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Update 1.12 discussion

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Georg Siebert, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    I've driven the F40 yesterday, and as expected, the V10 tyres are amazing on it.
    For the first corner you really have to press the pedal harder then normal, and its a bit unwilling to stop, but after that the brakes work fine. I did not really notice brake fade while driving on the tajo mod track so far.
  2. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    And you probably won't unless you really beat on the brakes pretty good. If you're doing a single hillclimb run at Tajo and you're driving smoothly your brakes should be okay. If you're really, really hard on them though they're now going to fade on you.
  3. BenC

    BenC Hardcore Simmer

    V10 tyre model faster or slower than V9?
  4. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    The cars that were updated was on v7 previously. :) I didnt drive enough to see if they were faster or not though, they should be a bit faster i think.
  5. Berry

    Berry Alien

    Depends on the car, they were changed a lot, some cars are a bit faster (Carrera S), some are a lot faster (718 Cayman S), some are a bit slower (Ferrari 458), some are a lot slower (Ford Mustang, Nissan 370Z) :p.
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  6. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Depends on the car, but some cars are definitely faster than before.

    It's not only the tyres, though.
    kofotsjanne likes this.
  7. djtopa

    djtopa Hardcore Simmer

    What a HUGE update,thanks Kunos!Didnt have time to test v10 tyres on my fav street cars because I was to busy with that beast of Audi!With full - front camber , 100% boost and some other suspension setting its awesome ride on
    Transfăgărășan ,Glava Zete etc...Gotta try time races also.Just hope some day we will get setup for AI's fuel/tyres that thinsg I miss a lot as a mostly offline player.

    I love roads like tracks but my biggest disappointed is Highlands:(
    To me it has same "problems" as BBC too straight and too fast corners in 3th,4th gears.I think it would be a lot better track with some twisty corners in 2nd gear...I tried all layouts and nothing for me sadly.Even drift one is too fast.
    So only fun I see in that track is hypercars flyin on that straight at Max speed....AC really need some road betweeen Trento and Highlands/BCC so you can have fun with all kind of cars like on Tajo,Coste...
    Christopher Low likes this.
  8. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Yeah, I'm not too happy about the layouts of Highlands as well. Although I haven't tried the short layout, will do that this evening.

    Int/mid is in my opinion just boring. A bit like the old Silverstone track. Really not my thing.
    Long might be fun in some faster cars, but since I'm not too much into supercars/hypercars, I don't know.

    I tried the Drift layout both with a drift car (Supra) and with a supercar (911 R) and didn't really like it that much.
    In the drifter it's ok and it's what it's made for, but I have my doubts that you can enjoy it in the less powerful drift cars, since some of the corners require pure power to get a good and constant drift angle.
    So cars like the AE86 might be at their limit here, have to try.

    To race it's just annoying to have these 240° corners. I was so annoyed to drive there, that I just decided it wasn't worth it and quit, which is not something I often do.

    If I'm honest, I like all BCC more than these 3. Much more.
    I have to add though that the visual quality is just amazing, good job. :)

    Regarding the new car (quattro), I only had a very short run in it, but I did like it very much at first sight.
    Definitely looking forward to driving that some more. :cool:
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  9. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    I´d buy a "8 days/week"-dlc...
    ...reading reports is like watching movies about cakes...
  10. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Highland short:
    Turn 1
    Braking in the straight on the "san pietrini's surface" and feel the car going crazy left and right, bouncing like a ball...

    Give me a cigarette please. :D
    BrandonW77 likes this.
  11. ColonelBlimp

    ColonelBlimp Rookie

    Good job, thanks Kunos for this.
    As i love single seaters I tried it with the Tatuus, too slow, too long and a bit dull.

    Changed to the Ferrari 312T and wow, so much fun. The older 70's and 80's F1 cars are going to be so good on this.

    Oh, just one minor thing, those Nvidia GTX ads are annoying me, can you turn them off? My R280x hates them!

  12. Poloman

    Poloman Gamer

    What does this mean actually,what does it add?
  13. Vibe Style

    Vibe Style Racer

    I´m notice something wrong with gyro effect. At the moment I´m not know if there is a lot of metaxa or not. So status unknown. BTW thanks to Kunos for all their work. ;)
  14. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    My wheel went crazy with the gyro effect, violent shake for no reason on straight road, all of sudden. So turned it off. Don't know if gyro caused it, but it didn't return after
  15. digitizer

    digitizer Hardcore Simmer

    Highlands is really fun to drive for me. Probably Long version for Track Days (i use Content Manager for it)
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  16. Max Veloce

    Max Veloce Racer

    I'm loving the Highlands normal / long layouts, they feel very like real roads, and look fantastic too

    thank you Kunos, top job!!!
  17. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    Anyone tried 911 GT3 RS and Cayman GT4? Both feels tight, especially RS feels reactive/adjustable.
  18. Not quite yet, making good progress though. It was put on hold for a long time as i gained experience, but im working on it again with renewed interest!
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  19. Robin_NL

    Robin_NL Alien

    Sorry to bring this up again, I did not read all of this thread, I just found out this morning we have a Gr B S1, so what does the 'Half FFB Update Rate' actually do/give us in the advanced wheel options?

    Thanks Kunos for the Audi(though on rails and 'too understeery' just like the real deal, I like it). Highlands not so much, sorry. Way too slippery vs normal tracks(??)

  20. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Nothing. It just use FF_SKIP_STEPS=0 as standard instead of FF_SKIP_STEPS=1 now.
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