting play filter.

    I hope you will introduce something to stop those who intentionally 'park' on the track too.
    Had this happen many times now. Earlier today I was coming out of the pits, just as the pit limiter came off someone already on the track pulled over into the safety lane and stopped dead right in front of me. Luckily I wasn't going fast enough to crash into him, so managed to avoid him.
    Not so lucky when they pull over in the middle of the track 'mid corner though, right in the racing line. You either T bone them, or fly off the track yourself.
    I think there needs to be a timed period where you either go back to the pits if stationary for more than say 3 seconds, or you are kicked or ghosted.
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  15. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    What a wonderful allegory :D

    Depends on what the actual reason is, but tbh. parking on the track seems to be something either brainlessly stupid, or deliberate.
    The 2nd category may be handled quite easily, as I said they will likely fail on even the lowest rating requirements. The first category however - that's just a matter of delivering the message in a quite ... direct way. I recall even @GamerMuscle (who is for sure not that kind of clown) was mindlessly stopping on the ideal line during a stream, people in the comments freaked out but he didn't notice. "My way" would give him an absurd penalty/consequence for that, and I'm sure we rapidly see the culture switching and nobody wouldn't even suffer (because you do that kind of thing only once).
  16. Luatz1

    Luatz1 Racer

    I actually don't think that the formation lap should be automatic, this is a sim, it has to be manual. People will learn or the ones that don't know, should have a low SA rating to be matched with people like them.

    I dontd think that there are so many wreckers out there... Understanding a wrecker as someone who crashes other on purpose and for fun. I think many peopeo just don't know how to drive wheel to wheel, let the leaders pass if they are lapped, or let someone in a fast qualy lap pass.... I think many people are just inexperienced, or they just dont know that they are doing it wrong.

    I just hope that when the matchmaking comes into the game, it really works, and I just ask one thing...please.... Any rating that influences in the matchmaking, dont allow people to be able to modify it offline!!. Just think of someone that races online, and wrecks 1 person on purpose because they overtook him... SA drops, but nothing happens because he can go offline with the IA at 80 and raise his SA in a few laps....

    Please kunos, put yourself into the mind of the worst people when designing the matchmaking. And i hope you introduce a reporting system... If it is too much work for you review the reports, send them to us as they do in CSGO and im pretty sure many people from the comunity will help.
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  17. fnegroni

    fnegroni Racer

    [QUOTE="Thug, post: 1031083, member: 94862]
    I hope you will introduce something to stop those who intentionally 'park' on the track too.
    Had this happen many times now. Earlier today I was coming out of the pits, just as the pit limiter came off someone already on the track pulled over into the safety lane and stopped dead right in front of me. Luckily I wasn't going fast enough to crash into him, so managed to avoid him.

    In jRacing, whenever practicing on a public server, I have my ‘relative real-time leaderboard’ view, and I make sure I keep a few seconds away from others if just driving around or joining the track. I can tell who is putting in and out. Would be useful in ACC too
  18. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    @Minolin you've got organized griefers on your 2nd quick race server! They circled around like sharks, rammed and blocked players in the same chicane for 15 minutes!
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  19. kronosh17

    kronosh17 Rookie

    This player was the whole session there. When we tried to move away, the player returned to the same location. I believe that these situations can not be allowed. This was on the Kunos Official Server # 02.

    Attached Files:

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  20. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    Made me laugh this happens in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) Washington state all the time. Dumb arses have no clue to pull off the road instead they just park it.

    Unfortunately this is the problem with all online SIM games. there are those who have zero life, has no skill to drive in a SIM and find it funny to just get online and ruin it for others. Then on the other hand there are those over zealous wankers who think they are gods gift to the SIM racing world and ruin it for others. I alone have the answer, I alone have the ability to resolve all these issues, I alone can MSRGA (Make Sim Racing Great Again)
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