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Uploading a replay to the Forums

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Theobris, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    How do I upload a replay to the forums so I can show people my driving skills, just kidding I need to show my problems.
  2. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    You can upload the replay file to Google drive, onedrive of similar. When you save a replay it goes to documents/assetto corsa/replays.

    People would probably prefer a video uploaded to YouTube, but it's a bit more complicated to do. If you have an nvidia card, geforce experience makes it very easy to record a video

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  3. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Thats easy enough, so what do I do once its on Onedrive, and I want say you for instance to watch it, just upload it?.
  4. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    Use the share/get link button and paste it in this forum. Unfortunately it means the viewer needs to load up ac to watch it, hence why the YouTube method is preferable. You can probably Google a guide on how to record with shadowplay and upload to YouTube though

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  5. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

  6. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    hey, it works.

    so it seems that you are facing quite a few issues at once.

    putting the power down in an RWD car with a decent amount of steering applied mid corner = lose the rear. try and gradually apply throttle as you gradually remove steering lock. it seems that you are not yet able to anticipate the loss of the rear, meaning you have no time to correct your inputs before the car spins. this is a pretty normal thing when new to sims as you have to learn how to use the cues that are available in a game. for me the rate at which the world is panning in the game is helpful to spot when youre starting to lose it. ffb also gives nice clues, and when you are driving smoothly, a change in the tyre squeal should be able to give you a clue whats about to happen.

    in some corners you invoke oversteer by lifting off the throttle just as you turn in (lift-off oversteer), there is a lot of weight transfer going on which if you don't anticipate, the car will lose grip

    it appears you arent familiar with the track, so you are not sure when to brake, when to turn, i suggest sticking with one car and track combination until you get comfortable, it might seem like a chore but it will let you learn things a lot faster, and its all transferable.

    locking the brakes (high pitched tyre squeal and smoke in mirrors, you should also see damage indicator flashing if you have damage enabled) with locked wheels you will take longer to slow down, and you wont be able to rotate the car. assume this is just happening because of the above and not knowing when to brake.

    if this is just a test video, upload one where you have one of the laps you are happiest with as a good representation, and someone can try the same combination and upload a vid so you can compare.

    there is definitely some value in watching some videos of other people on youtube

    i think the ktm is probably a difficult one to learn it, due to how easy it is to lose the rear, maybe better to use a more planted car for learning the basics of braking points, turning in, powering out of corners and the like

    good luck, stick with it, it's incredibly rewarding and we all started somewhere similar

    heres a universally recommended video that features some useful tips:
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  7. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    I thought the 2nd video wasnt too bad. I actually won that race, and everything seemed to work okay. The one with the KTM, I dont nknow what to say, that happens everytime I drive that car, I just touch the accelerator and it goes nuts, touch the brakes and again it goes nuts, I've even had it spin out on a straight just cruising along.
  8. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    ah i only saw the KTM one, thats what i was referring to. it shouldnt spin out on a straight unless you let go of the wheel and the slow nature of logitech ffb can cause oscillations that mean it will spin if left unchecked.
    probably worth making a new thread with a more relevant title now so more people can check out your replays and give some tips
  9. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    The second video was recorded the day before the second one, how can I go from winning a race to not even being able to keep a car on track at low speeds. I didn't let go of the wheel until the car started spinning around ridiculously. The difference between the videos is like me being sober in one and completely drunk in the other. It's not me it's the car or a fault in the game, have a look at the speeds I'm doing, I can ride faster on a bike on my way to church without sliding all over the place.
  10. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    im sorry but in the KTM video you are simply driving it wrong, there is no issue with the game in your replay. havent had time to watch the second video. ktm requires fast reactions and constant corrections to steering. when exiting a slow corner you applied power with steering at 90 degrees or more, and didnt react at all to the rear and rotating. if you want to get better at that car (and its worth it as the skills will apply to other cars when you get closer to the limit), then watch some videos on youtube (make sure to search for recently uploaded so they are from the current ac version, heres the first one i found:


    also, when on track with the pedals app, press ctrl+g, then ctrl+c to watch how the ai drives it. they can cheat in some aspects but normally only when something has gone massively wrong. watching the ai's braking points, corner speed, throttle applicating vs steering lock in corners should be heplful if you cant find a good video on youtube
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016
  11. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    i havent watched the videos but if they were both online in MP its worth remembering that every server will have its own local settings. you may have joined one server with 100% grip and 28c and tyre blankets on, then a different server with 95%grip 18c and no tyre warmers. 95%grip can be a good 2 or 3 seconds slower than 100% grip depending on the track. servers can also limit you to a specific tyre or setup. servers can also limit driver aids that you would normally be using.

    i think more of this info should be made available from the server list screen.

    we ran the KTM on our server a little while back
    (not the best of videos, shows lots of KTM's repeatedly not swapping ends though :D)
  12. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    I think youd better have a look at my videos, I think were running two different games, I think thats PCars.
  13. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Have a look at the second video, you're talking nonsense, I dont need any tips, I need a game that runs correctly. I knew you would say all these things, thats why I put it up. All those wheel movements were made by the game not me, everything was exagerated.
  14. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    ok im out, tried to be helpful but your post here and in other threads suggest you refuse to admit its possible there is something wrong with your driving. theres no need to watch a second video after the ktm one, i honestly found it uncomfortable to watch. we are playing the same game despite your posts in other threads that we arent, and the car works just fine. its either you are driving wrong or your pc/wheel is setup badly that causes you to drive that wrong. either way im not spending any more time trying to help when you take such an attitude
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  15. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Why is it that everytime someone gets in trouble on this forum people start attacking them and accusing them of not being able to drive a car, their computer only has two Cores, the video card isnt good enough, its always their fault, never the game. Just because you dont have any problems doesnt mean other people dont.
    I knew that as soon as I put that video up I'd be in for one hell of a ride, all the experts would come out and start rubbishing my driving, but I did it anyway.
    Just after your post I thought okay well maybe it IS me, so I too the KTM around the same course gain, well the first two bends anyway. I took it very carefully same track 65 kilometeres per hour, guess what, complete spin 360 on the first two bends. Like I said at that speed, I dont need any driving tips, I need someone to tell me whats wrong with the game.
    Whenever I see someone in trouble on here and make comments about the game, they always seem to have an attitude problem, funny that.
    Anyway you can be out, I'll put a clean install of Windows 10 on a brand new SSD, reinstall Steam, and redownload AC and see what happens.

    If there's nothing wrong with the game why do people have to Force 32bit and all kinds of other crazy stuff. Buy it, install it and play it, in the real world anyway.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016
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  16. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    based on your replies im not going to give any of my time to watch your videos. if your playing pcars youve come to the wrong forum i think. my video is from the ALOOG1 public MP server for Assetto Corsa, i dont even own PCars.
  17. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Yeah that was a joke because the game looks so different to the AC Im playing. Look Im sorry I dared to talk about PCars on such an Elite forum, my bad.
    Have a look at the videos anyway, its like watching funniest home videos.
  18. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I wasted 3 minutes and watched one lap of each video. I think it's a troll thread.
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  19. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Of course you do, nothing in this game could be that bad, Ive just been making all this stuff up. Im a troll placed here by iRacing, all these people complaining about AC are trolls placed here by iRacing.
    You've wasted 3 minutes, Ive wasted days on this game trying to make sense out of it, Im the one who should be outraged and I am, right from the moment I first tried to start a race and it would just revert back to the main menu, Im just making that up of course, didnt happen.
    Anyway, this is a video lounge, enjoy the hilarious videos.
    Oh, I forgot the one about the drag racing, i figured if I cant keep a car on a track with a bend in it, I should be able to go straight ahead without any problems, wrong. Three races, straight as an arrow, after that, it just kept steering left into the fence like a magnet, thats not a bug thats just me being a troll.
  20. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Is your steering wheel alright? Did you exit the game (or simply exit to main menu) after the three good drag races?

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