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Update 0.6 discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Darcy Callai Junior, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Is there going to be some sort of change how the cars don't act like skittles when someone touches you? I find I'm loving the game but it's really hard to race wheel to wheel as the slightest touch from anything sends the car flying! I don't think this A. Makes the racing very enjoyable and B. Is realistic?
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  2. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Strange how some people keep saying that. It's not the case for me. I've had messy MP races with small collisions and the behaviour seemed reasonable to me.

    Bug?!? Can you provide replays?
  3. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    it's very important when reporting about collisions to specify if you are talking about multiplayer or single player.

    In case of single player it's unlikely things will change, for multiplayer things could get much better (at least as good as AC1).
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  4. Yeah I'll upload something later, I think everyone is the same.. I'm feeling know one wants to go near each other online as they know they'll just spin around, and if they don't touch the car they'll touch a curb and just spin around .. Very frustrating ha ..
  5. Great stuff, deffinely multiplayer..its just a bit annoying, I've been racing with people all with good pace, but feel we all don't want to go anywhere near each other .. Great stuff if it improves will make the experience 100% better ..Awesomene work with it so far BTW
  6. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    The cars willingness to spin and spin when you are recovering from going off track is what gets my goat.

    [Leaves space for the "you can't drive" comment] :)

    Oh and Hail Lord Kunos :D
  7. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    yeah I've got something planned. ;)
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  8. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    yes it also catches us, it's just a matter of learning to get on it really carefully after spinning or, worse, spinning in the grass.
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  9. Aces
  10. bullet800

    bullet800 Gamer

    So creepy))
  11. Balroque

    Balroque Rookie

    I've been playing with ACC whole day, trying to adjust Sim commander and FFB and all the time no issue, then suddenly appeared this video issue and it was around the time with new update
    GeForce® GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G

  12. Updated to 0.6.3. and NO online servers appear. "Fetching server list", "Connecting" and "An error occurred - Please try again" happends all time.

    Do I need to do anything to my ACC setup?
  13. kiril_r

    kiril_r Racer

    Unannounced 0.6.3? Cool... What's new?
  14. kiril_r

    kiril_r Racer

  15. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Yes, @Lord Kunos @Minolin this is exactly what was happening, sky suddenly turns black and you enter 'nightmare mode' . Happened 2-3.times last night.
  16. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    What is your advanced display settings? Have you checked your gpu memory load through something like msi afterburner, windows task manager or hwinfo? 32:9 is taxing as it is the same as running twin 1080p.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  17. Pulley

    Pulley Simracer

    That's disappointing as the Human to AI collision can be game breaking, the slightest noise to tail touch and the human car goes into a strange unrealistic spin.
    Yes this has been reported and yes in the latest update it happens, are you sure nothing can be done about this interaction between the two?
  18. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    Just add zombies and windshield blood physics :D
  19. manuel_rendo

    manuel_rendo Racer

    That is absolutely necessary for inmersion +Sa rating min required servers..for cleanliness
    Unfortunately it is too easy to fly off the track with the lightest contact (realistic or not) at the moment.that is why
    More and. More drivers do not dare overtaking anymore even with Lost lap drivers as the risk of being contacted and therefore ruin the race is too high...(some do not even know what blue flag means) anyway.
    Overall Getting better..
  20. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    to be honest I spend most of my day racing AI and I don't see any problem with collisions.
    If you have videos to show it would be great.
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